About Me

I am a digital marketing professional who is passionate about the latest innovations in the industry. I have been working for more than three years with Blogging and SEO.

I started my career in Culturelligence, where I learned how to do SEO by myself. Then after some time, I moved to Agile PeopleOps as a Digital Marketer which gave me an opportunity to learn more about digital marketing while using all of my previous skills like SEO and SEM (Search Engine Marketing). Nowadays, WealthyWork is one of the best companies that specializes in Digital Marketing Services.

Rishabh Kolhe

More About me:

I am Rishabh Kolhe, founder of Wealthwork.

I am a digital marketer, blogger, and engineer by education.

For the last 3 years, I have been working as a Digital Marketer at Culturelligence Bangalore. I start my digital marketing career in August 2020 and I like to read Neil Patel’s article. I learn more about marketing from Neil Patel’s blogs.

In September 2020, I start my first rich job. My blog is about making money online through social media, share market, blogging, and more.

Coming back to my educational background, I completed engineering in the electronic stream (2017) and after my engineering, I joined an IT company.

My Blogging Journey: How it All Started

My Blogging Journey: How it All Started

First three months of blogging:

I started blogging on lockdown days in September 2020 and started writing about the things I knew. I started as a practice for my first demo blog on a blogging platform.

The first domain I bought is Hostinger.

So I started with Hostinger, and at the end of three months, I was getting appreciation from my readers and thought about investing in my blog.

Selecting Domain Name + Hosting

By the end of three months, I was aware of the importance of blogging and SEO. Initially, I was thinking of some domain name, which had a keyword with ‘Money’ but chose “WealthyWork” for its uniqueness and for better branding.

How did I get a niche for my blog?

When I started my digital marketer career, I learned more about digital marketing and started writing on it.

And I am also a small investor and like to invest in the stock market or mutual funds. So, I start writing on it.

I was wondering why no one told me that I could follow my passion and make money. It is here that I have made a mission to tell others about blogging and how they can follow their passion and live a boss free life.

There is a lot more to life than working for someone and earning a salary.

All the material was based on my experience and experiments; I followed the Neil Patel blog and articles, so that is how I write my articles.

That’s all about me