About Me

I am the founder of WealthyWork, I started my digital marketing journey in 2017. First, I started my career with SEO in Culturelligence, then after some time, I learned more about Digital Marketing. I worked as a Digital Marketer with Agile PeopleOps, a US-based HR organization. Now I am working in WealthyWork, We all specializing in Digital Marketing Services.

In September 2020, I launched my first blog Wealth Work and I wanted to write my blogging journey to help others make blogging a serious career.

This page is for personal reading only, for anyone who wants to know about me. How do I start my first blog and what problems I encountered in this blog?

About me:

I am Rishabh Kolhe, founder of Wealthwork.

I am a digital marketer, blogger, and engineer by education.

For the last 3 years, I have been working as a Digital Marketer at Culturelligence Bangalore.

But in this COVID-19 I found some new ways to earn money online from home, I love watching YouTube videos by Satish ke videos, Pawan Aggarwal, and many more.

I start my digital marketing career in August 2020 and I like to read Neil Patel’s article. I learn more about marketing from Neil Patel’s blogs.

In September 2020, I start my first rich job. My blog is about making money online through social media, share market, blogging, and more.

Coming back to my educational background, I completed engineering in the electronic stream (2015) and after my engineering, I joined an IT company.

My Blogging Journey: How it All Started

First three months of blogging:

I started blogging on lockdown days in September 2020 and started writing about the things I knew. I started as a practice for my first demo blog on a blogging platform.

The first domain I bought is Hostinger.

So I started with Hostinger, and at the end of three months, I was getting appreciation from my readers and thought about investing in my blog.

Selecting Domain Name + Hosting

By the end of three months, I was aware of the importance of blogging and SEO. Initially, I was thinking of some domain name, which had a keyword with ‘Money’ but chose “WealthyWork” for its uniqueness and for better branding.

How did I get a niche for my blog?

When I started my digital marketer career, I learned more about digital marketing and started writing on it.

And I am also a small investor and like to invest in the stock market or mutual funds. So, I start writing on it.

I was wondering why no one told me that I could follow my passion and make money. It is here that I have made a mission to tell others about blogging and how they can follow their passion and live a boss free life.

There is a lot more to life than working for someone and earning a salary.

All the material was based on my experience and experiments; I followed the Neil Patel blog and articles, so that is how I write my articles.

That’s all about me