Hey, are you thinking of starting your own blog? But you are not able to decide which is the best blogging platform to start, then you must read this article.

This becomes very difficult, because in today’s time there is a different blogging platform all over the world. 

In this case, how will you know which will be the best blogging platform proved for you.

In this article, we will tell you which free blog platform is best, in this we will tell their advantages and disadvantages of the most popular blogging sites. 

Below we are giving the list of the best blogging platforms for free. In this article we will compare all these blogging platforms.

Which is the best blogging platform?

  1. WordPress.org
  2. WordPress.com
  3. Constant Contact Website Builder
  4. Blogger
  5. Gator by HostGator
  6. Tumblr
  7. Wix
  8. Ghost
  9. Medium
  10. Squarespace

What to look for when choosing the Best Blogging Websites?

Best blogging platform for starting a blog.

Before we know about all the blogging websites, before that it is important to know what we need to see in a blogging platform. Being a beginner blogger, you should choose such a blogging platform.

Which should be easy to set up, which has a low learning curve, with the most important that it does not require any kind of coding skills.

With this, you should think about what kind of blog you want to create. That blogging platform should be the best blogging platform for you both now and in future.

If your blog grows in the future and you want to change the look of your site. Want to add more features to it, for the visitors of your blog.

Then in such a condition you should choose such blogging websites. Which according to you is flexible and you do not have any kind of trouble.

If you start from the wrong blogging platform, then later on you may find it difficult to switch to another platform.

Let us now compare the best blogging platform-

(1) WordPress.org

WordPress.org world is the most popular blogging platform. It started in the year 2003, in today’s time 30% of the website on the internet remains on WordPress.org.

WordPress.org is an open source free blogging platform. It allows you to build your website and blog on it in just a few minutes.

This is a fully self hosted blogging platform, this means that you have to sign up. In WordPress hosting provider, WordPress is a best option for you if you want full control over your website and blog.

Benefits of WordPress
  • The best thing about WordPress.org is that it gives you complete control over your website.
  • Along with this, more than thousand themes are available for free for your WordPress website. It gives you its complete facility to create your own website by yourself.
  • If your blog starts to grow and you want to add extra features to your blog. For example forums, online stores or paid membership, WordPress platform will prove to be the best blogging platform for you to earn money.
  • With this you can do more than 54,000 thousand free plugins available on WordPress.org. These plugins are a kind of apps that make your website better. Also, it helps you to add new features. Such as contact forms, galleries etc.
  • In addition, WordPress is search engine friendly. With this help you can easily create SEO friendly URLs. You can also create categories and tags, which is very important for your SEO. Along with this, you get such plugins that make your website SEO friendly for free, there are many additional features in it.
Disadvantages of WordPress
  • There are some special disadvantages of WordPress.org, but in this you have to manage your website on your own.
  • Along with this, another drawback is that in this, you have to manage the backups and security of your website and blog by yourself.
Pricing of WordPress

Friends, although WordPress.org is completely free, you have to bear the cost of domain and web hosting. 

You can take both domain and web hosting from Hostinger, if you take web hosting from hostinger then you will get domain free.

Not only this, hostinger is the official web hosting provider of wordpress. Along with this, you will also get some percentage discount in web hosting. 

Hostinger is giving this special offer to our users, if you want, you can take web hosting and domain from hostinger.

If you want to make a blog on WordPress, then you can read our post on how to start a WordPress blog.

(2) WordPress.com

WordPress.com is a blog hosting service that has been given to you automatically. The creator of this is WordPress.org co-founder Matt Mullenweg. WordPress.com provides a basic blog hosting service and that too free.

If you want, you can also take its premium service, in which you get a custom domain name. In addition, you are provided with additional storage and other premium service.

WordPress.com was launched in 2005 with the goal of targeting a larger audience around the world. 

WordPress.com is a good blogging site, for users who do not want the less self hosted features from WordPress.org’s advanced features.

Advantages of WordPress
  • You do not need to do any kind of settings in this.
  • Also, WordPress.com is very easy to use and manage.
  • It is completely free, if you are happy with the free subdomain of WordPress then this is a good platform for you. In which the name of your website shows something like this – https://wealthywork.wordpress.com
Disadvantages of WordPress
  • Its drawback is that it comes with limited options. In this you can not use custom themes and plugins. With this, you cannot customize or edit your website and blog. All this is controlled by WordPress.com.
  • With this, you cannot show advertisements on your blog made on WordPress.com. Instead, WordPress.com itself shows its ads on your free blog. Due to which you do not have any income.
  • Every blog created on WordPress.com is the property of WordPress.com. He can suspend your blog if you violate his terms of service.
Pricing of WordPress

By the way, the basic plan of WordPress.com is completely free, but in it WordPress.com shows its own ads and does its branding. If you want to get rid of it, then you can take its upgrade plan.

In which you will have to pay $ 4 dollar per month, which you will have to pay once a year. In this upgrade plan, the logo and advertising of WordPress.com is removed from your blog.

You also get a custom domain, such as wealthywork.in if you take a plan for $ 8 per month, then you also get additional design tools and extra storage.

Because of the very similarity in the name of WordPress.com and WordPress.org, new bloggers often make mistakes. They keep making their blog on WordPress.org and make it on WordPress.com.

You can see how little option is available for you on WordPress.com. While there is no limit in WordPress.org, you can design your website as you like.

(3) Constant Contact Website Builder

Constant Contact Website Builder is an intelligent powerful A.I. Website builder is powered by Which allows you to create free blog, free business website and online store.

With the help of which you can create all this in a few minutes, a free blog, free business website and online store. In this you get a large templates collection using which you can design your website.

It is very easy to use it, you can design your entire website by just drag drop. Its interface is amazing, in addition you can use other tools like logo maker.

Along with this, you get a professional stock photo library in which 5,50,000 thousand images are found.

  • It is very easy to use, you can build your entire website by just drag drop. You do not need any kind of technical skills in this, anyone can do it.
  • In addition, its set up is very easy and quick. If you want, then Constant Contact also hosts your website.
  • Its free plan is very moderate which allows you to open an online store without buying anything.
  • Along with this, you get a free domain and free SSL certificate after taking its paid plan.
  • Since its developer is ecosystem small, it does not have the feature of third party plugins as you find in wordpress.
  • It has limited integration with third party plugins.
  • With this, if you ever want to export your website to some other platform except Constant Contact website builder in future, then it is very difficult.
Pricing of Contact website builder

By the way, Constant Contact Website Builder allows you to plan for free so that you can create your blog, business website and online eCommerce store.

If you want, you can take its upgrade starter plan. The price of which is $ 10 dollar per month, in which you get a free custom domain name, free SSL certificate and other powerful platform features.

Like phone based support, this is a great feature because most of the big website builders also do not give you phone support.

If you want to take its business plan, then it will cost you $ 20 dollar per month. In which you get advanced eCommerce features to use. If you have a small business, then you use Constant Contact website builder only.

(4) Blogger

Blogger is a free service from Google, this platform gives you a quick and easy way. 

It does not require any kind of technical knowledge to create your blog. Blogger is one of the earliest and best blogging platforms.

First of all in 1999, Pyra Labs. Was launched by. Then in 2003 google bought it and then redesigned it which we are seeing today. 

If you have a Google Account i.e. Gmail Account. So you can start a blog on blogger for free.

Advantages of Blogger
  • Blogger is completely a free blogging platform.
  • It is very easy to use, it does not require any kind of technical skills to manage it.
  • This blogging platform is completely secure as it is secure by Google.
Disadvantages of Blogger
  • In this you get limited blogging tools. You cannot add any new features to it if your blog becomes popular.
  • The design option in Blogger is also limited, there are only a few templates available. If you use third party blogger templates, then its quality is very low.
  • With this, you do not have control over the blog made on Blogger. Google has full control over your blog and can suspend your blog at any time. That too without giving you any notice, and google has done it as well with Feedburner.

Many bloggers start their blogging only because it is free. With this, he is a new blogger, so he uses the same blogger to learn blogging. 

But as soon as his blog starts becoming popular, he switches his blog from blogger to WordPress.

Blogger Pricing

Blogger is a completely free blogging platform, it does not cost you anything. In this, you get a subdomain of bloggers such as – wealthywork.blogspot.com.

But if you want to use a custom domain on your blog then you can. For this, you have to register the domain from a third party.

(5) Gator by HostGator

Gator may be a web site builder and blogging platform created by HostGator. it’s the world’s preferred hosting supplier company.

Gator offers you such tools with the help of which you can create any kind of website and blog by just drag and drop. 

You can create a blog, you can create a business website or you can also create an online store if you want.

You should not confuse at all in this, while Gator is a website builder while HostGator is a web hosting provider. If you want to create a wordpress website by hosting HostGator, you can take it.

It is also a very good hosting provider and user user friendly. If you are looking for a blogging platform in which wordpress is of no use, then you can make your own blog on Gator.

Benefits of HostGator
  • Its website builder is very easy, you can design your blog and website by just drag and drop.
  • With this, you do not need any kind of technical skills to use Gator.
  • The best thing in this is that HostGator only handles the backups, performance and security of your website and blog, you do not need to do anything.
  • If you take any plan of HostGator, you get a free domain and SSL certificate free in it.
  • You can add your online store to your blog with just a few clicks.
Disadvantages of HostGator
  • You will not get any free account in Gator, but if you want, you can take a plan with its 45 days money back guarantee.
  • In this, you cannot use eCommerce features, for this you have to have a high plan.
  • With this, you can use only limited apps and extensions in it, not more than that.
HostGator Pricing

If you purchase a plan of HostGator from the link of your passion, then you will get a huge discount on it. Along with this, you will also be given free domain and free SSL certificate.

(6) Tumblr

Tumblr is slightly different from another blogging platform. This is a microblogging platform that has social networking features, in addition to this you can also follow other blogs. It also has reblogging, build in sharing tools and more.

Advantages of Tumblr
  • Tumblr is a completely free blogging platform. In which you get a subdomain of tumblr. Like – http://wealthywork.tumblr.com Also if you want, you can also connect to a custom domain in tumblr.
  • Tumblr is very easy to use as well as it is also easy to set up.
  • Tumblr is an integrated social media platform.
  • It is a microblogging tool, in addition tumblr is also easy for you to create videos. In tumblr you can also add GIFs, images, audio formats.
Disadvantages of Tumblr
  • Tumblr comes with some limited options only, if your blog grows in future then you will not be able to extend your blog much.
  • Although tumblr provides you with many types of themes but it does not give you additional features.
  • If your blog grows in the future and you want to switch to another blogging platform, it is very difficult to do it with tumblr. On the other hand, if you want to backup your tumblr blog, then it is also very complicated work.
Tumblr Pricing

By the way tumblr is a completely free blogging platform, but if you want, you can use the custom domain in your tumblr blog. 

Along with this, third party themes and apps are also available on tumblr which you can use by purchasing them.

(7) Wix

Wix is ​​a hosted blogging platform that you can build a website. This is the best offer for small business as it is very easy to build a website on it.

You can build your entire website by just drag and drop it. With this, you can add a blog to your website with the help of the wix blog app.

Wix.com was created in 2006 as a platform where everyone can create their stunning website. 

Without any technical knowledge, without any coding skills, today wix.com has more than 110 million users from all over the world, who use it to build websites.

Advantages of Wix
  • In this, you can customize your website with the help of dozens of templates and third party apps.
  • In this, you can easily build your website simply with the help of drag and drop tools, without any coding skills.
  • With this you can do quick set up easy on wix.com.
Disadvantages of Wix
  • Its one disadvantage is that if you create a free account on it. So in this you get limited options, with this, branding and ads show on your website on wix.com.
  • It has third party apps limited.
  • Its one disadvantage is that once you choose the templates for your website. After that you cannot change the templates of that website again.
  • Along with this, eCommerce features are very limited even in the paid plans, along with its features are also limited.
  • In addition, its blog features also do not match other blogging platforms. Because of which you have many problems by taking it in future.
Wix Pricing

Basic Wix website builder is free, if you use a free wix account. So you get wix subdomain like – http://wealthywork.wix.com.

If you want, you can take a custom domain for your blog or website and connect it with your blog or website.

(8) Ghost Blogging Platform

Ghost is actually a minimalist blogging platform. It started in 2013 for writing blog posts whose features are entirely focused.

The platform hosted on Ghost is available as well as there is such software on it which you can also host yourself after installing.

Advantages of Ghost Blogging Platform
  • Its interface is clean, clutter free and intuitive.
  • Ghost blogging platform is fully focused on blogging and writing.
  • It has been written in JavaScript so it is faster than other platforms.
  • In this, you are not required to do any kind of setup for the hosted version.
Disadvantages of Ghost Blogging Platform
  • Its biggest disadvantage is that it is not easy to customize it with the help of apps.
  • Its interface is very simplified, so the option in it is also very limited.
  • Also, the themes it has are very less, due to which your website will not look unique.
  • If you host your blog and website yourself, then it is very complicated to set it.
Pricing of Ghost Blogging Platform

If you want to make a self hosted website and blog in it, then it will cost you for custom domain and web hosting.

(9) Medium

Medium was launched in 2012, since its launch it has grown at a great speed. In particular, this platform has grown at a high speed among certain communities.

Like writers, bloggers, journalists and experts of a subject. This is a very easy blogging platform to use, even with limited social networking features.

Medium work is just like any social networking website. In which you create an account and then start publishing your posts and articles directly.

As soon as you sign up in it your profile address shows something like this. https://medium.com/@yourname. But you cannot use custom domain on medium.

  • It is very easy to use medium, in that you do not need to do any kind of setup nor any kind of coding skills.
  • One special thing about mediums is that you can connect with people of your own kind here. Those who are interested in the same kind of things.
  • In this, your complete focus is only on your writing and not on its website design.
  • It has very few and limited features, much of its focus is in branding its design.
  • Because Medium itself keeps your audience with you. So if you lose your blog in future or for some reason it stops. So all your followers will also go away.
  • With this, you cannot show your ads on this platform nor earn money.
(10) Squarespace

Squarespace is a website building service provider with the help of which you can easily drag and drop to create a beautiful website and blog for yourself.

It is mainly made for small business people who want to create their own website and blog to grow their business online.

 It started in 2003 and today there are millions of users of squarespace worldwide.

  • Squarespace is very simple and easy, especially for people who do not have technical or coding skills.
  • It has very beautiful professionally designed templates.
  • In addition, it also gives you HTTPS with domain name SSL certificates for eCommerce stores.
  • Squarespace has very limited features.
  • There is a very limited option in it, with this you get very little service and tools.
Pricing of Squarespace

Squarespace has different pricing plans for website and online stores. Its personal website plans range from $ 16 dollar per month to $ 12 dollar per month and you will have to bill it yearly.

If you want to take its business plan, then it costs you from $ 26 dollar per month to $ 18 dollar per month. Its billing is also yearly if you can bear this expense.

Conclusion :

I write almost 10 best blogging platforms in this article for you pricing, advantages and disadvantages.

If you feel that this platform is best for you, then you can work on it. Hopefully friends, you have got almost all kinds of information through this article.

Also, this article will prove to be helpful in making you choose which blogging platform you should start your blogging career from.

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