Pick a Niche for Blogging

How to Find Best Niches for Blogging

Do you want to know how to choose the best niches for blogging- Firstly, ask yourself one question. That is- why do you want to start a blog?

I am sure you want to take blogging as a business or you want to earn money from it.

So, one of the most important things to set up a successful blog is selecting the best niches for blogging. Everything is depending on your niche selection. [Like- competition, AdSense approval, etc.]

Here I will tell you some best niches for blogging on which you can start a website.

But before that, I am sure you know that you need to buy hosting and a domain to set up your website.

Now let’s discuss some of your frequently asked questions.

And at the end of this article, I will give you 10 blogging niche ideas. If you work on any of the niches smartly, then there will be a chance to run a successful blog.

What is a Niche?

If you want to know How to choose the best niche for a blog? then you should know what is a niche first.

In simple language, you can call the topic a niche.

Like- If you want to write a blog post on finance or any particular topic, that will be your niche.

So, in simple language, the topic you are writing a blog post about is your niche.

How to find a Best Niches for blogging?

The first preference should be as per your interest.

Just because you are choosing the blog niche as per your interest, that is why that will motivate you to write more.

Although you can select any niche of your choice. But before selecting a niche you should consider something in your mind.

The things you need to check are-

  1. What is the competition level in that niche?.
  2. How many articles can be written on that niche?.
  3. Do you have anything unique in your mind to beat the competition?
  4. And lastly, what is the earning potential of that niche?

These four most important points you should check before selecting a niche.

Yes, I know that to check all the things you may need for some paid tools. Because you are a beginner and maybe you don’t know all the tricks to do free research.

In that case, you don’t need to buy any paid tools by giving a good amount of money. You can use any of the group buy SEO tools by paying a very less amount. 

You can read one of our blog posts about how to do Keyword Research.

[You can visit Toolszen here if you want to buy group SEO tools]

Single Niche or Multi-Niche?

Selecting the best niches for blogging is the main thing to be a successful blogger. I will guide you about this. 

But do you know what is called a single niche or a multi-niche first?

Ok, let me answer that first.

What is a single niche for blog?

For example, let’s say that you want to create a blog or you want to write blog posts on Cooking.

So, here cooking will be your niche.

If you only write about cooking-related blog posts then it will be called a single niche blog. 

Because you are writing only about a single topic. In my case, I am writing only about SEO and Digital Marketing topics.

What is a Multi-Niche blog?

Now suppose you are writing about cooking and you have already published 100 posts on cooking blogs. Now you have no more ideas about what to write next on the cooking blog.

Then you can start writing about different topics. You need to research which topics you want to choose as it is a bit difficult to rank the site for multi-niche.

For example, Forbes is a multi-niche website, News website that also writes about different topics so that is a multi-niche blog.

You can select topics about Technology, marketing, Latest news, gaming, traveling, fitness, etc. there are more ideas you can select for a multi-niche blog.

Single niche or multi-niche, which one is better?

If you want to create a brand then you should go with a single niche blog.

When a user sees posts on a website about a particular topic, then the user develops a belief in that website.

Also, Google understands your site easily and makes it easy for Google to rank your site on a single topic.

But when the user comes to a site and sees various topic-related posts, then it takes a very long time for his faith to grow, or maybe it will not grow.

Because then it seems to the user that it is not possible for a human being to know every subject.

But yes, you can hire different article writers and write with them but that too is a matter of time and cost.

So, as a suggestion, I would say that go for a single niche blog.

Most Profitable Blog Niches

Blogging is a business. It will take time but after that, it will help you to fly.

These blogs can give you a little bit more earning than any other blog. Because the CPC of these niches is high.

1. Finance Blog

Finance is the most important topic. There are more searches and traffic on this niche.

If you have knowledge or if you can gain knowledge then you can choose Finance as a blog niche or you can hire a Finance articles writer.

But if you want then you can select a sub-niche from it. That is like-

  • Mutual Funds
  • Loan
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Stock Market

If you want then you can choose any of these sub-niches for your blog.

2. SEO-Related Blog

This can also be a very profitable blogging niche. You will get limited traffic on this blog.

But remember that with that limited traffic you can earn a decent amount of money. Because the CPC of this niche is very high.

3. Biography

This is also a very good niche for blogging. The search volume is very high for this topic.

If you can make approximately 10-15 thousand page views in a day, you can earn approximately 1 lac rupees in a month.

You will also get a huge number of topics to write about.

4. Government Schemes

This is one of my favorite blog niches. The search volume is very high for this topic.

The competition is very high for this topic. But if you can work properly then you can earn a huge amount of money.

Here also you can select any sub-niche if you want.

Like- You can select State Government Schemes or Central Government Schemes.

5. Business

In this topic the sub-niches you can select are-

  • Business Ideas
  • How to Grow your Business
  • How to start a Business

This will also be a very profitable niche if you can work properly.

6. Marketing

Marketing is also a very profitable blogging niche.

Marketing is also a very huge topic. As I said before, if you know, you can select the whole “Marketing” as a topic.

But if you want then you can select some sub-niches like-

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Email Marketing
  • Content marketing

You can also guide users about how they can do marketing about the product and service here.

7. Travel

It is also a very profitable and interesting blog niche.

This is also a broader niche. But I would recommend you to choose this broader niche. Because only then can you travel to various travel places in your blog.

You can select a sub-niche also. These are like-

  • Places of natural beauty
  • Historical places
  • Tourist places

These are some niches that can give you a good amount of money if you work properly and intelligently.

If you use a little brain, then from here you can earn from many other sources besides AdSense.

For example, you can do affiliate marketing here.

Like- if you are running a Finance blog then you give some money or a Finance related book link to your blog.

These types of ideas will help you to earn more money.

Best Micro-niche blog topics

There are a huge number of niches that you can choose to start your blog. But I would suggest that in 2021 go for micro niche blogging.

But before that, you should know what a micro-niche blog?.

What is a micro-niche blog?

Micro-niche means smallest or smaller part of a vast topic.

Like- If you want to make a blog on health there is very much competition in this niche.

So, you can select a micro part of this niche. Like- YOGA. In this blog, you will write only about Yoga, not another health-related niche.

So, if you make a blog on this type of niche, then you can get extra benefits.

[ Remember these ideas I am giving are just for an example. If you want to start micro-niche blogging then you need to research that first.]

Reason for choosing micro-niche blogging?

Before I tell you about some micro-niche for blogging, you need to know why you should choose a micro-niche?

There are a few reasons behind this.

  1. The competition is low. [If you can find that type of niche]
  2. The traffic will be targeted traffic
  3. Easy to rank
  4. Easy to get AdSense approval

These are the 4 best reasons to select a micro niche for blogging.

Best Micro Niche for Blogging Topics

  1. Yoga
  2. Government Schemes [State Government or Central Government]
  3. Tool blog [ Like- Youtube video downloader]
  4. Stock Market
  5. Parenting
  6. Coupon Website
  7. Fashion [ Men or Women]
  8. Affiliate Blog
  9. Gaming [You can select any particular game]
  10. Tech teaching blog

Now I think there are some other questions related to this topic that are needed to clear all your remaining doubts.

Ok, let me clear all your doubts.

Do you know enough about the blog niche?

Yes, many people are thinking that they don’t know much more about the niche, which can help you to write a few articles.

So, what should they do?

Not everyone will have a lot of knowledge on a particular subject. But they want to start a blog on that topic.

In that case, you have to gain knowledge first. Or if you can’t then you can hire a content writer to write your blog post.

But it may not be possible for all beginners. So, the best way to gain knowledge is first.

After having some experience, you will get to know that many bloggers are running more than 2-3 sites.

So, do they have deep knowledge of all the topics?

No, it is not.

So first, take knowledge then start.

How do I use Google Trends for blog topics?

Google Trends can help you very much to find a topic for your blog post.

It will give you trending topics and if you write a blog post on that topic then the number of visitors may increase on your site.

First, go to Google Trends and search your blog niche or keyword as search item and search topic.

Search best niche for blogging on google trends.

And then select the past 7 days. You can select the options also. Then you will find the trending topic or keywords like this.

Search queries using google trends.

Then you can search that keyword on any keyword searching tool.

After that, if everything is ok then target that keyword and write a unique blog post on that.

The chances to get more traffic will be very high after that.

[ As a suggestion- In blogging, you need to learn many more things. And that will come from experience. So keep working and learning]

Is lifestyle a good niche?

Yes, it can be.

In the topic of lifestyle, many things come under it. Lifestyle is a broader niche. You should break it into pieces.


  1. Fashion
  2. Travel
  3. Health

All these are coming into a lifestyle. But you can’t work on all of these togetherly.

You can select these niches or you can also select a micro-niche in it.

Frequently Ask Questions

  1. What blogs are in demand?

    You can't take any blog name like this. Everything has its time. You need to create demand for that blog. But normally,
    1. Health
    2. Finance
    3. Travel
    These ideas have a huge market.

  2. Why do most blogs fail?

    There are three main reasons behind it. They are-
    1. Copying from others
    2. Lack of strategy
    3. Patience
    If you can make changes to these three things at least, then the chances are very high to be successful.


All the points I have discussed above are the best ways to find the best niches for blogging.
But you need to work hard and smart with proper strategy and research to run a successful blog.

As well as trying to learn from others’ mistakes and success. That will help you to fulfill your dream to run a successful blog


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