30 Free Guest Posts Sites That Will Help Your Business Grow

What are free guest posts sites? While many sites don’t allow you to publish content on their site without compensation, there are a few that allow you to write content and publish it on their website as long as it contains valuable information.

Guest blogging remains one of the best ways to improve your online footprint and improve your business’ reputation and credibility. 

Whether you want to network with other business professionals or gain some high-quality back-links, guest posting on relevant blogs is a great way to accomplish both of these goals. 

Here are 30 blogs that still accept free guest post in 2022, so you can get started as soon as possible.

What is guest posting

Guest posting is when you publish content on someone else’s website. Typically, you publish on a topic related to your business and ask for a link back to your website. If done correctly, guest posting can improve your online footprint and potentially give you more customers and revenue by increasing traffic to your site.

How Do I Find Free Guest Posts Sites?

1) Forbes

If you’re an entrepreneur or manager of a medium to large business, Forbes is one of your must-have lists. The site publishes columns and articles on management issues, small business ownership and tech trends. 

Forbes also has a comprehensive jobs board with listings from leading employers. Paid contributors receive bylines on relevant pieces and free contributors can have their posts published on its contributor network.

DA-95, Alexa-271

Submitted story suggestions should be sent to [email protected].

This is the first site on the list, and it’s also one of the hardest to get published on. For more information, read this article.

Article Type: Business, Investing, and Technology.

2) Business Insider

Business Insider allows guest posts, but they require a contributor agreement, and you’ll need to email them. Submissions without a contributor agreement will not be accepted. You can reach Business Insider at [email protected] or [email protected]

DA: 94   Alexa: 246

The subject of your submission should be Guest Post Submission: Title of Your Article followed by a short description of your idea.

3) Survey Monkey Blog

One of the easiest ways to reach out to an audience is through guest posting. That’s why Survey Monkey provides a platform for businesses and organizations to share their expertise by contributing content on behalf of their clients or members. 

By writing a guest post for Survey Monkey, you’ll not only attract new readers and generate backlinks, but you’ll also develop your skills as a writer and grow your reputation within your industry.

DA: 93   Alexa: 432

Submit: Guest Posts and Contributors

Topics: Market Research, Public Opinion, Small Business

4) Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur offers a variety of business tips, advice and information on just about any topic you can think of. From small business articles to personal finance stories and information about specific industries, Entrepreneur has it all.

Even if you’re not planning on starting your own business, having an idea of what it takes to make a successful startup is something all professionals should be familiar with. The best part is that you can get your fix for entrepreneur-related news and updates at no cost! What more could you ask for?

DA: 92   Alexa: 1,915

Posting Guidelines: Contributor Guidelines   How to Submit: Contribute

Topics: Business, Entrepreneurship

5) Harvard Business Review

Every year, Harvard Business Review publishes a list of 100 blogs that provide valuable insight into business practices, management strategies and market trends. If you’re looking for a specific topic or industry, try searching for [topic] or [industry] in HBR.

To get a general idea of what kind of business-related content appears on their site, search through some recent articles.

DA: 91   Alexa: 1,848

Posting Guidelines: Guidelines for Authors   How to Submit: Email [email protected]

Topics: Business Management, Innovation, Leadership

6) Fast Company

On Tech, you can submit stories of no more than 700 words. They accept writing based on personal experience as well as reporting pieces. Be sure to keep your writing fun and entertaining since Fast Company strives to inform readers with engaging content.

Article pitches should be sent via email or Twitter DMs. Work samples shouldn’t be older than three months and articles aren’t edited for grammar or spelling but all accepted contributions are fact-checked for accuracy.

DA: 92   Alexa: 4,428

Posting Guidelines: How to Submit Contributed Articles   How to Submit: Email [email protected]

Topics: Business, Technology, Innovation

7) Hubspot

Hubspot is known for its marketing software and marketing services, but it also has a large database of over 1,300 business blogs.

This database of potential target blogs is a great place to start your guest blogging strategy. Just be sure you contribute unique content to each post to ensure that Google rewards you with those all-important backlinks.

DA: 92   Alexa: 731

Posting Guidelines: Sales Blog Guest Blogging Guidelines, Marketing Blog Guest Blogging Guidelines   How to Submit: Email [email protected]

Topics: Marketing, Sales

8) VentureBeat

VentureBeat publishes dozens of business, tech, and entrepreneurial articles every day. VentureBeat accepts guest posts on topics including marketing, PR, and entrepreneurship; it’s one of our go-to sources for quality content. Contact Us » to learn more about their guest blogging opportunities.

DA: 92   Alexa: 5,870

Topics: Business, Technology, Entrepreneurship

9) Seeking Alpha

The platform is an online media company providing news and information on stocks, financial markets, industries, companies and global trends. This site encourages guest bloggers to contribute articles that are relevant to their area of interest.

If you’re hoping to network with other business professionals or gain some high-quality backlinks for your business website, then Seeking Alpha may be a good option for you.

DA: 89   Alexa: 1,045

Posting Guidelines: Article Submission Guidelines   How to Submit: Become a Contributor

Topics: Markets, Investment

10) Kissmetrics

Kissmetrics is a business analytics service. They publish articles on conversion optimization, social media marketing, growth hacking and other topics related to data analysis for small businesses. These are often published as guest posts on various blogs.

DA: 88   Alexa: 2,354

How to Submit: Guest Posting

Topics: Customer Service, Marketing, Analytics

11) Contentrally

The world of content is a crowded one. That’s why you need to stand out and make a name for yourself. Fortunately, there are some great ways to do just that. One option is by engaging in guest blogging. But finding blogs and media sites that accept guest posts can be tricky.

DA: 67 Alexa: 160,571

Posting Guidelines: Write for Us How to Submit: [email protected]

Topics: News, Technology, Society, Social Media, Business

12) MarketingProfs

Marketing-profs is a helpful site with thousands of free resources for aspiring marketers. The sheer amount of material can be intimidating, but it’s well organized and easy to filter. Check out its latest offerings, get tips from experts, find quick tutorials and videos, or look up educational topics.

Marketing-profs doesn’t just write about SEO—it covers advertising methods like email marketing, copy writing tips and more. This is a great place to start if you have no blogging experience at all!

DA: 75   Alexa: 17,318                                                                                                                                                           Posting Guidelines: Write for Us   How to Submit: Email [email protected]

Topics: Business Marketing

13) Business 2 Community

Founded by serial entrepreneur Michael Stelzner in 2006, B2C is a must-have resource for marketing and business professionals. With more than 200,000 email subscribers and more than 100 million monthly page views, B2C is one of Forbes’ 12 Best Sites for Entrepreneurs (2015).

DA: 86   Alexa: 9,629

Posting Guidelines: Contributor Guidelines   How to Submit: Become a Contributor

Topics: Business

14) Benzinga

Founded in 2007, Benzinga is an independent media company covering global financial markets. It’s one of a handful of sites that focuses solely on financial news. A big draw for professionals who want to keep up with real-time market movements and shifting trends.

DA: 84  Alexa: 4,988

Posting Guidelines: Guidelines   How to Submit: Contribute

Topics: Investment Media, Investment

15) All Business

Offers guest blogging on topics such as marketing, business growth, and management. The site caters to businesses of all sizes, from small businesses to large corporations. In order to submit a post for consideration, you need an active website that is at least two months old.

You should also possess a minimum of 100 monthly visitors. Finally, you need to be active on social media and have at least 500 connections. If your profile meets these criteria, you can apply here .

DA: 80   Alexa: 29,655

How to Submit: Guest Post

Topics: Technology, Finance, Sales & Marketing, Staffing & HR

16) Investing.com

Guest posts and submitted articles can be written on any topic within our global, financial markets vertical as long as it is related to our editorial guidelines. Their Editorial Guide says they accept articles between 400 and 700 words.

Remember to write a great headline! Another option is writing a guest post for Hire Writers, an online marketplace where more than 3,000 per-screened freelancers and 1,400 companies have come together since 2010.

DA: 91   Alexa: 202

Posting Guidelines: Editorial Guidelines   How to Submit: Start Contributing

Topics: Investment Media, Investment

17) Business Opportunities

The IZEA is a market research platform where brands and businesses go to get insights and opinions on their products and services. The more opinions they get, the better they can create tailored marketing strategies.

Start by writing a post with your own thoughts on a product or service you use regularly. Include as much detail as possible—your experiences, likes, dislikes, etc.

This will show prospective clients you’re knowledgeable about their business. You can make hundreds of dollars just for taking surveys!

DA: 69   Alexa: 83,974

Posting Guidelines: Sponsored Article Guidelines   How to Submit: Contact

Topics: Small Business, Entrepreneurship

18) Customer Think 

Include a valuable link to your business. Include your social media profile(s). Any insights, tips or suggestions for entrepreneurs trying to get started? Anything else you want to share? Include a photo of yourself holding up your favorite book of all time.

Be fun and creative! Be authentic! Don’t use overly promotional language; these posts should be informative, but not salesy. No plagiarism (yes, we will check!). Think of something you would enjoy reading on other blogs, and do that!

DA: 69   Alexa: 18,216

Posting Guidelines: Terms of Use   How to Submit: Blogging

Topics: Customer Relationship Management, Customer Experience Management, Social Business

19) Wise Bread

A personal finance and lifestyle site, Wise Bread features articles on saving money, investing wisely, and staying healthy. Submit content to a topic you know something about. Need help getting started? Here’s how to pitch guest posts. Learn more about their guest blogging policy here.

DA: 70   Alexa: 49,421

Topics: Budgeting, Budget Shopping, Entrepreneurship

20) Startup Grind

One of today’s most respected resources for entrepreneurial insights, Startup Grind hosts events worldwide with well-known speakers. If you’re interested in local events, check out their Facebook page and see if there are any meetups happening soon near you. This is also a great resource for guest bloggers!

DA: 66   Alexa: 32,066

How to Submit: Become a Writer

Topics: Startups, Entrepreneurship

21) Startup Nation

Guidelines to writing a post for Startup Nation, one of Israel’s leading business blogs. As a guest blogger you’ll be able to reach many different business communities. They publish around 1 post per day and have thousands of subscribers.

They accept posts on any business topic but they only review posts in English (Israeli Hebrew speakers can use Google Translate). Occasionally they have guest bloggers write multiple-part series, so be sure to let them know if you plan on doing something long-term.

DA: 61   Alexa: 32,189

How to Submit: Contribute

Topics: Startups, Startup Growth, Startup Management

22) My Customer

A Proven Strategy for Successful Guest Posting: Learn exactly what it takes to write a guest post for my business’ website and publish it successfully. These 56 other businesses are doing it—why not you? Let these successful examples inspire you.

DA: 62   Alexa: 47,314

Posting Guidelines: How to Submit a Blog   How to Submit: Register

Topics: Customer Management, Customer Relations

23) Creately

Best list of blogs and websites you can publish your content, add SEO value to your business and improve your online presence with Creately guest blogging. Here are more than 50 sites where you can submit guest posts, gain more exposure and drive traffic to your website. Check out our post if you’re looking for free places to guest post!

DA: 74   Alexa: 5,218

How to Submit: Write for Us

Topics: Diagramming, Entrepreneurship, Start-Ups, Technology, Business Growth

24) Inc42

A well-written piece of 400+ words including two solid links back to your site. At least one link should be to your company homepage and another must be relevant to your business.

You must also mention Inc42 by name in at least two places within your post (to avoid getting removed, it’s not enough to just link us). You may guest post on any topic, but please ensure there is some relevance to startups or technology.

DA: 76   Alexa: 19,066

Posting Guidelines: Guest Post Submission Guidelines   How to Submit: Contact

Topics: India, Tech Startups, Entrepreneurship

25) Mashable

Mashable is a must-write for influencers and brands alike, so before you pitch them, take a quick look at their guest post guidelines. Since Mashable is such a large site with high authority, if you do get published here then you’ll gain trust and credibility from your audience who would likely see that Mashable published it first.

DA: 93 Alexa: 1,874

Posting Guidelines: Write for Us How to Submit: Submit a form or Email [email protected]

Topics: Social and Digital media, Technology and Web Culture

26) Benchmark

Most of these business blogs accept guest posts, but they all have their own guidelines. As a result, you need to approach each one with a unique strategy. Research each place’s guidelines carefully and abide by them before pitching your post.

By doing so, you’ll ensure that your pitches receive serious consideration—and do everything you can to make sure they don’t get rejected. Here are some of those commonly used Benchmark Guest Post Guidelines

DA: 64 Alexa: 6,232

How to Submit: Email [email protected]

Topics: Digital Marketing

27) Outbrain

If you want to submit a guest post, then consider visiting Outbrain’s guest post guidelines page. Their guidelines can help guide you on what they accept and don’t accept as a guest post.

The guidelines include how much research to perform about their website, length of your posts, what type of content works best for them, etc.

Some blogs have individualized guest posting policies too, so make sure to review those individually before sending off any requests.

DA: 84 Alexa: 443

Posting Guidelines: Write for Us How to Submit: Contact

Topics: Digital Marketing

28) Startup Bros

Are you interested in submitting a guest post to Startup Bros? Great! Check out our What We’re Looking For section. Once you read up on what we accept, send us an email at [email protected] with a short introduction of yourself and your idea. In your email, include: * What is it about startups or businesses you are passionate about?

DA: 53   Alexa: 33,917

Posting Guidelines: Guest Blogging   How to Submit: Email [email protected]

Topics: Startups, Entrepreneurship

29) Noobpreneur 

A fantastic site for aspiring and new business owners. It’s written by a variety of writers with a ton of experience, which means it’s always well-researched and packed with tips.

Plus, its layout is super clean and pleasing to look at, making for an excellent user experience. Noobpreneur covers everything from building your first website to navigating social media like a pro; you’ll never run out of new things to learn. Check it out here!

DA: 54   Alexa: 149,959

Posting Guidelines: Article Publishing Opportunities   How to Submit: Contact

Topics: Small Business, Entrepreneurship

30) Women On Business

Women On Business (WOB) is a women’s business magazine which includes articles on marketing, technology, entrepreneurship and more. WOB is the one of free guest posts sites from different industries.

DA: 49 Alexa: 162,831

How to Submit: Write for Women On Business

Topics: Business, Female Business Owners

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