Friends, you may be aware that Google shows all non-SSL websites by “Not Secure”. This means that if you do not use SSL certificates in your website. So customers or visitors will not cheer on your website.

Because an SSL certificate helps in protecting your website data. SSL certificates are especially important for those websites that accept online payments.

If you are creating such a website where you will sell a service or product online. So it is very important for you to use SSL certificates.

In general, paid SSL certificates are very expensive. So if you are thinking of just starting a blog. Or if you are creating a small business website, it will prove very expensive for you.

But you do not need to panic, today there are many companies that provide free SSL certificates to you.

In this article we will learn How to get free SSL certificate for WordPress website and how to set it up.

What is an SSL Certificates and How Does it Work?

The full name of SSL is Secure Sockets Layer, it is an internet protocol. Which secures data transfer between user’s browser and website.

Whenever a user visits a website, there is a data transfer between that visitor and the website. This can be information sensitive, such as payment details, credit card information and login information.

If you use the normal HTTP (HTTP) protocol. So it means that that website can be hijacked by hackers. That is why we need an SSL certificate for our website.

SSL certificate is required for our website, these certificates are issued by the recognized authority. This certificate website is verified and highlighted in the user’s browser.

In the user’s browser address bar it shows with a padlock sign and link HTTPS.

Why SSL Certificate is Required for WordPress Website?

The SSL certificate is recommended for every website on the internet. This is the needs of almost every website, because every website collects user information.

Such as login details, payment information, credit cards and much more. If you run an e-commerce store or membership website. User’s have to login to your website.

So you need an SSL certificate for your website. Mostly online payment service to receive payment. Tells you to use SSL certificate / HTTPS on your website.

If you do not use an SSL certificate on your website, then you cannot receive payment from any user’s.

The SSL certificate is not only a part of website security, but it puts a positive impression on the user’s and your brand. Google also asks all website owner’s to use SSL certificates.

According to a research which websites use SSL certificate / HTTPS. They show at the top of all website search results.

If you do not use SSL certificates in your website, then Google chrome will show this to your user’s. That your website is not secure for them at all.

Because of this, the trust of the user’s along with your brand image is also affected.

How Does SSL Certificate Work to Keep Information Secure?

Friends, till now we have explained to you what SSL is, and why it is important. Now we will tell you how SSL certificates actually work?

Basically SSL protects information as encrypted data. Until it reaches the user’s browser from your website.

Whenever a user visits a website, its browser is verified first. Whether that website is verified with an SSL certificate or not.

As soon as he checks everything then using the browser website public key. Encrypts that data, after that the same data is sent back to the website server.

The thing of which is decrypting that data using website server public key and private key.

How Much Does SSL Certificate Cost?

It is such that the price of an SSL certificate is different from the authority that provides each SSL certificate. The price of SSL certificate can range from 5000 to 15000 rupees annually.

If you want to purchase an SSL certificate, we recommend you. That you purchase your SSL certificate from

It is the highest domain name registration service in the world. In addition, it also gives you the best offer to purchase an SSL certificate.

Its simple SSL certificate plans also offer you at least Rs. The price of which can be up to around 3000. If you take an SSL certificate, then you can ask your hosting provider to install that SSL certificate.

But before you purchase an SSL certificate. Before that you should check whether you are getting a free SSL certificate from anywhere.

How Can I Get a Free SSL Certificate?

Get free ssl certificate for your website.

Using an SSL certificate is extra and costly for many website owners. Therefore, most small business websites do not use it.

Their website data and information are stolen due to not using the SSL certificate. To overcome this difficulty, a non-profit named ‘People Encrypt’ was desidered. That it will establish free SSL certificate authority.

The purpose of this certificate authority is to provide free SSL certificates to the website owners. For this reason, more and more safe websites are being started on the internet with SSL certificates.

When this project started, even big companies started supporting it. Like Google, Facebook,, Shopify and other people also.

Free SSL certificate is provided from Encrypt. But the most difficult task is to install an SSL certificate.

But it is a bit difficult work to install and activate the free SSL certificate. It is very important for you to have a lot of coding knowledge.

But thankfully nowadays SSL certificates are being provided by the hosting provider itself. You get this offer with almost every kind of hosting plan today.

Below we have given the names of some top hosting provider companies. Who are providing free SSL certificates as on date.

  • Bluehost
  • HostGator
  • Bigrock

If you are already using the hosting of any of these companies. So just now you have to turn on your free SSL certificate by going to your hosting dashboard. 

How to Get a Free SSL Certificate from CloudFlare?

If your hosting provider is not giving you a free ssl certificate the don’t worry about it there another and easy way to get this.

Open and create an account on Cloudflare, this cloud flare provides you a free and genetic ssl certificate.

Create an account on cloudflare.

Add your domain name and change your DNS server name and use cloud flare DNS server name with your hosting.

Get ssl from cloudflare.

Click on SSL/TLS and then set full protection for website then save.

Click on origin server.

After that click on origin server and create new certificate then apply and go next.

New certificates.

Then you can see this window, you don’t need to do any changes here just click next.

Get code and paste in hosting server.

After click on next you will get this code. Now copy this code and paste in your hosting server in SSL section.

If you have any problem in installing this code comment me or contact me i will guide you.

On my other blogs I use this cloudflare ssl certificate and also you can use cdn from cloudflare at free of cost.

How to install & Set a Free SSL Certificate for WordPress Website?

Once you enable your free SSL certificate. After that you need to set up WordPress. So that your WordPress website can use HTTPS instead of HTTP in all its URLs.

The easiest way to do this is to install a plugin in your WordPress. Whose name is Really Simple SSL install and activate this plugin in your website.

Note: Before installing and activating the Really Simple SSL plugin. You should create a backup of your entire website. Because sometimes SSL is not fully active due to bugs or any other type of coding present in your website.

After plugin activation, that plugin will check whether you have enabled SSL certificate. Really simple SSL plugin redirects all URLs of your website from HTTP to HTTPS if SSL certificate enable is found.

Now you have completely secured your website. Once you have to check whether your website is loading with HTTPS protocol or not. Really Simple SSL plugin automatically fixes all your page URLs.

If the single URL of your website was also insecure and it opened with http protocol. So your browser treats your entire website like fully not secure.

To correct this, with the help of your website’s inspect tool, find that URL and replace it with the correct https URL.

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Friends Really Simple SSL plugin makes the task of setting up a free SSL certificate on your WordPress website very easy. 

This is the reason why we are asking you to use this plugin. This plugin is free but if you want, you can purchase its paid version.

Conclusion : 

Hopefully this article will be helpful in activating and using the free SSL certificate in your website. 

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