Today I will tell you about the copyright images issue and how you can download copyright-free images for your websites!

But before that, we know what copyright is and why we should use copyright-free images only on our BlogSpot blog and WordPress website, so let’s start!

What is Copyright? 

Suppose an idea comes to your mind, you convey that idea to people through some medium! 

For example, by taking a photo or creating an image, then writing an article or writing a book, or writing a poem, you are the creator of that creation!

That is, whatever you have created, you are its creator and you are its owner!

Suppose you take a photo and publish it on the internet, then in such a situation, if someone takes credit for the photos you have taken, how will you feel in such a situation!

It is obviously very bad for this reason that if any particular person has to use that photo of yours, then he should first take permission from you, you can give it to use it for free or you can take a few rupees from it and send your photos Can be allowed to use!

We all go to Google often from there, pick up any picture or wallpaper of our choice, or post an article!

But we do not get any copyrights in it, because we aim to share only at that time, there is no profit generating from it.

But when we use the same photo or article for our own benefit, as if you want to earn money from it or earn fame from it, then the original owner of that content can only give a copyright strike on you. He also has the right to do a case on you!

If you are a blogger or YouTuber, then you may have to face this kind of problem!

The only way to avoid this is to use images without copyrights on your blog post and website!

Now the question is how to find copyright-free images for websites on the internet because the internet is a vast sea of ​​information, how to choose a particular one from it, then there is a solution to this too, let us know how to use copyrighted images without it!

How to Copyright Free Images Download

Here we are telling you that by using your mobile phone, you download copyright-free images!

But you can also do this from your desktop, laptop, just you have to follow all the steps mentioned below in your desktop browser!

For this, first, open the browser on your mobile, then you will be shown three dots on the top right side of it!

Downloading copyright free images using mobile.

Click on it, now you will be getting a desktop check box shown in it, click on it!

View desktop site from mobile.

Now do the further process as we are telling you below, search whatever kind of image you want to download, like we are searching home!

After that, under the browser search box, you will be showing an option of images, click on it!

Click on images for getting free images.

As soon as you click on the option of the image, all the images related to the keywords you searched will start to show!

Now you have to click on Settings >> Advanced Settings option under the search box!

Click on advance search.

Many clicks will be shown to you as soon as you click, in which you have to go towards the bottom, and in the last, you will be showing the option of Usage Rights!

In advance search set usage rights.

Then after that, you have to choose “Creative Commons” in the drop-down menu in front of Usage rights!

Then after that, you have to click on the Advanced Search button! Images and wallpaper with creative commons are such that you can use in your website, blog post, videos!

Because the original creator of these images and wallpaper has kept it for free to use, it is all copyright-free images and wallpaper!

Now get copyright free images and download.

Now whatever image is being shown in front of you, you can use all the images in your website, blog post, and YouTube videos!

If you edit those images and use them in your blog post, youtube videos, and website, then you do not need to give credit to the original creator of that image and wallpaper!

But, if you use these images in your blog post without editing it, then while doing so, it would be good that you definitely give credit to their owner! 

Because after all, they have given their images and wallpaper for you to use for free, this also gives a message to Google that your website is honest and good!

By which Google shows your website or blog post on the top in search engines!

Copyright Free Images Websites

  1. Pixel
  2. Unsplashed
  3. Pixabay
  4. Shopify
  5. Mashable
  6. Gratisography
  7. 99 Design
  8. Mage plaza
  9. Picjumbo
  10. Canvas

Hope you liked our post or helped you a lot, if you want to ask us any question then comment, we will try to answer it as soon as possible!