Google Ads API has been Updated to Version 10.1

The Google Ads API has been updated to version 10.1, following the release of version 10.0 just over three months ago. 

This newest release is said to have a number of improvements and bug fixes that should make it easier for developers to use this API in their work. 

Discover campaigns, campaign groups, local service campaigns, and more features are now available in Google Ads version 10.1.

What’s new here. Google published a thorough list of what’s new with version 10.1 in this blog post, but here are the highlights:

  • Support for Discovery marketing has been added. You can use CampaignService to create and update campaigns, and GoogleAdsService to access their properties and performance information. GoogleAdsService and Googleservice.SearchStream.
  • Support for campaign groups has been improved. You can use CampaignGroupService to create and update campaigns, and GoogleAdsService to access their properties and performance information. GoogleAdsService and GoogleSearch SearchStream.
  • Campaigns for Local Services are now available to everyone.
  • SKAdNetwork conversions can now be segmented by attribution credit (if available in the postback sent by Apple).
  • Batch jobs in the PENDING state can now be removed.
  • Google ads conversion customer has been added to ads conversion customer. This field helps you figure out which Google Ads account is in charge of your account’s conversions.

Added the following types of assets:

  • Dynamic Real Estate assets
  • Dynamic Custom assets
  • Dynamic Hotels And Rentals assets
  • Dynamic Flights assets
  • Dynamic Travel assets
  • Dynamic Local assets
  • Dynamic Jobs assets

The Google Ads API is the primary means for programmatic advertisers to access Google’s advertising platform. 

The Google AdWords API provides access to the vast amount of data in Google’s AdWords accounts, including account information, bids, and keywords. 

The Google Ads API is a newer, improved version of the Google AdWords API that provides additional features and benefits for advertisers and tools for developers. The Google Ads API is now the recommended way to access Google’s advertising platform.

Why should we care? Advertisers can utilize the Google Ads API to integrate their account data into other applications. 

It can also be used by advertisers to manage larger accounts and campaigns. When more of the latest Google Ads products are supported, API users will have more freedom with the tool.

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