Google Ads Announced Auto Applied Recommendations

Google Ads announced the launch of auto applied recommendations for manager account owners. This new feature enables all manager account owners, regardless of their experience level, to benefit from the same personalized advice that power users have been taking advantage of for years. 

In addition to the auto applied recommendation, the platform also launched more recommendations for Video campaigns. 

These new recommendations will help advertisers improve their Video performance and ensure they’re getting the most out of their video ads.

Recommendations are applied automatically

Google Ads management accounts now have the ability to apply recommendations automatically. “This makes it easier for you to manage and find growth possibilities across numerous manager accounts,” Google claims. Google gives over 22 distinct recommendations to apply automatically, including:

  • Improve your responsive search advertisements to display your customers’ more relevant messaging.
  • Upgrade your conversion tracking to get a more accurate measurement of conversions.

If you enable this option, Google will apply your chosen sorts of recommendations automatically when new possibilities become available. Keep in mind that you can update or disable these options at any moment.

Auto Applied Recommendations for Discovery campaigns

As mentioned above, recommendations are now available for Discovery campaigns:

Google announce auto applied recommendation.

In addition, Google Ads now displays optimization scores for Discovery campaigns.

Recommendations will be applied automatically in manager accounts. Manager accounts now have the ability to apply suggestions automatically.

Advertisers should be aware that if this feature is enabled, it will automatically apply all of the suggestion kinds that have been chosen as new recommendations become available.

There are a few more suggestions for video campaigns. Google Ads is also improving its video campaign recommendations. The following are some new suggestions for this campaign type:

  • Set up product feeds to increase clicks and conversions while lowering your CPA.
  • Set up Google Analytics 4 to get a more in-depth, cross-platform view of your customers.
  • Upgrade your conversion tracking to get a more accurate measurement of conversions.
Rishabh Kolhe
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