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What is Google EAT SEO: How to Write Content Google wants

Google EAT (Expertise, Authorization, and Reliability) Framework is a set of guidelines and requirements that help improve the quality of the content you create and the experience of your website visitors.

The framework, which was developed in-house by Google, aims to help webmasters improve the quality of their content and the ways their audiences relate to it.

It aims to help creators of high-quality content build a reputation of trust, which in turn helps visitors feel more comfortable when they visit the website.

This orientation focuses on the core concept of the EAT framework, which is to provide a high-quality online experience for your visitors.

But there are three important things you want to read before entering this section.

The Three Important Things are-

These are three things you should know first.

What is Google EAT in SEO?

Google gives each website a score that depends on these three factors. The website can be a blog site or a business site.

Now, let me answer what is Expertise.

This means how much knowledge the website or the content writer of that website has on that particular field or subject or how much expertise.

Authoritativeness means how much hold that content writer has in his/her field and whether people listen to him/her or obey him/her.

And Trustworthiness means how trustworthy the website is.

Now you can think that the meaning of the three words is very similar to each other.

But it is not.

Let’s take an example to clear your doubts.

If we take the example of Virat Kohli then we know that getting a chance in the Indian cricket team is a symbol of Expertise.

Now, if he makes runs the people or viewers will appreciate him by clapping or making noise. Because the audience is responding, here it is called Authoritativeness.

Now if he comes to bat in a very difficult situation and the audience is very happy by seeing or knowing that he is still not out and he can make India win then it is called Trustworthiness.

How and when did Google Introduce E-A-T?

Now, I think the concept of the Google E-A-T algorithm is clear to you.

Let’s understand how Google introduced the E-A-T algorithm.

You all know that Google is a technology giant. And it is investing a huge amount of money in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

But the human brain still gives the highest quality results.

So, Google hires a huge number of Quality Raters all over the world. The Google search team gives the list of the keywords to these quality raters.

Now, the Quality Raters search the keywords in Google and check if the results that are coming for those keywords are quality results or not.

And then the Quality Raters informed feedback to the Google Search team about that.

The document followed by the Quality Raters as a guide is called the Quality Raters Guideline.

So, this E-A-T was first introduced at this Quality Raters Guideline.

When did Google introduce the E-A-T algorithm?

Now, you also have understood how the Google EAT algorithm came into the market.

Now, the question is when?

So, this factor was introduced by the Medic Update between July to August 2018.

How does Google determine E-A-T?

There are mainly three things that are listed in Google search quality evaluator guidelines.

The three things are-

  1. The Expertise of the Content Creator.
  2. The Authoritativeness of the Content Creator, main content, and the website.
  3. The Trustworthiness of the Content Creator, main content, and the website.

Google checks these things. There is a reason behind these also.

Like- anybody can start a site on any niche the person wants. If he/she wants to start a Biography site, a site based on the Stock Market, Food, etc.

To start a website in a particular niche, anyone does not need a proper degree for that.

It is a good thing for those who want to start a site. But many people make decisions by reading something on Google.

So, Google thinks that the data should be accurate. People must not be misguided.

That is the main reason, Google checked for these things.

What are Google Quality Raters Guidelines?

As I discussed before, it is like a document that is given to the Quality Raters By the Google search team.

And the quality raters tasted all the search results or websites according to those documents.

That the results or websites should be valid and pass all the parameters noted on that document.

The documents are like a guide for them.

So, the document is called the Quality Rater Guidelines.

What is YMYL in SEO?

Is Google E-A-T applicable to all the sites? This is one of the most asked questions in Google.

Google YML factor in google E-A-T algorithm.

Ok, let me answer this.

The YMYL page means pages that are related to Your Money and Your Life.

So, the E-A-T is very much applicable to these kinds of sites.

As per Google Quality Rater Guidelines, pages with lower scores in E-A-T should be ranked lower.

The pages that are coming into the YMYL category are-

  1. Finance.
  2. Medical/Health.
  3. Insurance.
  4. School.
  5. Mental Health.
  6. Parenting.

These are some YMYL page types. There are many others also. I think you understand that these are very sensitive topics.

Except for these YMYL pages, the other blogs or websites can also be affected by this E-A-T algorithm.

Importance of Google EAT in SEO

So, in the SEO part, you need to make sure that all the data you are publishing on your website should be 100 percent accurate and genuine.

After this, you need to give some time also to build trust.

Whenever people come and read your blog and comment well, Google will start building trust in your site.

And then gradually your ranking will improve and the traffic will also increase day by day.

In my opinion, E-A-T is needed. Because of this Google can deliver the contents that the user wants.

This is needed because otherwise, the user’s experience will not be good. And that Google does not want.

So, you need to follow this E-A-T algorithm to improve your SEO and ranking.

Is E-A-T a ranking factor?

The e-A-T algorithm is an essential factor of ranking and Google is continuously testing the websites with this E-A-T algorithm factor.

I think if you are reading this article carefully then you already understand this.

This is also clear that the Quality Rater Guidelines are not Exactly the ranking factor in Google. You can say that this is one of the future goals of Google.

Like- we set goals for ourselves every day.

Like this Google also set its goal in Quality Rater Guidelines.

Google verified the search results by the Quality Raters and then optimized its algorithm to generate the verified search results by the Quality Rater Guidelines.

So, Quality Raters not only verify the search results but also act as a role models for the algorithm.

How to improve your E-A-T score?

The ideas I will discuss here will improve your E-A-T score.

1. Author Profile

You need to have an Author profile on your website. No matter if it is a blog or business website.

It is a very common mistake almost made by every blogger at the initial stage.

In the Author section, you should add his/her credibility also. You need to give information about the writer as much as possible.

If you are the only writer of your blog then you should highlight yourself and your credibility very well in the about section, or you can create an Author section for that.

You should also link your social handles.

It means you need to prove that you or the writer is a real professional.

2. UGC ( User Generated Content )

You need to create high-Quality content also to improve your Google EAT score.

The more people who read your blog and comment on that, the more your page’s Authoritativeness will increase.

I think you all know about the Guest posts. The next time onwards tries to create the Author profile as well as a backlink.

So, you need to be very careful about your content. Negative reviews can decrease your Trustworthiness.

Except for this, any kind of mention on a third-party site about yourself will increase your Trustworthiness.

3. Credentials

You should create a page where you can show all the experts who are behind your blog.

Write about their contributions to your blog as well as you can link their Social Media profiles also.

4. Wikipedia Page

This is also a very good way to improve your Google EAT score.

You know how much people have trust in Wikipedia. Google also trusts Wikipedia very much.

So, if you can get a backlink or mention from Wikipedia then it will also help a lot to improve your Google EAT score.

So, try to get a backlink from here.

5. Update Your Content

If all the above-mentioned points are maintaining then the next important thing you need to do is- Update your Content.

If your content is not up to date then also it will decrease your E-A-T score.

Try to update your content from time to time. Initially, you can do it once a month or twice a month.

Anything new coming into the market related to that blog post tries to update the blog post according to that.

This will help to improve your E-A-T score as well as your ranking.

Which algorithm is used by Google?

Page Rank is an algorithm used by Google search to rank website pages in search results.

It can also measure the importance of website pages.

How do you rank higher on Google?

Many things can help you with ranking.

Google uses over 200 plus ranking factors in its algorithm.

The few main things you need to remember are-

  1. Content is the King. [ Your content must be unique and Demandable]
  2. Maintain the E-A-T algorithm.
  3. Page Speed.
  4. Optimize Your Post.

These are a few important things you need to maintain to rank your blog post in the Google search engine.

What is Google’s latest algorithm?

I will inform you about all the updates from 2015.

The updates are like this-

  1. Google Quality Update-2015.
  2. Google Mobile Update-2015.
  3. Google RankBrain Update-2015.
  4. Google AdWords SERP Update-2016.
  5. Interstitial Penalty-2017.
  6. Google Fred-2017.
  7. Medic Core Update-2018.
  8. Site Diversity June-2019.
  9. September Core-2019.
  10. BERT- October-2019.
  11. January Core-2020.
  12. May Core-2020.
  13. December Core-2020.

You can read by clicking here gull guide on how Google Algorithms will impact your website if not follow these rules.

Frequently Ask Questions

  1. What is Google's algorithm called?

    Page Rank is an algorithm used by Google search to rank website pages in their search engine results.
    Page Rank can also measure the Importance of the website pages.

  2. How can I improve my Google SEO ranking?

    First, remember that the content is the king. so, write content that is very informative and helpful to the people.
    2. Try to get Backlinks from some authentic sources.
    3. Use alt tag.
    4. Update your post regularly.
    These are some important ranking factors you should remember.

  3. How to improve eat SEO

    1. Include a list of sources and credit information.
    2. Use Your Content Differentiation Factor in the Areas of Authority and Trustworthiness. 3. Audit and Update Your Content in the Areas of Expertise and Authority.
    4. Expertise Use Content to Improve Business Transparency.
    5. Moderate User-Generated Content.

  4. Can I check the E-A-T score manually?

    There is no such tool that can measure your website's EAT score. But you can understand this time by time.
    For this, you may need some practical experience. I have also discussed the possible ways to improve your E-A-T score.
    If you maintain all the things properly then you don't need to think about this. But you need to give it some time.

My opinion as a Conclusion:

In my opinion, Google EAT is a ranking factor. But it works indirectly.

I think that you have also understood that if your site or page doesn’t meet the criteria needed to improve Google EAT then the chances of lower-ranking will increase.

You need to fulfill all the criteria. But it will take some time. It will not happen overnight.

If you give it the time and work smartly then your content will also rank at the top of Google. And that will increase your traffic for sure.

So, try to keep all the things in mind and work accordingly.


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