Google Introduces Three New Travel Products for Hotels

The latest update to Google’s suite of tools for small and medium-sized businesses has made it easier than ever for hotels to add their room rates and availability to their Google business profiles

The new streamlined process, which is available now in the Google My Business app, also allows hotels to update their information in a single click instead of being required to submit multiple updates throughout the day. 

This update comes on the heels of the announcement that Google will begin providing small and medium-sized businesses with free advertising on Google search and across Google’s display networks.

Hotels eager to book more guests and take advantage of the summer travel rush will soon discover a lot simpler way to monitor and adjust their prices.

So, what’s new? Google introduced three new tools earlier this week that would expedite the on boarding process for hotels that wish to post their rates or provide booking links through Google.

What three new travel products for hotels

Update 1: Protocols that are widely used in the industry. For bringing hotel rates online, Google will embrace industry-standard methods. These protocols were developed to assist various hotels in maintaining consistency when it came to booking, posting new rates, and making changes.

Update 2: There will be no more spreadsheets. To add rates to their Google Business Profile, hotels will no longer be required to upload cumbersome spreadsheets and files. Instead, Google is making this process easier by letting users to enter their rates right into their profiles. This adjustment should make it easier for hotels to keep up with demand and adjust rates fast without having to rely on technology or partners.

Update 3: Hotel Ads are now available. Hotels will soon be able to execute campaigns without the necessity for a Hotel Center account. This means that any Google marketer can look for a hotel’s website and run advertisements for it. When questioned if Hotel Center accounts would be phased out entirely, Google said, “We will not be phasing out Hotel Center accounts.” Current hotel advertisers with active Hotel Center accounts will be able to continue running their advertising as usual.”

The date of the launch. Google actively supports industry standards by allowing hotels to enter their prices into Google My Business. However, there is no news on when the requirement for a Hotel Center account will be removed.

What Google has to say. “We’re streamlining this process to enable more marketers utilize hotel advertising, and activate them more quickly,” a Google spokeswoman said in a statement to Search Engine Land. This is part of our larger goal of assisting more hotel businesses in going online.”

Travel is becoming more popular. According to Google, in the first four months of 2022, searches for passport appointments climbed by 300 percent.

Snap chat also announced the launch of Dynamic Ads for Travel earlier this week. Brands like may now construct catalogues and serve them to audiences depending on their travel intent. The emphasis on travel-related products should provide an early indicator of the industry’s future direction.

The good as well as the negative. When rates are added to a hotel’s Google Business Profile, they can be found in search, maps, and on YouTube. Those free booking links will also send consumers to the hotel’s own website, rather than a third-party one. This means that the hotel will make more money and sites like and will lose money. Hotels are also prohibited from charging various rates for different room categories, imposing minimum stay requirements, or offering multi-night discounts.

This is the official announcement. Here you may find the whole announcement as well as the current setup documents.

Why should we be concerned? Consumers desire a simple, streamlined process for booking hotels directly, as well as real-time accommodation costs, as travel is reviving. By allowing advertisers and hotels managing listings to modify pricing immediately on their Google Business Profiles, these enhancements should help them remain ahead of the competition.

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