Google Product Reviews Updates New Ranking Criteria in March 2022

Google recently announced an algorithm update in March 2022 aimed at product reviews. The new criteria adds to the updates launched last year, and are part of Google’s efforts to help shoppers make better decisions when it comes to purchasing products online.

Google has released a third product review algorithm update in search results, which builds on the previous product review algorithm changes.

In April 2021, the first product review algorithm upgrade went live, with the goal of rewarding content based on first-hand research. In December, there was a second product review update.

Google’s efforts to surface higher-quality product evaluations in search results are continuing with today’s update.

What Google said about this update:

“We’re releasing a new upgrade that builds on our previous efforts to improve our ability to recognize high-quality product evaluations. This will make it easier for us to bring sound purchasing advice in front of people, as well as to reward authors who are genuinely interested in assisting them.”

New Guidance From Google For Writing Product Reviews

With the release of the March 2022 product algorithm update, Google has released new guidelines for writing reviews that fulfill the search engine’s quality standards.

When writing product reviews, Google suggests that you meet the following criteria:

  • Include useful in-depth information, such as a product’s benefits or cons, as well as insights on how a product works or how it varies from earlier versions.
  • Come from people who have used the products and can demonstrate what the product looks like or how it is used.
  • Include information that isn’t provided by the maker, such as graphics, audio, or connections to other resources that detail the reviewer’s experience.
  • Compare and contrast products, or explain how a product differs from its competitors.

Google’s Guidance For Reviews With Multiple Products

It hasn’t always been apparent if the first product algorithm update applies to reviews of single products or reviews containing lists of numerous products since its inception.

The product review improvements, according to Google, apply to ranking lists and comparison reviews.

“Yes. All types of review content are affected by the product review modifications. The best practices we’ve discussed apply here as well. Because ranked lists are shorter, you may wish to display expertise and reaffirm authenticity in a more concise manner. This can be accomplished by citing relevant results and supplying original photographs from tests you conducted with the product.”

If you’re writing a review of several goods with the goal of recommending the “best” product in the end, Google provides some further advice.

Include the following information in your review when suggesting a product as the best overall or for a specific purpose:

  • What sets this product apart from others on the market?
  • What makes the product so well-suited to the task at hand?
  • You should have firsthand evidence to back up your assertions.

Finally, Google says it’s fine to write evaluations for individual products, even if they’ve already been evaluated in a ranked list.

If you decide to write many reviews, make sure each one contains enough helpful information to stand on its own. Don’t just restate what you’ve already said.

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