Spring Update 2022 Google New Search Ranking Algorithm

Google has begun to roll out another search ranking algorithm Spring update, which could have a significant impact on how you rank in Google. This is an unconfirmed update but unlike the last one we reported, this one is starting much earlier, likely on Friday, March 18th.

The update is expected to be released over the weekend, so it will be Monday, March 21st at the latest before we know for sure. We will keep you updated as we find out more.

On Friday morning, March 18, 2022, around 7 a.m. ET, SEOs began to detect changes in Google organic search rankings and traffic. Throughout the weekend, there were further volatility and adjustments in rankings.

As I previously stated, Google has not acknowledged or publicized any change at this time, therefore it is one of those regularly reported unconfirmed spring update.

SEO Chatter

Here’s some of the WebmasterWorld buzz, with many claiming to have seen large traffic fluctuations as a result of Google search. Some say it’s as much as 40% or more, while others say it’s swinging about between Friday and Sunday.

Since March 18 at 2:00 a.m., my website traffic has decreased by around 40%. (UTC). Is there anyone else that has the same problem as me?

Yes, traffic was down this morning, but it has already decreased to zero between 10 a.m. and midday. Although search was up yesterday, direct was down 40%. Today, direct traffic is average, but search traffic is down 30%. It appears that a new trend is emerging, in which Google mysteriously whacks your traffic every third day. It lasts a whole day before reverting to normal to heavy traffic for a few days.

My traffic appears to be partially recovered practically immediately before to the drop, but I’m not sure because it’s Saturday. To be more precise, I believe I will monitor the traffic on Monday.

Tracking Tools


Mozcast ranking update


Semrush ranking update


Algoroo ranking update


Rankranger update


SERPmetrics update

So, have any of you noticed any significant changes in Google traffic or ranking since Friday?

I hope your first day of Spring (or Fall) has been pleasant.

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