Google Using Artificial Intelligence to Update Business Hours

Google announced a major update to its business hours feature in Google Maps with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

The new feature, called “Duplex,” is designed to make phone calls on Google Maps to businesses that are open for business. 

The AI in Duplex is designed to make calls like a human, using different accents and even asking questions to understand the context of the call. 

Google has not yet announced when the new Duplex feature will be available to users, but it plans to make it available in the coming months. 

Now, the company is taking things one step further by adding real-time availability to Google Maps, so you can see if a business is actually open, without having to call or visit the location. 

The feature is being added to Google Maps as part of an update that is rolling out to the app on Android and iOS,

How Google Follow the Artificial Intelligence Parameters

In a blog post, Google follows the multiple parameters that AI considers while making decisions on upgrades. It looks at when the company profile was last updated and data from Popular Times to assess how likely the hours are incorrect.

According to Google’s records, if its AI believes the hours should be changed, it examines even more data. It will scrape street view images and collect data from the company’s official website to establish when the company is at work. 

Google announced that it will double-check the AI’s predictions with real humans, such as Google Maps users and business owners, and that it will utilize Duplex in some countries to directly inquire about businesses’ hours.

What is Google’s Duplex conversational technology, and how does it exert?

The AI voice dials the saved phone number and records the call. The tape can be listened to and transcribed afterwards by a human operator. 

This information is used to improve the experience for the caller, increasing the likelihood they’ll call again. 

This improves the ability to identify and reach target customers, leading to higher quality sales and greater productivity for the company.

Similarly, apart from this, Google will recruit AI to change speed restrictions on various pathways.

This is a safety tool that reflects speed limits when using Google Maps for navigation. The AI will also help in indicating such restrictions on the Maps as well as notify the users if they are going over the stipulated speed. 

As a result, the speed limits will be modified to ensure that Google Maps users are safe. Google Maps will now reveal toll plaza rates. 

Thanks to new enhancements, you can now discover out how much the toll is, and it can also direct highways to avoid toll booths if they are accessible.

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