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Hostinger web hosting started out in 2007 as a free web hosting service and has since evolved into one of the best shared and cloud hosting providers around.

They cater to both beginners as well as experienced users, with a ton of features and comprehensive support.

Their customer service is fantastic, and they offer a ton of valuable resources to help users get the most out of their hosting experience. This is a great option for both new and experienced users.

All of Hostinger’s plans come with a 100% money-back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose by trying it out!

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Compare Hostinger to The Best Web Hosting Services

When you build a website, you want it to be as effective as possible. However, the website is only as good as the web hosting service that hosts it. 

The right web hosting service can make the difference between a website that loads quickly and displays properly, and one that is difficult to navigate and consumes too much memory. Fortunately, it’s easier than ever to find a good web hosting service.

Hostinger is one of the most popular website builders out there, and for good reason. 

It provides excellent service for the majority of people, which means it works for a wide variety of people who are looking to build their own website. 

In fact, Hostinger is used by more than 5 million people from all over the world. And despite its massive size, Hostinger provides stellar customer service that is second to none.

Best Features of Hostinger

Fast Load Times:

The amount of time it takes for a website to load is a big deal. If a visitor comes to your website and has to wait for things to load, they’ll move on to something that doesn’t have such a long delay. 

Loading time is such a big deal because the amount of time it takes for a page to load can have a significant impact on how visitors perceive your website. 

If a page takes too long to load, visitors will assume that your website is slow, which will make them frustrated and perhaps even leave your site without browsing further.

That’s why we appreciate Hostinger’s fast hosting speeds. We have tested them for shared hosting, VPS hosting, and WordPress hosting, and we aren’t simply going by what they say on their website copy.

Fantastically Affordable:

When it comes to web hosting, speed is of the essence. You need a host that can keep up with the demands of your site, allowing you to deliver a quality experience to your visitors and reduce the chance of downtime.

But while the importance of fast hosting is self-evident, finding a host that can offer blazing-fast speeds at an affordable price can be a challenge. That’s where Hostinger comes in.

For a single site, shared hosting starts at $1.39 per month, with options that support multiple sites or allocate greater resources starting at $2.59 per month. WordPress and VPS hosting are also inexpensive, starting at $1.99 per month and $3.95 per month, respectively.

Money-Back Guarantee:

Hostinger is committed to providing our customers with the best possible web hosting experience. That’s why we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on all Hostinger plans. 

If you’re unhappy with your experience for any reason, simply let us know and we’ll gladly refund your purchase. It’s just one of the ways we show our dedication to providing a superior hosting experience.

Free Domain:

When you’re starting a blog or a website, the first thing you need is a place for visitors to land when they come to your site. 

This is called a domain name, and it’s the address from which people will access your site. 

You can buy a domain from a company that sells them, or you can buy one that’s already established and just needs to customize it. Either way, your domain is the address that people will use to reach your site.

Free Website Builder:

Hostinger is one of the leading independent WordPress hosting companies, and they’ve just partnered with Zyro, one of the better WordPress site builders for free with your hosting plan. 

That’s pretty cool, considering that most hosting companies try to push users towards their own site builder or drag their feet when it comes to adding additional site builders to their plan. 

That’s not the case with Hostinger, though—they’re adding a free site builder to their hosting plans right now, giving you access to one of the best site builders out there for free. 

Hostinger Web Hosting Packages

Hostinger offers a variety of different web hosting packages to meet the needs of almost anyone. 

If you’re just starting out and are looking for the best value, the Starter package is a great choice. 

An Intermediate package is a great option for those who need more space and bandwidth, while the Advanced package offers the best of the best with unlimited space and bandwidth. 

Regardless of which package you choose, you’ll get the best web hosting experience at an affordable price.

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Last Word:

Overall, we suggest this Hostinger Web Hosting service for getting your website up and operating, as well as scaling it as needed. 

Hostinger is ideal for those who are both new to and experienced in website development and offers excellent support and assistance along the route.

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Rishabh Kolhe

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