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How to Buy Hosting and Domain: Beginners Guide

How to Buy Hosting and Domain?- If you are writing a blog on blogger and want to move to WordPress then this is the most important thing you should know. 

The information I am giving is coming from my experience. I have tried many hosting providers before. 

So, if you are searching for how to buy a Domain and Hosting, where to buy then this is the ultimate solution for you. 

Here I will inform you of some important things that you should know before buying a hosting and a domain. 

I will inform you top 3 cheap and best sites from where you can buy a domain and hosting also. I will give you detailed information on- 

● How to Buy Domains and hosting from Bluehost

● How to buy a domain and hosting from Hostinger

● How to buy a domain and hosting from Namecheap? 

A bonus tip. 

But before that let me answer some of your questions first. 

But if you want dedicated hosting then Godaddy is charging a good amount that is approx 1000 rupees per month. 

How to buy Hosting and Domain from Bluehost? 

Bluehost is a hosting service provider. More than 2.5 million sites across the world are hosted by Bluehost. 

But Bluehost also provides domains. 

But you have to buy a one-year plan of hosting from Bluehost. 

So, after visiting Bluehost you will see an option like this. 

Buying hosting and domain from Bluehost.

Then click on hosting and select a hosting plan you need. 

If your site is very new or you are a beginner then you can go with shared hosting. 

If you are choosing a shared hosting plan then you will get four options- Basic, Plus, Choice Plus, Pro.

Choosing best plans from Bluehost.

You can select any of them according to your budget. 

If your site is very new and the traffic of your site is low right now then you can go with the basic plan. 

The rest you can select according to your site’s traffic and budget. After that, just click on the select button under the plan you need. 

Domain Registration 

Now you can register a domain from here. 

After choosing the hosting plan you can see an automatic prompt option to set up your domain. 

You can see two different options there. One is- Create a new Domain and the second one is – Use a Domain you own. 

You have to select Create a new domain option.

Creating a new domain from Bluehost

Then put the domain name you want to buy and click next. 

I would suggest that you select domain extensions like- .com, .in, .net, .info etc. If the domain name is not available on the [.com ] extension then you can [.in, info, etc.] 

Like if you are searching for but it is not available then you can select any of the other extensions. 

But if it is not available on any extensions then you need to change a little bit in your domain name. 

You can put a number or hyphen etc. 

Like – if that you are searching for is not available on extensions like [.in, .info, .net, .org] then you can try or whatever you want. 

The chances are very high that you will get that. 

Now, this process is complete then create your Bluehost account and select your plan. 

You can see in the previous image there are three types of tenure available- 1 year, 2 years, 3 years. 

So, select your plan and do not forget to take – Do not privacy and Protection Plan. You can see this option there and it costs very little. 

Otherwise, your name, address, phone number will become available publicly.

There you will have many other options also. 

But that’s up to you. 

Select Payment option 

And in the last step, you need to pay. After paying, you can avail of the hosting service and the domain name will be yours for the first year. 

After that, you need to renew to continue with that domain. 

How to buy Hosting and Domain from Hostinger? 

This is also a very trusted service provider. Especially the Support of this provider is very very good. 

These guys will support you at every point you need. Also, they are very quick to give replies through email. 

If you are a beginner then you can go with this provider. 

How to buy a Hostinger server? 

If you visit Hostinger then you can see their hosting plans over there on the home page. 

The plans you will see on the home page are- Single Web Hosting, Premium Web Hosting, and Business Web Hosting.

Hostinger pricing page

In my opinion, if you are running a personal blog and you are a beginner then you should go with Premium Web Hosting. 

Also if you want and if there is any need then you can go with Cloud hosting also which is starting from 799 rupees per month. 

As I said before that if you are a beginner then go with premium web hosting. That will cost around 159 rupees per month. 

Here you can various plan details. 

Complete hostinger order

Choose whatever you want. 

After that, Hostinger will give you the option to search for available domains. 

But remember that if you are buying a hosting plan with a tenure of a minimum of 12 months then you are eligible to get the free domain. 

If you are buying it for one month or two months or less than 12 months then you are not eligible to get a free domain. 

As I discussed before just put your domain name and search. 

Sign up your Account

So, after selecting the hosting plan and domain name you need to sign up there. You can sign up through email, Facebook, Google anything you want. 

Select Payment Option

Now, the last option is a payment option. Here you will see options like this. 

Payment methods from Hostinger

Choose whatever payment method you want and you will be done. 

But remember you need to renew your hosting and domain both after completing the tenure you choose while buying. 

How to buy Domain and Hosting from Namecheap?

You can find a huge number of hosting and domain provider in the market. But Namecheap is one of the most popular platforms among them. 

It is very easy also. Visit 

You can see a dedicated domain option on the homepage. 

Buy hosting and domain from Name cheap.

[ If you buy a Hosting service from here, you will get a Free Domain from here also.]

Then click on Domain name search and entire the domain name you want. 

There you will see two options. One is Register and the other one is Transfer it now at the bottom of the search bar. 

If you want to get a new domain then click on Register after putting the domain name you want. 

The Transfer option is not for you. It is for those who have an existing domain and want to switch registrars. 

Then click on Search Icon for the new Domain.

Select the extention for your Domian

In step 2 you need to select the extension you want. [ like- .com, .in, .org etc.] And then click add to cart. 

Order Confirmation 

Namecheap is a domain register and hosting provider also. So you can skip the professional email, SSL certificate, etc if you want to buy an only domain from here. 

Because you will get all of these from your hosting provider. 

But if you want to buy the domain and the hosting both then you will get all the important things. Then just enable Whois Guard. This protects your personal information. 

If you are buying a domain from anywhere else then you need to pay for this.

But Namecheap will provide this for free. 

After confirming your order you will be asked to create an account there. Then you need to do a payment. 

And then you will be the owner of that domain. 

Shared Hosting from Namecheap 

On the topic of how to buy domain and hosting, in this part I will give you information on hosting buying from Namecheap. 

On the homepage, you can find a dedicated hosting option also. As I said before, if you are a beginner then go with shared hosting. 

There you will see some plan details like this. You need to select as per your need and choice. 

Shared hosting plans

You can go with stellar plus or stellar Business. 

[ You will get an option to search for Domain name] 

After that click on Get started at the bottom of the plans. You will be asked to select the tenure of your selected plan. 

Then you will be asked to create an account. 

And then you need to pay and after paying for a domain and the hosting service will be yours. You need to renew both hosting and domain after the end of the tenure you select while buying. I think you don’t have any doubt on How to buy Domain and Hosting?. 

But I know that something is still in your mind that I need to clear. 

Does buying a domain come with hosting? 

If you want to run a website on then you don’t need and domain or hosting. 

But if you want to run your website on WordPress then you need to have hosting and the domain both. 

So, it does not mean that if you are buying a domain you will get the hosting service for free. But the opposite is possible.

There are many trusted sites [ I discussed above ] that are providing domain names with hosting. 

That means if you buy the hosting service for a certain time then they are providing a free domain along with the hosting. 

What is the difference between hosting and domain?

Hosting and Domain are two different things. 

Hosting store content of the website on the internet servers. 

A domain name is like an address that helps visitors to read or access website content. This is the simple difference between Hosting and Domain. 

Does it matter where you buy your domain name?

No, it does not matter, from where you purchase your domain name. 

If the domain name you are searching for is available then you can buy from anywhere. But yes, you can verify the price on all the sites. 

How to get a free domain and hosting? 

If you want to create a website for free with the domain name you want and with free hosting then you need to visit

Here you can also install WordPress. 

Also if you want another free platform then you can start with which is a platform of Google. 

Here also you will get a subdomain and free hosting. 

And another point is there are many sites that I discussed above that are providing a free domain only if you buy their hosting plan for a certain period. 

Is Google domain better than GoDaddy? 

This is also a very interesting point on the topic How to buy Domain and Hosting?. It is a common question of everyone from the time Google started providing Domain.

So, the answer is both of these is providing domain. 

There is no such thing as buying a domain from Google that will help to rank fast on Google. So, you can buy your domain from anywhere you want. 

A bonus tip:

You can host your site on Cloudflare. It will boost your site’s speed and will increase your site’s security. Click here to read more about how to set up a site on Cloudflare or get a Free SSL certificate.

Frequently Ask Questions

  1. Best Domain register in India? 

    There are many domain registers available in the market. 
    1. Namecheap. 
    2. Bluehost. 
    3. Godaddy. 
    4. Hostinger. 

  2. Which domain is best? 

    You can take a .com extension. As well as your domain name should not be confusing. It should be not too small not too long, and also should be memorable. 

  3. How much does Google charge for a domain? 

    You can’t define the price of a domain like this. 
    But normally you can get some domain at 199 rupees per, some will be 399 rupees per year, and it may also be more than that.


I hope you got my points on how to buy hosting and a domain. You can also read our article on How to a Blog with WordPress.

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