How To Start YouTube Channel and Earn

Do you want to know how to start Youtube Channel and Earn Money?

YouTube is the largest video platform to connect with people all over the world if you have any talent like music, dance, gaming, educational videos, prank videos, short films, etc. You can start your own channel on YouTube and upload your videos.

YouTube is the largest source of entertainment in the world and it has an active community of users who are constantly uploading content to YouTube. When you get your channel verified YouTube provides you with a number of monetization options that help you generate income from your videos.

YouTube is basically a community of millions and millions of users who get together to share videos. How to make money from YouTube? There are many ways to make money on YouTube and many of them are different.

You have to know and follow the rules to make sure that your channel is doing well and people are watching your videos. If you have any talent like music, dance, gaming, educational videos, prank videos, short films, etc.

What is YouTube Channel

Before creating a channel on YouTube, you need to know what YouTube is! YouTube is the world’s most useful and active website! People here watch videos every day, and millions of videos are uploaded here every day,

You can open YouTube Channel as your own brand! This builds your brand recognition on YouTube, although you can upload videos to YouTube using your Gmail account, when it comes to a professional it becomes necessary to create a channel!

Today we will go through the details of creating a professional channel on YouTube! If you want to earn money from YouTube Channel, then you have to do all this!

YouTube is available in about 91 countries and supports more than 80 languages, with 5 billion videos watched daily.

The Future of the “YouTube Economy”

Most of the YouTube subscribers on YouTube are from America. The number of YouTube subscribers is increasing because of its user-friendly, hassle-free website.

If you have any talent to give to the world then do it and share your unique talent with the world. You can also earn money from the ads and promotions that YouTube provides for you.

YouTube videos are famous for their high view count and that makes your subscriber number grow. If your video is liked by many people then the ads will start to appear in your video and so will the earnings.

YouTube now generates billions of dollars each year for the company and that money is being invested in the project of Artificial Intelligence to help better its users’ experience.

How to Start YouTube Channel for Beginners

To open a YouTube account, first, you have to create a new email account, go to and click on create account to create a new Google account.

Make account on google to create a YouTube channel.
Visit YouTube web site-

Then you have to go to YouTube’s website in any browser of your laptop or phone and open it.

Visit YouTube site and sign in.

Click the right-hand corner Sign inbox then enter your email id and sign in.

Now your Google Account logo will appear on the top right side here, click on it and then click above to create a channel (see picture below)

how to make money from youtube channel

After clicking on create a channel, a popup will appear in front of you to click on Get Started.

Select channel name-

Clicking on getting Started, a second popup will appear in front of you and it will be written above, choose how to create your channel.

Here they will ask you to choose the channel name from your name or custom name.

Choose a username your YouTube channel.

So here you have to select the custom name on the right side and use it, then type whatever channel name you want to show to your audience.

After typing the name, there is a small box at the bottom, clicking on it will mark the tick, and then click below create above.

On clicking create, you will come to another page and your own Google account name will appear here.

Clicking Create will open a YouTube channel for you, so far you have created your YouTube channel, but there is still more work which will we discussed below.

After selecting the name of your channel you can see this type of page.

Add profile picture

Then choose a profile picture and upload the picture, after uploading this page they will ask you about the channel details and if you have a website then you can link it there.

Write short description

After all this setting and uploading work it will redirect you to your channel dashboard. Now you can start uploading your first video.

How to Use YouTube studio

After clicking on my channel or your logo which is showing on the left side in the image and here you have to click on YouTube Studio.

How to use YouTube studio

Click above the YouTube studio, you will find a circle of settings on the bottom left side, you have to click on it.

Channel dashboard.

Now here you can see all the settings and channel options required to start making a video. Playlists, analytics, subtitles, monetization, and more.

YouTube channel setting.

Click on setting and you can see their different type of options. Now you can add details related to your video or channel.

Now in this box, you will enter your channel name differently by giving space and type without giving express and then select your country below and then save it by clicking above save in the lower right side.

What is YouTube seo

To show your videos at the top you need to work on SEO for your videos. You must indicate some keywords for your title. So anyone who searches related to your topic will see your video here.

How to do SEO for YouTube videos?

After posting your video on YouTube channel you can easily set up SEO changes. For that use Tubebuddy.

Now, what is Tube buddy? This tool will help you to do better SEO for your videos and rank easily with keywords.

Use tube buddy for YouTube seo.

You can see on this image, Tube buddy helping you to understand your SEO score, and if you click that SEO scores it will show you, what changes you need to do for these videos.

Add Tags and titles for YouTube videos.

Now on this image see that your video title and left side on the image tags section.

You need to add these tags in your title and description, don’t confuse this tag is already selected by you.

Using this step and Tube buddy you can easily rank your videos on top.

Download Tubebuddy chrome extension.

Download Tube buddy for youtube.

What is YouTube Channel Keywords

After becoming a channel on YouTube, you need to go into our channel settings and enter keywords associated with certain channels such as entering our channel name as a different keyword in many ways.

You would enter the name of your YouTube channel separately in the channel keyword, for example, if your channel name is in two words, once you enter both words without giving them space, the second time you enter them as an If you enter at the location, you will write with space.

We do this because people search by writing the name of our channel in many ways, sometimes people write without giving space, sometimes they write by giving space, and sometimes search in capital letters or small letters.

And if we give different names to our channel according to the same keyword, then our channel will be exposed to people.

To enter the channel’s keywords, we have to go to again in our browser, then the channel logo will appear on the top right on this page, click on it and then click above my channel.

Select channel dashboard.

After clicking on my channel it will redirect you to the studio page, you can see the next page, now click on Manage Video.

Manager videos to start a YouTube channel

Now you can see this page’s channel content, now select your video to which you want to add keywords, click on details it will open your video settings.

Channel content

You can see all your video details in the next picture. Now you can define anything from here, title, description, audience, etc.

Keywords for your channel

Now you can add keywords for your channel from here, you can see that the green numbers that indicate your video will appear on this keyword at that location.

This is a better way to rank your videos using keywords.

How to Verify Mobile Number in YouTube

After saving the channel keywords, now you have to verify the mobile number in your YouTube channel and create a channel logo and channel art for your channel because only then you will be able to upload the video to your channel.

To verify the mobile number in the channel on youtube, you will again open in your browser, then click on the logo on the top right side and click above my channel.

And now you will get DAS up three times on the left side, you have to click on it and click below the settings.

Clicking on the settings, a second page will appear in front of you, nowhere you will find the channel status and in the channel click on feature eligibility then click on the second option to check eligibility and verify your mobile number.

Verify mobile number.

After clicking verify, you will select your country and then you need it as an OTP message sent via YouTube on your mobile or as a call and then put your mobile number below and click submit below it.

When you click on submit, an OTP will come on your same mobile number, then you have to put that OTP here and click on verify and your mobile number will be verified on the YouTube channel.

Conclusion :

Today I have shared with you some tips on how to start YouTube channel and how to do SEO for your YouTube videos. If you face any problem in creating a channel, you can ask me directly.

If you think this article is useful for you then you can share it with your friends on social media and stay with us for our new upcoming articles.

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