How To Create YouTube Channel and Make Money

How to make YouTube channel.

If you also want to make a career on YouTube, then we will know here how to create YouTube channel and make money online.

Today will learn to enable some important settings of the channel as well.

How to create a YouTube account

Many people come to earn money on youtube channel and many people to make their own identity but with the money we earn on YouTube, we also get recognition from millions of people.

On youtube, we can earn from a small income to a large amount, according to your hard work.

Here you will earn more money and you will also earn a name, you will get millions or crores of people.

I have seen many such people who did not know anything in the beginning and started the journey of YouTube from their mobile and today are earning millions of rupees and they are also recognized by millions.

Before creating a YouTube channel, we take a little information about YouTube like what is YouTube and how it works, and if you want to know how to create YouTube channel and make money, then here is a guide Earn money from YouTube channel.

What is YouTube channel

YouTube is a video platform, about one third of the world’s users are connected to YouTube and millions of videos are uploaded on this platform every day.

You can gauge the popularity of YouTube by the fact that more than 1 billion users are connected through this platform all over the world.

YouTube is Google’s product, so you can trust it, millions of channels are made on this platform every day, some people come here to earn money and some people to increase their popularity.

On youtube, you will get to see the profiles of every big star and every TV channel as well as the people associated with politics, here people from the smallest category come to the task of earning money and reach the heights.

YouTube is available in about 91 countries and also supports more than 80 languages, 5 billion videos are watched daily.

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Why do you need to create a YouTube channel

You can create YouTube channels for many purposes like

  • Earning money from YouTube
  • Promoting your business or product
  • Connecting with millions of people.
  • Promote google ads.
  • Open music class or any education channel.
  • Travelling, food, dancing, technology etc.

If you also want to spread your talent to the people of the world, then you can make a YouTube channel and give your knowledge in the form of videos and you can also make money.

If you have a blog or website or you have joined an affiliate program of eCommerce sites like Amazon or Flipkart, then you can promote the product from there on your YouTube channel.

so let’s now get the information to make money from YouTube Channel.

How to start a YouTube channel for a beginners

To create a new email account, go to and click on create account to create a new Google account.

make account on google to create a YouTube channel
Visit YouTube web site-

First of all, you’ve got to go looking YouTube’s web site in any browser of your laptop or phone and open it.

Visit YouTube site and sign in

click right hand corner Sign in box then enter your email id and sign in

Now your Google Account logo will appear in the top right side here, click on it and then click above create a channel (see picture below)

Google sign in and for YouTube channel

After clicking on create a channel, a popup will appear in front of you to click on Get Started.

Select channel name-

Clicking on Get Started, a second popup will appear in front of you and it will be written above, choose how to create your channel.

Here you will be asked whether you want to name your YouTube channel something new or your Google account. Is the name you want to keep (see picture below)

make a logo for your YouTube

So here you have to click above Select below the use a custom name in the right side and then you will type whatever good name you think for your channel.

After typing the name, there is a small box at the bottom, clicking on it will mark the tick and then click below create above.

By clicking on create, you will come to another page and your own Google account name will appear here.

If you want, you can also name your Google account as youtube or else it is the name of the Google account, which should be the same and click below create again.

By clicking on create your YouTube channel will be created, till now we have created our YouTube channel, but there is still more work that will be discussed below.

How to use YouTube studio

After clicking on my channel, you will come to another page and here you have to click on YouTube Studio.

Click above the YouTube studio, you will find a circle of settings in the bottom left side, you have to click on it.

After clicking on the top of the settings, you will find a popup in front of you which has written the channel, then you have to click on the channel and a box will come up to enter the keyword of the channel as soon as you click.

Now in this box you will enter your channel name differently by giving space and type without giving express and then select your country below and then save it by clicking above save in the lower right side.

What is YouTube seo

If you want to rank on top 5 videos on youtube for that you need to do seo for your videos.

How to do seo for YouTube videos?

After posting your video on YouTube channel you can easily setup seo changes. For that use Tubebuddy.

Now what is Tube buddy? This tool will help you to do better seo for your videos and rank easily with keywords.

Use tube buddy for YouTube seo.

You can see on this image, Tube buddy helping you to understand you seo score and if you click that seo score it will show you, what changes you need to do for this videos.

Tags and titles for YouTube videos.

Now on this image see that your video title and left side on image tags section.

You need to add this tags in your Title and description, don’t confuse this tags is already selected by you.

Using this step and Tube buddy you can easily rank your videos on top.

Download Tubebuddy crome extension.

Download Tube buddy for youtube.

What is YouTube Channel Keywords

After the channel is created on youtube, we have to go into the settings of our channel and enter keywords associated with some channels like putting the name of our channel as different keywords in many ways.

You will enter the name of your YouTube channel in channel keywords differently, for example if your channel name is in two words, once you enter both the words without giving them a space, then in the second time you will write them with a space.

We do this because people search by writing the name of our channel in many ways, many times people write without giving space, sometimes they write by giving space and sometimes search in capital letter or small letter.

And if we put our channel name in different ways according to the same keyword then our channel will come in front of people.

To enter the keywords of the channel, we have to go to again in our browser, then on this page the logo of the channel will appear in the top right side, click on it and then click above my channel.

How to verify mobile number in youtube

After saving the channel keywords, now you have to verify the mobile number in your youtube channel and create channel logo and channel art for your channel, because only then you will be able to upload the video to your channel.

To verify the mobile number in the channel on youtube, you will again open in your browser, then click on the logo in the top right side and click above my channel.

And now you will get DAS up three times on the left side, you have to click on it and click below the settings.

Clicking on the settings, a second page will appear in front of you, now here you will find the channel status and features written in green color, click on it.

On clicking, you will come to the page with status and features, here your logo of the channel will appear and verify will be written on the right side, then click on verify.

After clicking verify, you will select your country and then you need it as an OTP message sent via youtube on your mobile or as a call and then put your mobile number below and click submit below it.

When you click on submit, an OTP will come on your same mobile number, then you have to put that OTP here and click on verify and your mobile number will be verified on youtube channel.

Now one more work is done on our youtube channel and that is to put logos designed for your channel and to put channel art or channel banners.

You will design a good logo for your channel because the logo is the brand of our channel and through that people recognize our channel.

To create YouTube channel logo and channel art, you can watch the video of our YouTube channel below.

This video explains the full process step by step of creating channel logo and channel art and uploading it to your YouTube channel.

After doing all this, your youtube channel is ready and now you can upload videos on it, then show your talent to people and earn money.

We always try to ensure that there is no shortage of any kind of information given here and you get all the information without any error.

We hope you have liked this information on how to create YouTube channel and make money by reading this article you will have created your YouTube channel.

If you have any kind of question related to this post on how to start a YouTube Channel, then please give your feedback in the comment box below.

Conclusion :

I hope you like this article and I’m sure you will start YouTube as soon as possible and make money.

I write this article for those people who really want to create a YouTube channel.

Some tips and ways to create YouTube channel, so you can build your carrier on YouTube.

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