How to earn money from Paytm

How to earn money from Paytm

In this post, we will know how to earn money from Paytm, although there are many ways to earn money sitting at home, one of them is also paytm.

Here we will talk about the 5 best ways to earn free Paytm cash.

So let’s first know what Paytm is, then after that we will learn how to earn money from Paytm.

What is paytm? Earn money from paytm

Paytm (Paytm) is an Indian Electronic Payment Company and its full name is Pay Through Mobile. The creator of Paytm is Vijay Shekhar Sharma.

Paytm was launched as Online Mobile Recharge Website on August 2010 and today Paytm has become a payment bank.

In today’s time, you will get to see Paytm app in everyone’s mobile because Paytm also gives us the facility of Paytm wallet.

Through which we could easily do the tasks of mobile recharge, ticket booking, bill payment, DTH recharge, etc.

Paying digitally payment with the help of Paytm Mobile Wallet has become very easy. To make our life cashless, we must use Paytm.

If you have a smartphone and you do not use Paytm, then after reading this post you will start using Paytm because Paytm wallet or paytm payment bank is very easy.

 What is the use of Paytm wallet

You can use Paytm to make about 10 to 12 types of payments. We have described below some common usage that is useful for almost everyone.

Paying and taking payment from Paytm

There are many sites which take payment from Paytm, then on this way site you can pay through your Paytm or you can send money to your friends or take money from them.

Apart from this, you can also pay online taxi service like uber, meru, jugnoo from paytm.

Online recharge or bill payment by Paytm

You can easily recharge your prepaid mobile with the help of paytm, you can also fill the postpaid bill sitting at home.

Apart from this, you can recharge all types of DTH, electricity, water, gas etc. bills can also be paid by paytm wallet.

You can book any Train Ticket, Flight Ticket or Bus Ticket at home from Paytm or if you are fond of watching movies, you can also book tickets for it.

Nowadays almost all the shopkeepers are taking payment from paytm, then you can pay from Paytm while shopping, whether it is to get milk from Mother Dairy or any item from ration shop.

Transfer money from paytm to bank

You can transfer money from paytm wallet to all kind of banks or you can also send money to your friend’s paytm wallet.

Paytm Online Payment

Paytm is accepted by almost all types of online payment gateways, so you can use Paytm while shopping online or for making any kind of payment on the Internet.

Online Shopping with paytm

You must have heard the name of Paytm Mall, you can buy any kind of goods by installing Paytm Mall in your mobile, through this you can shop from e-commerce site like Amazon Flipkart etc.

Paytm payment Bank

You can not only use paytm as a wallet, but you can also open your paytm payment bank.

Paytm payment bank also works like other payment banks, you can deposit and withdraw money here.

You can take money from other banks or transfer money to other banks.

How to use Paytm

Using Paytm is very easy, you will have to download and install paytm from play store in your mobile then register it with your mobile number.

When you register with a mobile number, you will be eligible to use Paytm, but to use it further, you will have to paytm full KYC, for which you will go to paytm store.

KYC is free but for this you have to go to the Paytm store itself. Once KYC is done, you can use Paytm to continue.

How to make money on paytm

Paytm mainly saves us in the form of cashback and this cashback is available in almost all transactions. And most of the cashback is spent in shopping.

If you make any kind of purchase, as soon as the purchase payment is completed, you get a Free Recharge Coupon in the form of a popup.

Through that coupon you can get cashback by recharging the next one or booking a movie ticket or train ticket.

Before making any transaction, you must check its cashback. If you use Paytm more and more, then through these cashbacks you can earn a lot of money from Paytm.

Sell ​​your own product on Paytm

If you have a product shop, you can upload and sell any product in your shop on Paytm.

For this, you have to join Paytm Seller Partner Program and you can make a free account here and sell your product at a good price.

When you upload your product on Paytm and someone will come to buy something on Paytm and they will like your product, then your goods will be sold as well.

How to earn money by selling Paytm products

You can also sell Paytm’s product, for this you can do the job of reselling with Paytm.

Then you will pick up any product from here and you can sell it by sharing it on your social media account by increasing its value a bit.

Reselling work on Paytm is going on very fast, so you can also earn a lot of money by this, for this you have to convert any product link of Paytm to your affiliate marketing link and then share it.

At present, you can choose the product which is selling more and more, so in this case you will share it.

Then its sales will be maximum and then you will be able to earn more and more money.

Earn money with Promo code on Paytm

Paytm releases promo codes at Festival and Event. You can avail Mobile Recharge DTH Recharge ticket booking or Free Cashbacks in any transaction through those promo codes.

If the cashback from the promo code comes in your Paytm wallet, then you can take advantage of these promo codes especially during the festival or event, while recharging or paying electricity bills or while shopping.

There are many games on Paytm too, you can earn money by playing these games too. Paytm has started a gaming project called Paytm First Game.

So, If you win after playing this game, you get some reward as well, so in this way you can earn money by passing the time in a little bit of free time.

Conclusion :

There are different ways to make money with Paytm, which we talked about above, we briefly learned how to make money from Paytm.

We hope that after reading this information how to earn money from paytm, you must have benefited.

If you have any more questions or suggestions on how to earn money from Paytm, please comment below.

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