5 Ways to Market Your Business and Generate Instant Sales Without Ads

Without ads, here are five strategies to market your business and generate instant sales. There are many excellent marketing methods available, but some are either too costly or take too long to yield results. 

SEO can take up to six months to yield benefits. Even if it pays off in the long run, you might not have that much time. 

Paid advertisements are simply too pricey when you’re just getting started and have little to no money. So here are five strategies for boosting immediate sales.

Here are the 5 tips to Generate Instant Sales

1. Create an affiliate program

Affiliate marketing is one of my favorite sources of instant sales. As long as you can get someone to click on your affiliate link, there are tons of online tools that can help you turn those clicks into sales. 

Once you sign up for an affiliate network, it’s relatively easy (and cheap) to set up your own tracking links and keywords.

There are plenty of affiliate systems out there, from Hotmart to ClickBank to JVZoo, and here’s how they work. You sign up for any of these sites, and you can choose whichever one has an audience in your sector. And a large number of them do.

Now you want to be competitive, so you’ll look at the other companies in your industry to see what they have to offer. But, in general, you’re going to give less than it costs you, correct? So here’s what I’m getting at.

2. Leave comments and responses on the web

There are three main reasons why leaving comments or responses on other sites is great for your business. First, you’re reaching new audiences by commenting on their blogs or site. 

Second, you can showcase your expertise on specific topics by leaving thoughtful responses. 

Finally, you can drive more traffic back to your own site by linking out (and in). 

If you link to a relevant resource that isn’t yours, make sure it’s relevant and valuable—otherwise don’t bother with it. 

For example, if you run a restaurant marketing agency but leave links to unrelated resources like The Top 10 Fast Food Restaurants without any commentary as to why they should be considered fast food restaurants, then no one will take notice of your links.

3. Talk crap, but in a nice way

Networking is always a good place to start. Meeting new people, helping them out and staying on their radar are all things that will lead to more opportunities down the road. 

And while you’re at it, don’t be afraid of sharing your own accomplishments or taking a little credit for them; nobody likes a brown-noser but nobody hates somebody who takes credit for what they do, either.

I realized that the best way to attract customers was to write blog posts. I hardly ever use the word ‘blog’ any more because I’ve found that people think I’m talking about a weblog, which is a completely different thing. 

I mean, weblogs are for people who don’t have enough to write about. I wanted people to find my books when they typed ‘jaguars’ into Google.

4. Run joint webinars

It’s an awesome way for your business to reach new leads. Webinars give you a platform to share information about your business or service. 

When you run a webinar, you attract interested prospects who want to hear more about what you have to offer and see if it matches their needs or interests. 

These events also bring you credibility in front of your audience, building trust among them. And since they are online, they can be held at any time that is convenient for you and your customers. 

You can use free tools like Google Hangouts on Air or GoToWebinar to host these webinars. If you decide to use paid tools like these, make sure you have a budget set aside specifically for marketing expenses so that they don’t eat into profits.

5. Publish videos on YouTube

Posting videos on YouTube is a cost-effective way to get your business name out there. Make sure you include your website address and social media links within all of your videos, so viewers can learn more about you as well as follow you across other channels. 

And be sure that your videos are relevant to what you’re selling—if they inspire action, then great! But if not, don’t be afraid to rework them until they do. 

You can also look into paid advertising options for your channel, but keep in mind that it may take some time before you see any results from these efforts.

Anytime you create a video, make sure it’s at least five minutes long, ideally up to 10 minutes.  

In YouTube videos, use keywords. Using Ubersuggest to do keyword research, putting your keywords in the title, meta description, but here’s the actual trick. 

As you can see, YouTube’s algorithm is the polar opposite of Google’s. SEO is slow and steady with Google, and it takes time.

If your video does well in the first 24 hours on YouTube, it can rank at the top for practically any keyword. 

So, within the first 24 hours, I’ll send out push alerts, email blasts, and social network postings boosting the YouTube link, causing the video to perform significantly better in the first 24 hours, resulting in greater YouTube ranks in the long run.


It’s important for companies to develop a solid marketing plan if they want their products or services to generate instant sales, but there are some quick, inexpensive ways to jump-start sales that don’t require much time or money. By using these five strategies, businesses can boost sales as soon as tomorrow morning!

Rishabh Kolhe
Rishabh Kolhe

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