How To Start Affiliate Marketing on Amazon Business With No Money

Is it possible Yes that’s it! We have done it – many times (although we gained knowledge with each and every step in the process). Do not believe it? Follow these simple steps below and see how to start affiliate marketing on amazon.

Step 1: Find yourself an affiliate marketing program that you like, is respected, and pays well for the sales you generate. For the purposes of this article, we are going to use the ShopBest opportunity as an example.

For those who are not familiar with the program, ShopBest allows you to generate cash back money on online shopping that you already do at major brand name stores on the Internet.

You download the Shop Best toolbar, and you are generating cash back savings on all your purchases. Once you download the free toolbar, you become a free affiliate of their cash back program.

Step 1: Total Dollars in Zero

Step 2: Go to and create a free blog for yourself to market your new affiliate affiliate marketing program. To be smart, make sure you name your blog with keywords related to your offer.

For example, a good blog name for the Shop Best opportunity might be “Cash Back Shopping” and perhaps your blog URL might look something like this: (or something similar – you get the point: keywords Is the king).

Once you choose your blog name and URL name, your blog is instantly created and ready to post.

List of total dollars step 2: zero

Step 3: Sign up for a free Google AdSense account. AdSense is a revenue sharing program of a Google advertiser that posts relevant advertisements on the content that is displayed on your site on your website / blog.

Advertisers bid on keyword terms, and if Google offers an ad on your site that your visitor likes and clicks on the link, then Google actually pays you a certain percentage of the advertising cost based on the content of your website Will pay Some people claim to live full-time using Google Adsense, and for those who build websites / blogs with heavy traffic, it is completely reliable.

List of total dolls in step 3: zero

Step 4: On your Blogger dashboard, find the “AdSense” plug-in and follow the instructions on how to integrate your newly created AdSense account into the template page of your blog.

By integrating AdSense into your blog, relevant ads will now appear in the format indicated on your Blogger gadget page, and when your site Google clicks on the ads that work on them, you will start earning money.

The better the content (according to Google), the more will be paid when someone clicks on the ad.

List of clans in total 4: zero

Step 5: Now you have your AdSense set up, your affiliate program ready, and your blog ready for your first post – totally free. Here you need to be creative in writing your first post on your blog.

You have to create content that inspires the reader to take action, which is definitely a sale. It helps if the content is also rich towards your proposal. For example, with the Shop Best example in mind, your first post topic might be something like this:

Text 69302 to contact and get cash back on your online shopping, plus earn money while others in your network shop.

Note that the subject line uses keywords and describes the benefits – very important. Then write some keyword-rich paragraphs, including online shopping, some aspects of the benefits, and ShopBest programs that can help solve their problems and include your affiliate link in the text.

Again, you have to get creative here, but the point is to keep hammering on the keywords you want to use. When you are happy with your content, post it on your blog. you’re almost done…

List of clans in total 5: zero

Step 6: Now you need to bring visitors to see your content. Go to CraigSurkit and login to your account (or create a new one if you don’t already have one).

Then find an appropriate area within Craigslist to post an advertisement or offering. Most of Craigslist is still free, and if you press the right button in your Craigslist posting, you can get some significant traffic.

Once you find where you want your ad to appear, post a brief keyword intensive ad and write a short teaser sentence in the body of the post, with a link to your blog URL created in step 2. At this point, and depending on the effectiveness of your craigslist advertising, you are now driving immediate traffic to your blog.

STEP 6: Display of Total Dolls in ZERO

The strategy here is that more and more people visit the site, eventually someone is going to click on one of your AdSense ads.

If only one visitor from Craigslist also clicks on an ad, then theoretically, your business is making a profit because Google is paying you something for the click and you didn’t spend a single penny on this entire venture. is. That’s right – you get paid as soon as the visitor clicks on the ad.

And can you imagine what a bonus it would be if a visitor actually went for your affiliate offer? One word of warning though: never click on your own ads – Google doesn’t like it and will delete your account without warning, and they’ll know that you’ve refined your site’s IP address, including very sophisticated This is done due to tracking parameters.

So you’ve started your own affiliate marketing business, you haven’t spent a dime, you have a Craigslist ad running, and you’re getting traffic to your site and a small (really very) Small) are generating income, all of which are completed in a few hours.

Now I said that you can make money… I did not say that you can make a lot of money. To do this, you have to raise it a bit in terms of frequent blog post writing, article writing, press release publishing, text message marketing, video / email marketing, and effectively using social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube. And Twitter – with the game of selling your affiliate offer and generating income from advertisements served on your site.

The good news is that that extra work is freelancing as well, although it all requires significant time to come together. And from our experience, the time is well worth it.

How to start affiliate marketing on amazon selling Business – an easy Step by Step Affiliate selling Guide

If you’re trying to find how to make money on-line, then affiliate selling business would be the most effective possibility for you.

Most of internet marketers are doing affiliate marketing to make their living. Also, it’s an inexpensive business that may provide you with regular financial gain if you are doing it properly.

So you would be eager about how to start affiliate marketing, here is a step by step affiliate marketing guide:

Step 1. Choose a profitable topic
Internet is full of marketing opportunities. In the world of internet, you will get worldwide audience. There are some topics those are very demanded in the internet.

So if you choose a topic that is high in demand, then you will get much benefit for your efforts. For knowing the profitable topic for you, you can use keyword research tools such as word tracker and Google AdWord keyword tool.

Some popular topics for affiliate marketing are dating, relationships, health & fitness, self-help, insurance and make money online etc.

Step 2. Choose a profitable affiliate product
Now, you should go to ClickBank marketplace and find a profitable product to promote. How will you do that? When you choose an affiliate product just consider these things:

  • It must offer more than 60% referral commission
  • It must have a good sale page with a few testimonials
  • It must be hot selling product that is easily described by ClickBank.
  • It must have positive feedbacks on online forums

Also, make sure that its price will be worth enough for your efforts. It must give at least $10 for each sale you make.

Step 3. Make an Opt-In page

Now, you should create a website or a blog and put information material on it. Don’t make it a copy of your merchant site. Make it unique and valuable to your customers.

Next factor you must do is to require a service of Associate in nursing auto responder. In your opt-in page offer something free to your visitors in exchange of their emails. No one is willing to buy any digital product at the first encounter.

So, you should make a list of your email subscribers and deliver them 5 to 10 information emails manually till the next month. Don’t forget to put your affiliate links at the end of each email. It makes your subscribers excited to buy your affiliate product.

Step 4. Drive Traffic on your Opt-In page
All things are ready, now you need to build traffic on your Opt-In page. There are both free and paid methods to get traffic.

If you want to get instant free traffic, then article marketing strategy is the best option for you. Write relevant informational articles and submit them to top article directories.

Don’t forget to add your website domain at the resource box of each article. And if you don’t want to write articles, then invest a little money on PCC advertising programs.

In this program, you have got to pay some cash for every traveller you may get. Google AdWord and Facebook advertising program are the best programs to get instant traffic.

Now you have known how to start affiliate marketing. But it is not enough. You have to learn some other things to becoming a successful affiliate.

And it is not possible to cover all informational things in just one article. So, visit my blog and download a FREE affiliate marketing ebook, and make you own affiliate marketing venture.


How to start affiliate marketing on amazon and earn money through these program. You can easily start business with amazon without investing any money.

But you need to find your product that your are interest in because it is very important to know about our topic and product. It will help you to increase more customer.

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