Free Guide – How to start blogging and earn money for online living?

Let’s start how to start blogging and earn money. Blogging will be a remuneration method for you to create cash on-line. The word ‘blog’ can be a small type of ‘weblog’, which means a kind of journalism that supports the web. If you decide on the right topics and keywords, blogging will generate sensible financial benefits.

In different words, if you write for a subject that is extremely demanding within the net, you will be able to create a powerful financial profit stream.

The main secret to making cash by blogging is to organize on topics that are in high demand and use the right keywords when writing articles.

These 2 things are ready to prepare you for an Associate in Nursing skilled and a highly paid blogger.

Here can be a step by step way to start blogging to make a living on-line.

Step 1: Domain and Hosting Register

First if you want start a new blog, and then you need to register your blog name online. Blog name means your website name. For that register your website name, Domain name on Go Daddy, BigRock, SiteGround, Hostinger etc. these are platform to register your blog name and get a Hosting Plan.

Step 2: Ad Sense

First of all, you have to make yourself clear however you want to build cash by blogging. One of the most commonly used and simple thanks is to generate cash by journaling, showing Google ads on blogs and earning cash whenever anyone clicks on those ads.

So in order to show Google ads on your magazine, your magazine must be approved by Google. And for this, your magazine should be rich, informative and well looked after.

To maximize your profit, you need to build your magazine for the major paying keywords. To understand the highest paid keyword, you need to sing for the Associate in Nursing account of Google Ad Words and look at its keyword list.

And to understand the competition of any keyword, you have to look at the ‘Google Ad Words Keyword Tool’.

Currently, the keywords below are high paying keywords:

• Mortgage

• Loan

•Credit Card

• Insurance

•domain name

• Weight loss

•Cell Phone Accessories

• Gambling

• Laptop knowledge recovery

• Back away

• Treatment of depression

• Cache on-line. Etc.

Step 2: Blogging Platform

Now, the success factor you have to try and create a magazine in any blogging platform. and are the simplest blogging platforms within the net.

If you are new web and technical languages ​​like hypertext markup language, then you have to create a magazine on

However, if you have long-standing expertise of the Net and have little code data, then you need to create your own magazine with WordPress.

Also, keep in mind that offers you a free blogging platform and you will be able to advertise everything in it, although WordPress does not allow you to advertise on your magazine with your platform.

So, to advertise with WordPress Journal, you got to shop for a site name and Internet hosting program, and eventually put you in your WordPress journal.

Always register an unforgettable, concise and keyword-focused name for your magazine.

Step 3: Keywords

Attract building materials and traffic: Go to the Google AdWords Keyword Tool and get some less competitive and high demand keywords.

In different words, get some keywords that have a monthly search volume of fifty 00 to ten thousand and fewer than 50,000 contest pages on (once you search with quotes).

Write articles for those keywords. Use your hand-picked keywords once within the title, double within the opening paragraph, once in the middle and once within the last paragraph of the article.

Post an article daily on your magazine and keep it away for a month straight. Once a month, you will have to apply for the Google AdSense program and once your account is approved, you will be able to show Google ads in your magazine.

And that’s thanks to making cash on-line by blogging. This simple strategy can bring you variant cash.

Step 4: Once You Have Your Blog Online

Here are some of the things I’ve learned if you want better traffic. Remember this won’t happen overnight.

1. Always use a picture or illustration on each of your Blogs. I made the mistake of not doing this the first few months and it cost me dearly Try to use whenever potential one thing which will catch someone’s eye during a great way.

I invested $30 in software that lets me merge 2 pictures as one master picture which I couldn’t do without in my blog called Picture Merge Genius.

2. Always make the Title of your Blog as exciting and eye catching as possible with important key words.

3. Write whenever possible on current, new and exciting things and ideas and people that are on the news and in the public’s minds as opposed to things and memories from your life unless it applies to everyone else.

I read the news online about 10 times a day for anything interesting. The Internet is your main news source. For instance, I found a photo of Sara Palin pregnant 20 years ago and I put it next to a picture of her supposedly pregnant with Trig and made that into a separate Blog with my opinion of the whole thing, and I got about 15,000 readers.

Mind you, I just got lucky but that beats hardly any readers writing about my favorite HDTV Model! It will probably take you a few months to pick this up.

Just keep in mind whereas you and your family might love your personal stories and your philosophy of life, most of the people might care less.

4. Try to avoid alienating a large group of people if you don’t have to. I wrote many blogs on Sarah Palin that were not favorable and I’m sure I alienated many people from reading my blog again. On the other hand, I also gained my readers.

This was something I had no choice in. However I was going to write a Blog about the kinds of people one shouldn’t date if you don’t want hassles but didn’t publish it as I figured it would alienate too several of my ladies readers UN agency square measure a valuable audience.

5. Try to be as prolific as possible. When I originally started, I thought I’d write 3-5 blogs a week. Instead I’m writing over 15-20 or so a week, 2-4 daily. I find its best for me to start writing as soon as an idea comes to me.

As I said, the beauty of blog writing is the pieces don’t have to be that long. The more prolific you are the chance you’ll get a larger audience and make more money!

6. For your tags as well as AdSense use Google Keyword Tool. Make sure you set this show it shows average CPC in descendent order and keep in mind there area unit a pair of elements during this column!

7. It you own any other e-commerce sites like me, list them after your blog ends as people might go to these sites.

8. Log on and Register for technocratic Each time you publish a blog ping it on technorati. Just use the blogs original URL not the individual URL of the blogs post you only revealed.

9. Log on and Register for Dig Each time you publish a blog ping it on Digg. Use the blog you just posted URL which you get by going clicking its title on your blogs home page.

10. Log on and Register for Reedit Each time you publish a blog ping it on Digg. Use the blog you just posted URL which you get by going clicking its title on your blogs home page.

11. Get listed on Feed burner

12. Most Pings I get are spam requests. I am not currently accepting any.

13. I do accept comments.

14. Tags serve as Keywords for indexing in Browsers like Google.

15. I would have a short excerpt summary for each blog

16. You can have more than 1 category for a blog as applicable.

17. If you use the Hosting Package from Zeus (Mad fire) you can check any time how many visits to your blog and see which blogs get the best traffic and which get the worst.

How to start Blogging and earn money get more traffic from YouTube

how to start blogging and earn money

Uploading videos to YouTube is straightforward, but what will be our tendency to get traffic to our magazine?

Here Square measures key concepts and steps that help bring traffic to YouTube.

First of all. I will be able to list 3 basic steps. I will discuss each step thoroughly.

1) make your own video

2) Registering with YouTube and uploading your video with the correct title.

3) Including and mentioning your journal computer address.

Step in detail: –

1) Currently we will verify whether proper video will be produced?

You need one thing related to your journal topic. Web site home owners use YouTube to promote and sell their product along with sales videos, although I’m not talking about this.

We need a video related to our magazine topic. Usually entertaining, a way to guide, some catchy dance and music, fantastic and fascinating facts, educational videos, etc. can attract attention and get many scenes.

Like I would create a way to shift videos associated with multiple posts on this magazine to a custom domain, a way to get journal traffic, or a way to make cash from a journal.

Many bloggers have personal blogs, in which they have some formulas, how to swim or some room tips and tricks, funny videos of their animals or pets, or videos to get to the places they need Or play games or teach or give some sports or party recommendations, they need to be organized etc.

You can capture video mistreatment net cam, radiotelephone or handy cam or whichever is most appropriate.

The video file size will increase with resolution as well as time as the capacity will not exceed five minutes (for some subjects it will be longer). The image and sound quality should be clear and it helps you edit the video if you recognize very few pieces of writing.

2) If you are not already registered, you will want to register on When you login you can see the yellow transfer button on the corner of the claw. After this, click on the transfer video file.

Then clicking Transfer Video gives you a browse window to decide on the video from the fixed disk of your laptop and transfer it. Also you should enter title, description, tag and class. So click on save.

This slows down your video to travel live. Since your video can appear in YouTube search result supported titles and outlines, it is important to decide the correct title and outline.

So do some analysis on YouTube by watching the connected videos and enter the applicable keywords in your title and outline. Please jointly enter your journal computer address in the description.

3) Currently you want your journal computer address facility. Next to my video then click on the annotation then add note, it gives you a window on the video asking “Enter your text here”.

Sort your journal computer address here, then you will be able to modify the color if needed, then by holding the mouse indicator you will be able to drag it from the center corner to 1, so it is not available in the means of the observation video. .

Now you have to decide on the fundamental quantity that it can play on the video, thus you will be able to choose the entire time from zero to total length. Currently you have to click on Save and Publish.

Check your journal computer address to see if participating.

You must also enter your journal computer address in your profile. You will want to visit Account> Profile Setup> Web Site.

Now logout and search YouTube with the keyword which is mentioned in the video title and see where you will be able to notice it in the search results and watch the video.

If you are required for high ranking, you will be able to fix the title and outline. Send an email to your friends mentioning the computer address and ask them to inspect the video and rate it.

Getting some high ratings makes a smart impression on guests.

Your account on YouTube likes insights and statistics, under My Account wherever you are back to watch your video from which guests can return.

So what class are you waiting for? One Video and Fire!

How to find Your Niche Market

If you are trying to find a niche market for the first time for your online business particularly for affiliate marketing then most probably you are confused.

There are so many ideas in your head just moving around but you don’t know how to choose the best one for you. Well, finding a niche is actually easy if you have an experience of doing that.

When I was finding my niche, i was very confused. But, now it is an easier task to do for me. In this article I am going to give you a step by step guide with which you will be able to find your niche more easily and more effectively.

These steps won’t cost you money. But, they will definitely need some time and effort from you. Let’s talk about the steps now.

Step1: Make a list of Niches you are interested in

Your first step is to make a list of niches in which you are interested. Be honest with yourself. At this point don’t think about whether a niche is profitable or not.

You will have to spend a lot of time with your niche for creating your content, updating it and other stuffs like creating Blogs, Websites related to it or advertise for your business.

So, you should make your list of niches according to your personal interest. If you don’t do that, there is a great chance that after a few days you will get bored of your job and if that happens you can’t expect quality works from you.

And those in turn will bring no or a little success to you. So, make a list of niches of your interest and order them from your most interest to least interest.

Step2: Find the Demand of your niche

Now, you have a list of niches. But, what good are those niches if they have no demand in the online world? So, your second step is to find the demand of your niches.

For finding demand, you can use Google’s Keyword Tool. It is free for all and it is also very easy to use (The link for this free tool is provided in “Note” which is at the end of this article).

Put a keyword or keyword phrase related to your niche in the tool. You will get number of approximate searches performed in the previous month and also the average monthly searches performed over the recent 12 months for your keyword or keyword phrases. The higher the number of searches the higher is the demand for your niche.

Step3: Find the Competition of your niche

Now, you have an idea about the demands of your niches. Another thing you should know now is how competitive is the market for the niche.

It will help you decide the best niche for you. Finding competition for your niche is easy. Just search for the same keywords you used in 2nd step in the major search engines like: Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Then see the number of results they are showing. If you are looking for a competitive niche then the number may be in the millions!

The higher is the number the higher is the competition. Don’t get afraid. Not every site listed in that result is your competitor.

Most, of the people won’t even go as far as 3rd page of the search result. But, you have got an idea about the competition because you know how many places in online world are working with those keywords or keyword phrases. Right?

Step4: Find the Business potential of your niche

This step requires a good judgment and also self confidence. By now, you know your niches with interest, their demand and also you have got an idea about the competition you have to face in the niches. At this point you have to know the business potential of your niches.

Say, you are interested in a niche which doesn’t have demand. Should you start your affiliate marketing in that niche market? The answer to the question is clearly “no”.

If people don’t want to buy your product online, how can you sell them? Again, say you are interested in a niche which has very high demand with very high competition. You should only choose that niche if you think you have enough confidence and you can really work hard to succeed.

Because, there are other people, may be experienced people who are also working in that niche. In this case you have to compromise between your interest and the competition. Find a niche with less competition, high demand and you still have got the interest to work with it.

So, all you have to do is to think about the profitability of the niche without forgetting your personal interests.

Try to make better judgments and also try to be confident as well as comfortable with your decisions. And, of course be honest with yourself while making the decisions.

Step 5: Re Ordering your list from the 1st step

In this step, you re arrange your niches in the list that you created in the 1st step by giving them a new order from the highest business potential to the lowest business potential and of course don’t forget about mixing your interests in the niches with the business potential while you gave them a new order.

That’s it. You are done! See, finding a niche is actually simple and it is also fun. And you don’t need to spend money at all. All you need is some time, dedication and effort.

I hope you will be able to find the best niche market and success in your online business with these easy but effective steps.

How to increase journal traffic nowadays

Blogging has become a favorite type of expressive style for people as a UN agency magazine as a way of publicity and whole building for business partners alike.

Many new journalists face the challenge of getting an audience on their blog when they need it and producing content. While fixing your journal many more steps are required to increase journal traffic.

Here are seven ways that journal traffic can be expanded and get lots of guests to your site:

1. Search Engine – Check that your magazine appears to major search engines (such as Google, MSN / Yahoo). Once guests create keywords in the search engine, the goal is to have your magazine appear in the first ten search results.

2. Become part of a blogging tribe – Working as a team can be a ton more than being driven by yourself. Be part of a team of bloggers UN agency can share every other content on its social media / social bookmarking network. This way your content can increase your traffic more quickly than it does on its own.

3. Build a presence on-line social networks – Once you have your profile on major social networks, start a communication with others. UN agency is going to be the most receptive to your message is. Praise your own latest magazine content.

4. Use social bookmarking – This is often an excellent thanks for sharing with the most important engaging content across the net. Tag your web site with relevant keywords on the most well-liked social bookmarking sites (like Stumbleup, Digg, etc.) to make it easier for your target market to search your magazine.

5. Participate in Guest Journaling – Guest blogging refers to writing articles / content for alternative established blogs in your niche or allowing masterly bloggers to supply content for your blog. Your stuff on someone else’s magazine helps

6. Build a subscriber list through email promotion – Do you recognize that a fully attenuated ratio of individuals can be purchased by a UN agency on your magazine (or the ANI web site for that matter)?

This is often why it is important to get at least one email from your journal guests so that you can follow them over time and build relationships.

Also, if you need an external Subscriber Engineer, in addition, alternative bloggers may be able to send their magazine posts to email lists.

7. Participate in Forum Promotions – An excellent thank you for learning to participate in forums happening inside your niche and showing your expertise and data. Many forums additionally allow you to insert a link in your signature (the purpose of returning it to your blog).


Starting a magazine and building content is not enough to just urge major traffic and audiences. Those ideas should be listed which should be implemented on a daily and consistent basis. Start blogging and earn money.

To increase journal traffic, seek someone else’s help nowadays or try to take at least one more step forward.

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