How to use google trends for blogging and keyword research.

How to use Google Trends for SEO and Market Research

I am sure that if you are in a Blogging or Digital Marketing world you hear about this tool Google Trends. Today will discuss more important hacks about how to use Google Trends for SEO or market research.

Today in this article you will get more ideas about keyword research with Google Trends as well as Market research, seasonal content, and Video content.

But before that, if you’re new to blogging and keyword research read these articles also.

What is Google Trends and How does it work?

Google Trends is a tool developed by Google and it’s free to use. This tool provides you with search data with graphs about keyword popularity, seasonal topics, new ideas about your niche, and video content.

This tool is more popular for new ideas and Google launched this tool in 2006 and the latest version update in 2018.

Here you can see that when I searched the Keyword Blogging in Google Trends, this is a trend graph.

How to use Google trends as a blogging searches.

Here you can see by this trend graph, the relative popularity of a search query time by time.

If you read the explanation of Google Trends from the Help Centre you will find this-

  • Trends adjust search data to make the comparison between many different terms very easily. Each data is divided by the total searches of the time range to compare relative popularity.

Now, do you know what relative popularity is?

Ok, let me tell you this. Relative popularity is the ratio of search volume to the sum of search volume.

For advantage, you should know that trends can remove the repeated searches of any person in a short time to give you a better experience.

And I think you can understand by the name of Google Trends that it will show you the popular terms that are searched by the people in Google.

How Google Trends Works?

How google trends works.

Here you can see that it is the graph of the Money keyword in Google Trends.

So, let’s try to understand how it works.

If you can notice its algorithm properly then you can understand that

  • Search term popularity will change when the query’s search volume is changing.
  • If the total number of searches changes, then also the search term popularity will change.

Now you can understand that the popularity used in Google Trends may also differ with the query’s search volume.

For example, you can see this picture-

The other tools will show you the exact or approx. search volume of a keyword

The other tools will show you the exact or approx search volume of a keyword but the Google Trends will show the popularity of that keyword.

Now, I will let you know how you can use this tool to do keyword research.

How to use Google Trends for SEO and Keyword Research?

In this part of the article, you will find out some best ways to use Google Trends

1. Identify search volume trend then create content at the right time

I think you know that some keywords are seasonal. These keywords got a huge number of searches in the season but not in the off-season.

It may also differ in many countries.

Like if I search a keyword that is Movie and select two different countries. One is India and the other one in the United States, then the trend graph will be like this-

For India

Search trend in india.

For the US

Search trend in US.

So, if you are doing a seasonal business then you can get huge help from this tool. This tool can help you by the search trend and location also.

So, by using this tool you can write blog posts in two ways-

One is-

  • Create relevant content with the help of a trend graph

You can work on any niche or you can do any business also. But in both cases, you can take the help of this tool. You can find trending searches according to your niche.

And after that write a blog post on that topic that is trending.

  • Optimize existing pages before the peak

If you are running a blog or a business then you can optimize the pages or blog posts for the upcoming season.

Like if you are running a blog on fashion or clothes then you know that people will start searching about winter clothes topics or items from October to February.

So, before October you can start writing blog posts on this keyword as well as you can start link building also.

2. Find Topics that are trending right now

You can find some trending topics by using the trending search option in this tool.

Trending Topic means the queries that have been searched by the people in the search engine over the past 24 hours.

Here you can see that it is the trending search on 21/09/2021.

Top trending topics using google trends.

Now, if you can find any topic that is related to your niche then you can write a blog post on that. And the chances of getting traffic becomes high.

But remember that it is the trending search of the day. It will change day by day. It is not fixed.

Like in the picture you can see that International Peace Day is in trending search. Because 21/09/2021 is that day.

But it will not be in the trending search on the next day for sure.

3. Plan your content calendar

If we search the Filmfare keyword on Google Trends then you will see that the high time of that keyword is mostly in March to April in all the years.

Plan your calendar using google trends.

Do you know the reason? Because this award takes place each year from March to April.

So, if you are running any website on this type of content, then you can optimize or can target the audience before March because it will take some time to rank.

Like this, you need to plan your content calendar. Because you can’t write a blog post targeting the Filmfare keyword every month.

It will not work. So, you have to schedule your content like this.

Although there will be many things related to your niche that will be in trending searches.

4. Search for related keywords or queries

If you are using Google Trends then it can give you the queries that are being searched by the people in the search engine.

For example, if you are searching the keyword Blogging then you will see like this-

Use related queries to best your competitor.

From here you can understand the questions that people are asking on Google and what type of answer the people want.

Now if you are writing a blog post then you can include these queries in your blog post so that your post will be optimized and will help you to increase more traffic.

5. Optimize local SEO strategy for product or service

If you are doing a business or running a blog then Google Trends can show you related things that are searched by people.

Local strategy using google trends for your product and service.

So, if you are running any Ad then-

  • Target these regions with PPC

If you are running any ad targeting the whole of India then that will not be that effective. Running ads in the cities that Google Trends will show you because from those cities you will get your potential customers.

  • Make valuable content by targeting only these areas.

Google Trends also allows you to compare how interest for a particular search query differs in multiple locations.

6. Plan your video strategy for Youtube

YouTube is the second most powerful search engine. But that does not mean that the popularity of a particular keyword is the same on both search engines.

Here you can see the search trend graph of the keyword Hosting Tutorial on Youtube.

Plan your video strategy for youtube.

And here is the result for the same keyword in Google.

Trends topic for YouTube videos.

Here you can see that people are searching for this kind of keyword on Youtube in a very large number. And it is increasing day by day.

So, it will give you a benefit if you start working on it.

Just select the Youtube search option to get the results.

select the YouTube search option form google trends categories.
7. Get LSI keywords

Google Trends will also help you to find LSI keywords. Like- if you are searching any keywords the trends will show you related keywords and related topics.

That you need to cover in your article or blog post.

Best Hacks about Google Trends

These hacks will help you to boost your SEO.

1. Best tool for finding niches

If you want to start a blog then the first thing you need to do is to select a low competition and profitable niche.

So, if you want to select a niche then first put your SEED keyword and then select [ past 12 months or 2004 – present]

Then you will get to know if the search popularity is increasing or not. If increasing then it can be an option otherwise not.

2. Find relevant products and topics.

Now, let’s assume that you have selected your niche targeting any product like fashion or Food items, etc. Now put that on Google Trends and check out related topics or related keywords.

You will understand what people are searching for according to your niche. And then you start writing about that product ( If you have a blog ) or selling that product that people are searching for.

3. Google Trends for keyword research

If you have already targeted a product then the next thing you need to do is to optimize your post.

To do that search that product name as a SEED keyword and you will get related keywords ideas. Just include them in your blog post. It will optimize your blog post.

You can use related topics also in your blog post.

4. Promote your store in Seasonal Trends

By the name of Google Trends, you can understand that it is the best tool for searching trending topics.

Your business can face ups and downs throughout the year. But in the season ( Like if you are running a blog or business on Fashion then winter clothes will be seasonal ) your business can give you a huge profit.

5. Find your niche topics by region

This is one of the most interesting parts of Google Trends. If you are putting any SEED keyword on here it will show you the states that are searching that topic or keyword the most.

If you find that keyword best for any particular region or state then you can surely target that. To judge that you may need another tool that can give you the exact search volume]

6. Compare and Monitor competitor’s position

Here you can compare your competitors. You can see how they are performing. As well as the related queries of the both that people are searching in the search engine.

Like here if you compare Hostinger and Namecheap you will see like this-

Compare and Monitor competitor's position
7. Google Trends for Youtube

If you want to search trending keywords or related topics for your Youtube channel then you can also do that.

Just you need to select the Youtube search option instead of a web search.

Rest it will work the same.

Frequently Ask Questions

  1. How to use Google Trends for market research?

    First, just enter your SEED keyword and then find out what people are searching or looking for in the related queries or topic.
    Here as a tenure select at least the “past 12 months” option to get the best result.

  2. What is the best way to use Google Trends?

    The most interesting parts are-
    1. Keyword popularity checking
    2. Find LSI keywords
    3. Find related topics
    4. Seasonal trend

  3. How to use Google Trends for Youtube?

    It is the same like you are using this for web search.
    For Youtube just select the Youtube search option beside the “All categories”. Then all research processes will be the same.

  4. How do I use Google Trends for content ideas?

    1. Find trending topics.
    2. Check the popularity of that topic or keyword.
    3. Try to create a content calendar.
    4. Research on that topic and optimize your posts.


I think that after reading this article on how to use Google Trends for SEO, there is no doubt in your mind that it is a very powerful free tool that can help us in search engines optimization.

But most probably many of you don’t know about these before. So, use these ideas to create a successful business or blog.


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