Friends, most new bloggers or website owners do not know that the quality of the image optimization their size affects the speed and performance of our WordPress website.

There are many new beginner bloggers who add images to their website. That too for those search engines, without optimizing these large image files makes your website slow.

So it is very important that we optimize the images before using them. This is one of the most important tasks in your regular blogging routine.

In this article, we will tell you how you can lose the quality of images. You can optimize your images so that your website does not slow down.

Along with this, we will also tell you in this article how you can optimize the automatic image. How can you easily do image optimization using the WordPress plugin?

What is Image Optimization?

What is image optimization and how it work.

Friends image optimization is a process so that we can lose our images without losing their quality. Make your images accessible to them in as small a file size as possible.

You may find this work a bit more foreshadowing, but in reality it is very easy. For this work, you can use image optimization plugins and tools.

All these image optimization wordpress plugins and tools automatically compress your images. This reduces the size of your images by up to 80% without losing image quality.

How does Image Optimization Work?

Image optimization works in a simple way it compresses your images. It does this work without losing the quality of your images.

If you are often receiving image optimize recommendations from your WordPress hosting provider. Or when you check your website in the speed test tool, then it shows.

So this means that you will have to reduce all your file sizes. You will have to reduce your image size and optimize it for web use.

Why Optimization is Important? What are its benefits?

Friends, there are many benefits of optimizing images. Some of which we are telling you about the top benefits below –

  • By optimizing the image, your website speed is fast.
  • By optimizing images, SEO ranking of your website in search engines improves.
  • Along with this, it helps you in getting sales and leads.
  • Optimizing images reduces the storage and bandwidth of your hosting.
  • This makes creating website backup fast.

Friends, after leaving the video on the web pages, which is the images file in the largest size. According to the HTTP archive, 20% of the weight of webpages is weight only images.

We see as many websites and blogs ranking high on the internet. All those website and blog owners use optimized images in their website.

If you want your website to be successful online. Then you also have to optimize every image on your website.

This means that image optimization plays the most important role to improve our website speed and boost WordPress SEO ranking.

How do I Optimize Image for WordPress

Friends, successful image optimization is the same to improve web performance. Which maintains the perfect balance between the lowest file size and image quality.

Three methods are most commonly used for image optimization. Such as image file format, image compress and image dimension change.

You have to reduce your images size by using these three methods. By using these three methods, you can reduce the image size by up to 80%.

So friends, let’s see how you can optimize images using the 3 methods.

(1) Image File Format

Three image file formats matter very much for all the website owners. JPEG, PNG and GIF, you have to choose one of these three file types.

Images file types play the most important role for your image optimization. So it is very important that you choose the image file type after thinking carefully.

If you want to use images and photos with lots of colors in your website. So for this you only use images of JPEG file format.

The same if you want to use simple images or transparent images. So for this, you should use images of PNG file format in your website.

Apart from these two, if you ever want to use such an image. For those who move a little, you can use animated images of GIF.

Many people do not know the difference in these three file types. Like the png image format is uncompressed, which means it is images of high quality.

But the problem is that the size of this image file is also very high. The same is on the other side in jpeg images compress file format.

So you can reduce the file size by compressing these images. But by doing this, the quality of your image also decreases slightly than before.

The same GIF images are such that use 256 colors, this may be the best choice for those people. Those who want to use animated images on their website and blog post.

(2) Image Compressor

The second thing that comes after the image file format is image compressor. This plays the best role for your image optimization.

For images compression, you can compress the image at different types and levels. It depends on which tool you use for image compression.

If you want to use an application for an image compressor. So you can use Adobe photoshop, Affinity photo.

All these photo application software have tools to compress the image. Apart from this, you can use image optimizer online tools.

As TinyPNG and JPEGMini both compress the size of your images easily and convert it to small size, we suggest that you use it once.

These two methods allow you to upload images in WordPress. Compress all those images and then upload them after that.

Apart from all this, there are some popular plugins on WordPress which compress your images. If you do not want to manually optimize your images then these plugins can help you.

(3) Change Image Dimensions

Friends, whenever we import an image on our mobile phone. Or take a photo with your camera, then its resolution is very high.

In addition, the file dimension of those photos is also large. Which means that the height and width of that image is very high.

In general, the resolution of images we get to see can be 300 DPI and its dimensions can be at least 2000 pixels higher.

These are all high quality images that are used for print and desktop publishing. We cannot use these kinds of images on our wordpress website.

That is why you have to use these high quality and high resolution images on your website. So first you have to change the dimensions of these images.

Friends as you now know what are those three important factors for image optimization. So let’s now know about those image optimization tools with the help of which you will do all this.

Best Image Optimization Tools and Technique

As we have already told you that there are many such editing software. By using which you can compress and optimize the image.

Like you can compress and optimize your images by using Adobe Photoshop software.

Apart from this software, there are some best online tools which can be used to optimize the image. Such as tinypng, jpeg mini etc.


If you want to reduce the size of your png file, then you can use the tinypng online free web app. This online tool is one of the best tools that we also use for our website.

Best image optimization website.

You have to simply visit its website and compress the file. It has to be done by simple drag and drop and upload it on its website.

After which it will compress your image and will also give you a link to download the compressed image.

Also if you want to compress the size of a jpeg file. So for this you can use its other website, whose name is TinyJPG.


Friends jpeg mini is also the best online image compression tool. JPEGmini is a base on lossless compression technology.

JPEGmini best image optimization website.

This means that it compresses the file size of your image. But it also does not affect your image quality.

If you compare the quality of the image without compressing it with the quality of the image without compressing it. So you will not know any different between the two images.

If you want to use it for free, then you use its web version only. If you want to use it on your personal computer, then you have to purchase its program.

Apart from this, it also has a paid API, using which you can automatically compress and optimize all the images on your website.

Best Image Optimization Plugins for WordPress

Our suggestion to all our users is to optimize their images before uploading them in WordPress. This is considered the best way to optimize images.

But if you are running a website that has multiple authors. Then for this we will suggest you to use the WordPress image optimization plugin.

Friends, as now you all know which website is the fastest load. Optimization is the best for website SEO and her traffic also increases.

Conclusion :

So it becomes very important that we use whatever images in our blog posts and websites. All those images should be fully optimized so that SEO ranking can be improved.

Friends, if you have any questions, please comment below and tell us, we will be happy to help you. With this, share this article with our friends on social media.

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