how to write an article

How to write an article so that our blog post, news post, story writing can rank on Google’s first page. 

Friends, almost the biggest problem for most bloggers about writing SEO friendly articles comes on the topic of how to write an article on their website. 

You can easily rank in Google if you have the same problem, then this article is for you today.

Today I have brought you complete information of how to write SEO friendly article with Google’s terms and condition, which any blogger should know Is very necessary for.

How to write SEO friendly article

Writing an SEO friendly blog post is like following a kind of order in which you have to write an article in your blog by following the terms and condition of Google.

Before you can write an SEO friendly article, you have to get complete information about SEO.

If you do not know SEO, then how will you write this SEO friendly article? 

If you want to know about SEO, then I will give a link below where You will get complete information about SEO.

I will not tell you much about SEO today, I will give you complete information about writing an SEO friendly article.

Also know – what is seo, why is it important, how to do seo for your website.

How to write an SEO friendly blog post.

To write SEO friendly blog post, it is very important for you to know SEO, only then you will be able to write SEO friendly article, 

So I give you a little information about SEO, then after that I will inform you how to write SEO friendly article.

There are two types of SEO.

1.on page SEO page SEO

Friends on page SEO, which you do on the page of your blog post, which I already inform in full article.

Check here what is SEO

If you have completed on page SEO, it means that you have written an SEO friendly blog post. 

Off page SEO is very important to rank any blog post and SEO which is completely dependent on the backlink.

It is very important to do that also if you do not know about off page SEO then I will give you complete information about off page SEO.

To bring your website to the first page, you also need to make a backlink.

If you do not know how to make backlink and you do not even know what is backlink, By clicking here, you will get complete information about Backlink only then your blog post will rank on the first page.

So friends, I have given you information about SEO in the short, now I will tell you about writing SEO friendly articles so you can come to write SEO friendly articles.

26 ways how to write an article

Friends, now I am going to give you some important tips about writing SEO friendly posts. 

Which is very important for any blogger to know if we will write our content keeping in mind our stated point and denote all those points in your article. 

If you apply in the article, then your post will become an SEO friendly article so that any article of yours will be easily indexed by Google’s first page.

Friends, there are many points to writing an SEO friendly article but today I will tell you some important points which are considered to be the most important for writing an SEO friendly post. 

Without wasting time we know 26 important pieces of information to write an SEO friendly article in relation.

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★ 1. Do keyword research.

Friends, whenever you write an article, you should do keyword research related to that article, now you will say what are the keywords after all.

So, Friends keywords are words a group of words that are searched by any users to know a particular topic if we understand by example.

Just like if you had to get information about writing an SEO friendly article, then you must have done the same search in Google that – how to write an article..

So what you have searched for is the keyword, so if you also write any article, then in this way you will have to remove keywords and to extract keywords you will need a lot of websites or a keyword planner.

That is to say that whenever you write an article on a topic, then research about that topic, which keywords that people search for in that topic, which people search in Google very much.

So friends, before writing your post, you must do keyword research you can use Ubersuggest tool for keyword research.

how to write an article

You can see there Seo difficulty and search volume in an Green color, that means you can use these keyword.

If you scrawl down little bit you can see there more keywords suggestion that you can use in your content.

how to write an article
★ 2. Find user intent.

To find user intent, it means that whatever article you write, write that article in such a way that your users get accurate information. 

You should write the article keeping in mind the choice of the users, about this topic that users like more.

If it is understood in a simple language, to find a user intent, it means that what the user is searching is to give accurate information about what he wants to know.

The user will have to find the intent that will make it easy for the users to remember your website and when If they search any topic, then they will definitely come to your website once to search that topic.

So friends, whenever you write any article, find a user intent and give more information on the topic in which the user is interested to know.

★ 3. Enter synonym keywords.

Synonym keywords are keywords that are related to your main topic only if we understand it in easy language. 

When you write a biography of a prominent person, in their biography, you will introduce their life as well as their family life, His daily interesting information, important work done by him, etc. 

Give things likewise when a person searches anything in Google, he wants to get more information related to his topic along with his mean topic.

So whenever you write a post, you will give information about the titles that were your main keywords in that post. 

Then you can take the help of other keywords to give more complete detail than that, just like you have now See that I have written this article about SEO friendly post, yet I have also told you a little bit about SEO, we can call the same as synonym keywords.

★ 4. Write Focused and synonym keywords in your topic.

Friends, whatever your main keywords and synonyms are, you must repeat it at any place of your post.

you must have seen in our article that we have our Main focus keywords- how to write an article in many places. Repeated and highlighted it.

So whenever you write an article, you must repeat your main focused keyword in the article, this will make your article rank in Google very quickly.

★ 5. H1, H2 in your subtitles.

Friends, whenever someone writes your article, then you must be putting heading, subheading, title, subtitle etc. in that article. 

Whenever you put all these, then you have to put your main focus keyword on which you want to rank your post. 

Do enter it, only then your post will rank in Google.

As you can see this article of ours, I have definitely entered my main focus keyword in my heading subheading title. 

Only then you are seeing this post on our first page, similarly whenever you write a post Make sure to put your focused keyword in the title, subtitle, heading, subheading.

★ 6. Keywords in Permalink.

Whenever you complete your article, you get the option to create your permalink where you create your permalink, i.e. the link that you will submit to Google.

So whenever you create a permalink, in that permalink, make your main focus keyword the same as your permalink. 

That is giving your title health-related information, how to increase your length as an example’

Then how will your main keywords be the length? If you increase it, then put it in your permalink and how to increase the length.

This will not delay Google to place your post at the top of your page as soon as possible, meaning that your post will quickly rank on the first page in Google.

★ 7. Keywords in description.

Whenever you complete your article, after that you have to write the description related to that article and the description is very important for any post.

Because Google recognizes any article by its description. 

Google always gives more importance to the description than the post and whenever you write the description of your article, you must insert your main focused keyword and related keywords in that description.

By doing this, your post will rank on Google’s first page as soon as possible and your post will become seo friendly.

★ 8. Analyze the first page article.

Friends, whenever you write an article on any of your topics, search Google before writing this article and see which website is ranking there on the first page and analyze the post of that website, read it well.

And find out what things he has made mistakes in that post and which things he has not been able to clear. 

Whenever you write your post, write a better article than that, only then your page will rank well on Google And visitors will also like to come to your website and not visit their website.

So whenever you now write an article on any topic, then you search in Google on that topic and whoever is ranking the website on the first page, analyze the post on those websites and only then write your article.

★ 9. Don’t do Keyword stuffing.

Friends, as I said above, you must repeat your main focused keywords and related keywords in your post. 

But you have to keep in mind that you have to repeat your keywords to a limit and not too much. 

If you repeat your forecast keyword or related keyboard too much in your article, it will be called keyword stuffing.

So whenever you write your post, keep in mind that you do not repeat your keywords too many times to a limit.

★ 10.Structure of your post.

Friends, whenever you write an article on any of your topics, before you write an article, make a structure of your article.

What you are going to say mainly on the topic you want to write, make it like a chain. 

Take that you will first give information about it, then again on this topic, we call it the structure of the post.

Therefore, whenever you write any of your articles, make a body structure of your article that you have to first clear this point of this topic and then take this point.

★ 11. Enter the title Good and attractive.

Friends, I have said from the beginning and I still say that now whenever you write your post, then you put a title in it. 

So whenever you enter the title of your post, it should be an attractive one so that the user will not think that I can get good information on the website, I can clear my topic very well.

Together, you have to make your title attractive and also put your main keywords in it so that Google also understands your post and users will also like your post.

★ 12. Good and attractive description.

Friends, I told you the importance of the description above, but I tell you more importance of the description. 

Whenever you write any article and put the description in it, whenever any of your website posts rank in Google.

So now in Google, your title and your description is visible to the users and whenever a user searches for a topic and the result comes down. 

Then they read the title of all those websites and the description given there and then He reads whatever title and description he likes by clicking on the same website. 

So whenever you write any of your posts, make sure to write an attractive description in it which will attract the users towards your website.

★ 13. Long content blog post.

To write an article on a topic, you must try so much that you can give as much information as possible to that topic, related to that topic, your post will become very big.

Because Google prefers to give users the same article which has more and more information about a major topic so that the user gets the complete information in one place. 

So whenever you write an article, you will find more information in it. 

★ 14. Quality and unique content.

As I said to you above, whatever content you write should be very big, it should be with all the details.

You have to keep in mind that the quality of your content should be good If you write your article too long and do not maintain quality, then it will be harmful for you.

Therefore, whenever you write an article, you should write the article uniquely,no one has written it with the light that you have written and the article you have written will be liked by the people.

★ 15. Do not paste Copy.

Friends, whatever content you are writing should be hundred percent unique, you can write all the content on that topic, in your own words, no one should feel that you should steal someone else’s post. The tax is written in itself i.e.

You have to copy any content from any other website and paste it in your website, this users will not like it too and Google can also take action on you, so you should never write an article by copy paste.

★ 16. Important and related keywords.

Friends, whenever you write any article, then you must have come to your article some important words or sentences that the users need to read, then they must bold the words and sentences.

Whenever you write your article and you repeat your focused keyword in it, you also make your focused keyword bold so that Google will also read that bold letter of your post so that it will rank your post in Google quickly.

★ 17. Grammatical mistake.

While writing that post, keep in mind that you do not make many grammatical mistakes.

Because Google detects grammatical mistakes immediately and upon seeing the grammatical mistakes.

It will quickly find that the website on the first page Does not contain too many grammatical mystics.

And when a user finds out any grammatical mistake in the content written in your website. 

Then the trust of the users from your website is over, he is not able to trust your websit.

So whenever you write an article, the grammatical mistake Do not overdo it.

★ 18. Short paragraph.

Friends, you know that Google always keeps changing its algorithms, this time Google has made the biggest change in its algorithm in Web 2.0.

Whenever a paragraph in a post is written too long, Google likes the post and the users also feel bored in reading the post.

So whenever you write any article, write only short paragraphs in it. Do not write too long paragraphs.

Both users and Google love short paragraphs, so you write short paragraphs.

★ 19. Do Internal linking.

Friends, interlinking means that you are linking the links of different posts of the website together. 

The same is called interlinking, as if you have seen many links in this post of ours, which are links to the posts of my own website. The same is called interlinking.

Whenever you write any of your posts and there is an article related to that post i.e. that article, you must have more information from the users, then you must make it interlinking with your post with each other.

★ 20. External linking.

Sometimes you feel that you will need another best article to clear this topic here, but you have not written an article related to that topic. 

You should put a link to the article of any other website related to that topic there.

Doing this will not do any harm to you, as far as seo will be better and you will get the benefits. 

So you do not hesitate to put the link of any post in your website on your website at all. Do add in the website

★ 21. Put the old post link in the new post.

Friends, whenever you write a post and you feel that you have written an article related to that post, that is related to that article, in which putting the gender of this post will increase the value of that post.

So you should feel free to put the link of your new post in your old post without any thought, it will benefit both your old post and new post and Google also loves interlinking very much.

★ 22.Use Number and bullet pins.

If such a situation arises, then you should use the number and bullet bean in your post, so that the users will get that Particular topics are better understood.

Along with this, Google also likes posts of websites in which numbers and bullet pins are used.

★ 23. Use Multimedia.

Whenever you write your post and give a lot of information in it, then you should use multimedia in it to make your topic of your post more clear.

You put YouTube videos related to your topic in your article, add a good image, it will keep both the users’ attention and mind in your website and they will like to come to your website more.

★ 24. Do image optimizer.

Friends, whenever you put any of your images, you have to put a property in the image. 

The topic on which you are putting the image, if you click on the image, then you will get the option of a property. 

If you want to click on it and give some information about that image, then you must go to the properties and give information about that image.

After that you write a description for your image so that people will know what information you have given in the image and what things have been told about it.

★ 25. Keep updated Article .

Friends, whenever you compile and publish your article, then you must do this work in it.

Whenever you get time from time to time and whenever you get some new information about that topic, you must do it in your post. Insert and keep it updated.

By doing this, the posts of your website will also rank well in Google and whenever the users also come to your website, they will get to know new things, then again they will be forced to come to your website.

★ 26. Share social media.

Friends, whenever you write an article, you must share that post on your social media, there are many benefits.

One, you will get a lot of instant visitors on your post and you will also get a good backlink. 

That means your post will get an interlinking which Google sees a lot of how much interlinking of the posts on this website. 

So whenever you write an article, share that article on social media more and more.

Conclusion :

You have learned in today’s article-

  • How to write an article 26 tips, how to write an SEO friendly post?
  • How to update posts regularly.
  • Keep connected to social media to grow more traffic.
  • Do not copy paste Article

Friends, I hope you must have liked all the information given in today’s article and have understood it well. 

So you must share this article with your friends.

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