How to write seo friendly blog posts.

How To Write Blog Posts in WordPress

Perhaps you’re familiar with WordPress, but don’t quite know how to write blog posts in WordPress. Maybe you have the free version of WordPress and want to learn how to write blog posts in it so that you can take advantage of the ability to customize your site however you like.

No matter what your reason for wanting to learn how to write blog posts in WordPress, this guide will show you exactly how to do it!

The new beginner who is a blogger often makes the mistake that he does not know how to write SEO-friendly blog posts.

Here you will get to know all the details on How to write blog posts in WordPress?

But before that, I think you know that you need to do Keyword Research to get the best result.

To know how to do keyword research, make sure you visit here.

Here just remember that the Content is the King. It is the most important thing for ranking.

So, let’s start.

Things You Need to do Before Start Writing

So, you need to write unique, well-optimized blog posts to boost your ranking.

Before you start writing just check out your competitor once, that is how they have written a blog post on the topic that you are going to write?

How many or which important points they have missed, that should include?

Last but not least you can check how many words they have written on that topic?

These are three important things you need to check before you start writing.

And if you want to beat your competitor then you have to do the best possible things with those three points.

Like- Include the points your competitor has missed, your blog post’s word count should be more than your competitor ( If possible ), etc.

Plugins that you need to activate before writing

This is also one of the most important parts of this article.

But before this, you should know one thing. That is-

#What is Plugin?

In simple language, you can say that it is software by which you can design and optimize your website or blog posts.

Just because you are using WordPress, and it has the option to use plugins, that is why it is very easy to design your website or blog post just like you want.

Otherwise, you should know coding to do most of the changes. Plugins are the better option if you don’t know about coding.

#Plugins you need to activate or use

By using some best plugins you can easily optimize your blog post that can help your blog post to rank directly or indirectly.

So, you should use some plugins, especially for blog posts. Like-

  1. Table Of Content.
  2. Jetpack.
  3. Any SEO plugin ( Like- Rank Math or Yoast SEO )

Table of Content Plugin

These are some plugins that you should use. If you use the “Table of Content” plugin then that will be seen in the blog post like this-

When you write blog posts use Table of content for better seo.

It will give your blog post a classy look as well as it is very beneficial for your users also. The user can visit any part of your article they want to visit by just clicking on the points.

Like- if anyone just wants to read the section- “How to choose the right liquid fund?” then he/she just needs to click on that part in the Table of Content section.

Jetpack Plugin

The Jetpack plugin has many functions. Like- It will save your website or admin panel from the cyberattack, it can show you the number of visitors who visited your site, as well as it has the auto-publish in social media option.

That means you don’t need to post your article.

It will be auto-published on your social media by the time of publishing your blog post. Just you need to connect that account.

SEO Plugins

And the SEO plugins will do the on-page SEO for your blog posts. Like- what should be your article’s URL, how to write your post’s title, how many words you should write, etc.

Use SEO plugins before writing blog posts.

14 Idea’s How to write blog posts in WordPress?

As I have discussed before, just because you are using WordPress- is why it is quite easy for you.

If you are using then you should have the idea of Coding.

Now, the main part has come. To write your blog post the main thing you need to do is- Make your post’s title attractive.

(1) Plan Your Content with Proper Keyword Research

Friends, most new users make the mistake that they creating their own blog content on the same subject or topics. 

Which they think that users will like this content and they will definitely read it. While the reality is that the content they are creating is only their interest in that content, not others.

So first of all you stop guessing what others will like and what you will not like. You can do keyword research to create your blog post content. Through which you get to know what kind of content people like to read or see on the internet.

Keyword research is a technique that is used mostly by content creators and SEO experts. With its help, you can know what kind of topics your users are interested in. Then you can create and publish blog content related to the same topics.

All the data that Keyword Research provides us with is data from search engines. That is, what kind of topics people searched the most in any search engine. 

Which site clicked the most, which kind of topics are liked by today’s time users. You will find all this data in any good keyword research planner.

You can plan a strategy for your content by using all these keywords. It will now be that now you are actually creating a blog post on the topics that users are actually searching for. This is the best way to earn traffic for your new WordPress website or blog.

For Keyword Research, we would advise our users to use Ubersuggest or Semrush Keyword research tools. 

Because it provides you with very in-depth data related to the keyword. Apart from this, it gives you many other useful features like competition analysis, keyword position, tracking, and more.

(2) Find Semantic Keywords for Your Focus Keyword

Once you find keyword ideas by do keyword research for yourself. Now you have to choose any of those keywords, which has the highest search volume, which also has the lowest competition.

This will be your focus keyword, which will be most likely to be read by users. Now if you use your WordPress Yoast SEO plugin. 

So you can set your focus keyword in the SEO settings of your articles. From this, you can see how well you have used it in your article.

Write seo friendly blog post focus key phrase using yoast seo plugin.

After that, now you have to find Latent Semantic Indexing i.e. LSI keywords. It will be a search related to your focus keywords, it is very easy to find it. For this, you simply search your focus keyword in Google search or any search browser.

Now scroll down you will see many search results shown at the bottom. All these search results are related to your focus keyword. You can use all these in your blog post while creating your blog content.

Use LSI keywords suggest by google.

You can use many of these keywords in your blog posts so that you can create the best content for your users. Now whenever a user searches your focus keyword, then your content will show.

In addition, if a user searches a keyword related to your content, then your content will show it in the search results. With which more and more people will visit your new website and blog and your traffic will start to increase.

(3) How to make a post’s title attractive?.

Here one dialogue is appropriate from our daily life and that is- The first impression is the last.

Because it is the only one that is very crucial to increase CTR. and if your CTR is increasing then it will help you for ranking also.

Friends you need to tie a knot, the title of your blog post plays the most important role in the search ranking. A good blog post title makes your article most relevant for a search query.

Because this is the first thing that users show in search results and that users have to click on it. If your blog post title will not be creative and attractive then people will not click on it.

how to write seo friendly blog post title in WordPress.

Then no matter how many times the link of your website is shown in search results. That is why you must create an effective title for your blog post title. 

Neither a normal nor a strange title, because even after doing this, no matter how well you have created the content, users will not click on it.

You have to make your blog post title more SEO-friendly by using your focus keyword in the title. Write a catchy blog post and clickable with focus keyword use in your blog title.

Creating a click-worthy title will bring more clicks to your link, which is most important for your CTR. It also has the most important role in SEO, so make the blog title click-worthy.

To make the blog title catchy and effective, you should use the EMV formula. EMV means Emotional Marketing Value, you must use this formula. 

For this, you can use online tools such as the EMV headline analyzer. It basically calculates the EMV score of your title and tells how emotionally your title is.

(4) How to add Headings and Subheadings?

Mainly you should have H1 and H2 headings in your blog post. In the H1 you need to include any of your focus keywords.

After that, it is time for subheadings. That means H2. So, you should add related keywords or related topics to it.

You can take ideas for this from Google. You can add the most asked questions or LSI keywords to H2 that are related to your topic.

For example- if you put What is Blogging in the search bar of Google, you will find many related questions that are asked by the people heavily on Google.

You should add them.

You can add the most asked questions or LSI keywords to H2 that are related to your topic.
(5) Add Meta Description in Your Blog Post

The meta description is actually an HTML meta tag, which you can add to any of your pages. Its real purpose is to give a short description of your articles to any search engines and crawlers.

Meta tag description should add or not? There is a difference of opinion among SEO experts about this. 

Where some SEO experts believe that meta tag description is good for your website. Some of the same SEO experts say that any loss to your website is not a benefit from the meta tag description add.

Add meta description using yoast seo plugin.

But friends, we advise all our users that they must add meta tag descriptions in each of their posts. See friends, if your website does not benefit from adding meta tag description.

So you should also see that it does not cause any harm to your website. If your website benefits from meta tag description in search engines, then it is good for you.

A good meta tag description explains your entire article. This meta description is also shown on social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter. If you or one of your users shares that article on these social media platforms.

Whenever you add meta descriptions to your blog posts, then you should also add the focus keyword of your posts to it. This helps search engines to find your posts, the limit of meta description is 150 characters.

So whenever you add meta description to your blog posts, then add a focus keyword to it along with it. 

Define in such a way that the users should understand as soon as they read that, in those posts, they will get information about the subject.

If you want to add a meta description, then you can do this job very easily. If you use Yoast SEO (Yoast SEO) plugin, then you just have to scroll down while writing your article.

You will find the Yoast SEO meta box on the post edit screen. In it, you can add a meta description of your blog post.

(6) Use Categories and Tags to Organize Content

Friends categories and tags are the best options to sort your website content. This is not only for you but is most important for your users and search engines.

But the problem occurs when the new blogger uses them incorrectly in their blog posts. So you must use categories and tags in every one of your articles and blog posts.

But before you use it, you should know very well that your blog posts fall under which categories or tags. Understand it this way – assume that your blog or website is a book.

The categories in this book are the table of content present in the book. On the other hand, tags are the index part of your book. This is the easiest way to understand categories and tags.

We use categories to divide all the content in our blog. On the other hand, tags are topics to be discussed in your blog post.

(7) The Featured Snippet in the Search Result

Friends, as we all know that after searching anything on Google, Google tries to answer our searched questions quickly.

In such a situation, Google first shows those articles and blog posts on any keyword search. Which corresponds to the question asked by the users.

In such a situation, the algorithms of Google search engines separately show the detailed answer on the top. Google generates a custom snippet from your article.

In this, those parts of the content present in your website are added, which the algorithms of google consider as the answer to the keyword searched by the users.

Recent research by advanced web ranking shows that. Answer boxes secure about 32.5% CTR which is most important for your SEO strategy.

No such specific set instruction has been reported by Google yet. Under which he picks up a featured snippet of an article.

Therefore, it is our suggestion for you that you keep improving your content. Along with this, you also kept checking the quality of your content, updating your content periodically if needed.

(8) What will be the length of the paragraphs?

It is a matter of psychology.

Because if the readers saw that the paragraphs are huge when they came into your blog to read it they would surely click on the enter button and will go back.

Because they want an end-line. As I said before it is a matter of psychology.

This will increase your bounce rate. So, Google will understand that people are entering your blog but they are not reading it.

Then maybe the article is not up to the mark.

After that Google will start ranking your article. And if your blog post is not ranked at that time, the chances to get ranked will decrease surely.

So, you have to remember that most of the visitors will read the article from their mobile.

So, if you are writing a blog post using a desktop or laptop then always write one or two-line paragraphs. No more than that.

Because that one or two-line paragraphs on a desktop or laptop will be converted into 3-4 lines while somebody is reading through mobile.

If you are writing through mobile then also don’t make it more than 1 or 2 lines.

Here you can see-

Use shorter paragraph when write blog posts.

In this picture, you can see the paragraph length.

(9) How to Avoid Grammatical Mistakes

If you have grammatical mistakes in your blog post then people will not read it and will leave some bad comments for you.

To avoid these, you can use Google docs or Word to write your article first. And then copy to WordPress and then publish.

You can install the Grammarly Chrome extension to avoid grammatical mistakes.

Because here you can identify the mistakes easily and can correct them.

Or you can use the free extension of Grammarly to avoid these mistakes.

(10) How many times should a keyword appear in an article?

It is also a very important part of this topic. In the introduction part of this article, I have told you that you need to know how to do keyword research.

Now, you need to enter or put the researched keyword very smartly.

You can add the keyword into your blog post for a limited time.

Like if you are writing a blog post of 2000 to 2500 words then you should include that keyword a maximum of 2 percent or 20 to 25 times.

Not more than that.

Because if Google understands that if you have done Keyword Stuffing then it will also impact negatively.

As I told you before, you should have your keywords in headings and subheadings.

To solve this problem better is that you can use any SEO plugin to solve this keyword stuffing problem.

SEO plugin will guide you on how many times use the focus keyword in the article.

Keyword density.

You can see the details in the above picture I am using Rank Math plugin. This plugin shows keyword density.

(11) Create Best Permalink Structure For SEO

If you want to rank your blog posts then you should well design your blog post’s URL also.

Because if someone is searching a keyword in Google and you have that keyword in the blog post’s URL then the blog post may be appearing in the search engine result in Google.

So, when you are designing your URL, make sure that the URL has the focus keyword and that ( The URL ) should not be more than 70 words.

To make perfect and easy permalinks structure then go to the WordPress settings >> Permalinks >> select this one.

Create Best Permalink Structure For SEO

So, structure your URL like this.

(12) What types of Images should you add?

Images are something that can make your blog posts attractive to readers. If you are adding images then it will give a good look also.

Readers may get bored while reading a long article. But if they get to see good images or infographic images then it can be a mind freshener for them.

Now, if you are describing something then try to make the people understand by giving a screenshot of that description.

So, images also play a vital role here.

(13) How to add an External Link?

By this, Google can understand you or your site is not only limited within you or your site. You are trusting some other related sites also.

For this, you will also be benefited. So, it is also an important part of writing a blog post.

You should add at least one external link. It will help you with On-page SEO also.

For example- If you are writing about Free Keyword Research then you can add any of the site’s links ( As an external link ) that are providing free keyword research tools.

There are many sites available like- Soovle, Answer The Public, Ahrefs, etc.

(14) How to add Internal Links?

The main function of the internal link is, it can help you in ranking. For example, let’s assume that you are using WordPress for Blogging.

Now, people are reading a blog post on how to select the best blogging niche?

Here in this blog post, you can add an internal link that is- How to buy hosting and domain or how to install WordPress? Like How I added.

Because, we know that before selecting a niche, you should have a domain and a hosting to start. As well as it is needed to install WordPress also.

So, like this process, you can add internal links to your blog posts.

It will help you to increase your traffic, page views, and earning also. Because if anyone is clicking on an internal link, it is increasing your page views as well as your earnings.

How to do On-Page SEO of your blog posts?

Like Off-page SEO, On-page SEO is also very important. It will help you to boost your ranking in the Google search engine.

So, to do On-page SEO properly you should follow all the points I have covered in this article above.

You can visit from here and read more about :

How to Work on On-Page SEO.

How to work on Off-Page SEO.

I also inform you about the two best SEO plugins. You can use any of them for the help of On-page SEO.

These plugins will guide you properly. But that does not mean that your blog post will rank shortly.

There are many other factors also. Like- Content should be good, unique, etc.

Frequently Ask Questions

  1. How can I make my blog attractive?

    Many things can make your blog attractive. Like-
    1. Focus on ad placement.
    2. Use relevant images.
    3. Attractive headings and subheadings.
    These are some points that you should follow to make your blog attractive.

  2. How do I get unlimited traffic on my blog?

    It is one of the most common and heavily asked questions. Everyone wants to get traffic in their blog. But remember that it is depending on many things. Like-
    1. Blog posts should be well-written and unique.
    2. Needs to work continuously.
    3. Niche selection should be good.
    4. Try to get quality backlinks.
    These are some main factors to get traffic. But I think you know that nothing will happen overnight.
    It is a very slow-growing process. You need to give time.


In a conclusion, you should know that the content is the main factor of ranking. So, write a good and unique blog post. Now I think you understood How to write blog posts in WordPress.

And update that blog post from time to time. It will surely help you in ranking.


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