Google’s Recommendations For Images In Product Reviews

Google’s search algorithms are always changing, so it’s important to stay current on the best ways to optimize your content in order to be visible and grow traffic. 

To that end, Google’s Search Advocate John Mueller recently published a video on Youtube highlighting several key tips to stay ahead of the curve in Google search results. 

For example, he recommends utilizing authentic pictures when publishing product opinions as a way to profit from the algorithm that rewards in-depth analysis.

A website owner joins the Livestream to question Mueller about the best practices for using images in product reviews.

He wonders if simply altering existing images seen elsewhere on the internet is enough for Google to consider their unique content.

Isn’t it better for the location owner to use genuine photographs that he has shot himself?

Mueller’s comment is below.

Suggestions From Google For Images In Product Reviews

“I believe that the review criteria, or recommendations, that we have should be focused on the unique images that you take of these things, rather than on artificial review photos.”

I don’t think our systems would automatically notice it, but it’s probably something we’d look into from time to time, at least manually.

So, when it comes to reviews, it seems like the recommendations we have aren’t really in line with what we’re trying to do there, where we’re trying to really bubble up reviews, where we can tell that someone is truly testing this thing in real life.”

The primary purpose of Google’s product review algorithm upgrade is to promote material authored by users who have directly tested the product being reviewed.

Taking their own images of a product is one way an author can indicate they’ve personally tested it.

That isn’t to say that ranking with stock photos is impossible.

In reality, because Google’s algorithm cannot distinguish between original and modified photos, you may find that sites featuring images from the product maker score fairly well.

That isn’t to say you should follow in their footsteps.

When Google’s Quality Rater team examines product review search results, they’ll observe which sites use their own photos.

Soon, websites using stock photographs may no longer rank in the same positions as those using original photos, while websites using original photos may receive a boost.

Rishabh Kolhe
Rishabh Kolhe

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