Do you also want to improve your website seo performance? In this post, we will tell you how you can boost the speed of your WordPress website

Speed ​​up WordPress has many advantages. As your page loading is fast, the user experience improves.

The page views increase and together, they make your WordPress website the best SEO website.

In this article, we will tell you about the most useful WordPress speed optimization tips, using which you can speed up your website as well as boost WordPress performance. 

In this article, we will try to cover everything, why the speed is important for your website seo. Why your WordPress website seo is slow to download and how you can improve it.

Importance of Loading Website SEO Speed

Why is speed necessary for a WordPress website? Friends, a study was done between 2000 and 2016, in which this thing was revealed. 

The average people preferred to visit the same website and blog, which was going to open in 10 to 12 seconds. If you are the owner of a website, what does it mean? Think of it like this –

According to a research on Amazon, Google and other larger websites, if a page takes more than 1 second to open. So there was a decrease of 7% in conversions of these websites. 

Not only this but a tremendous decline was also seen in the satisfaction of the user who uses these websites. About 16% of the users were defective and did not get satisfaction.

For this reason, a search engine like Google has now started listing such website seo at last. 

Those whose load time was high, this has a direct effect on the traffic of your website. If you want to generate more traffic, subscribers and more revenue on your website. For this it is very important that you need to improve your website seo performance.

How to Check Website Speed Test on Google?

How to check your website seo speed test? Most new bloggers think that their website seo is very good. 

This is because they do not find the speed of their website slow on their computer, and hence they become relaxed. 

If you open a modern browser on your own website. So your website has cache in that chrome or other browser which becomes automatic prefetch. Because of which, your website opens quickly in your browser.

But if a normal user comes to your website for the first time, then his experience is something else. 

Not only this, when the user’s geographical location changes, his experience is completely different than the previous one. 

Therefore, first of all you should test the speed of your website. For this you can go to GTmetrix and enter your website URL and check your website loading speed test.

It scans your entire website seo and blog and tells you what your website loading speed is. 

Along with this, it also shows you the report that due to which reasons your website is slowing down. You can increase the loading speed time of your website by solving all those problems.

Reasons for slow website loading

What is it that causes your WordPress website speed to slow down? 

When you do a speed test, the speed test report gives multiple recommendations for improvement, most of these recommendations are related to technical issues. 

Which a new beginner wordpress blogger cannot solve. Therefore, it is very important for you to learn reasons for slow website loading. 

By finding it and improving it, you can change your website seo into the best performing website.

First reasons for slow website loading:

Web Hosting – If your web hosting server is not properly configured, then it slows down your website speed. So it is important that you buy web hosting from a good web hosting provider. Like Bluehost, HostGator

WordPress Configuration – If your WordPress website is not providing cached pages service. So it will overload your server, which can cause your website to slow down or even crash.

Page Size – The main reason for this is images that are not optimized by the search engine. Or such images which are not perfect for your website and whose size is very large.

Plugins – By the way, plugins are useful and important tools for WordPress websites. But if you use poorly coded plugins in your website. So it makes your website speed slow down.

External Scripts – External scripts like ads and font loaders etc. All these also have a huge impact on your website seo performance. Due to which the download speed of your website slows down.

Due to all these reasons, your website speed slows down. Now let us know how you speed up your WordPress website seo.

Importance of Good WordPress Hosting

Your WordPress hosting service plays the most important role. In the performance of your website, it is therefore important that you purchase a hosting for your website from a good web hosting provider company. 

We suggest you to take BlueHost and HostGator for a good shared hosting provider. 

In which Bluehost is the official hosting provider of WordPress. Good website optimizes your website seo, so that the performance of your website is also the best.

In Shared hosting it is that you share the same server with many people. This means that if your shared hosting server gets more traffic on someone else’s website.

So this affects the entire server performance. Because of which your website slows down.

On the other hand if you take managed WordPress hosting service then it gives you the most optimized server configuration to run WordPress. 

Managed WordPress hosting companies also offer you with this. Such as – automatic backups, automatic WordPress updates and very advanced security configuration which protects your website.

How to improve website performance (Without Coding)

We know this and understand how much trouble it can be for you to think of your website seo configuration. 

Especially for those people who have little or no technical knowledge at all. But you are not afraid, we will help you in this work, just like we have helped others in improving their website performance.

We will tell you how you can improve your website’s seo performance with a few clicks. That too without any technical knowledge or knowledge of coding.

If you know how to click with a mouse, then you can do it very easily, so let’s start.

Install WordPress Caching Plugin

WordPress pages are dynamic, i.e. they are dynamic. This means whenever a user visits a post or page of your website. So they are made on the fly, it is a very long process.

Whenever you create a page, WordPress has to keep those pages together. Whenever a user visits your website, he has to give information about his work from those stored pages.

To say this seems like a very easy process, but in reality it is a long process. 

If your website is made on a good web hosting, then it is fine, otherwise because of it your WordPress website performance will slow down.

Whenever a user visits your website, your server takes information from MySQL database and PHP file.

Then he puts the entire information in HTML content, which is then served in front of the user. 

This is all part of a long process, but when you use caching, you shorten this process. By the way, there are many WordPress Caching Plugins on WordPress. 

But if you are ready to spend a few bucks, then you can take WP Rocket Premium plan. If you are a beginner and your budget is not much, then you can use WP Super Cache plugin (free).

If you want a WP-Rocket plugin at lowest price then comment to me and drop your mail it’s free.

Many WodPress hosting companies such as BlueHost and SiteGround also give you cache solutions.

SiteGround Supercacher

If you use SiteGround, then you login in your cpanel. Then after that go to the site improvement tools and then enable Super Cacher. 

After this you have to install and activate the SG Optimizer plugin. After this you can manage Super Cache settings from your WordPress.

Bluehost Caching

If you use BlueHost web hosting, then you should login to your bluehost. After that you have to go to My Sites >> Performance and turn caching off and turn it on. 

If you use managed WordPress hosting, then you do not need caching plugins. Because in it all these settings are already by default.

Optimize Images for Speed

Images add life to your content. Images are very helpful in keeping people engaged on your post website and blogs. 

Research shows that by using colourful images in their content, the possibility of users to read that content completely increases by 80%. 

But what will happen if the image you use is not optimized. Then in such a situation, instead of being helpful for your website, the same images become harmful for your website.

Rather, non-optimized images are the most common issue of slowing down your website. 

So whenever you use an image in your post or content, before that. You should make your images web optimized by using photo editing software. 

In these original formats, the size of these photos is very large. It all depends on which image file format that image is present in.

You can compress the images or decrease the file size with the help of photo editing software. 

All the images that we use on our website are either jpeg or in png format. When we have to use a simple and transparent image then we use a png file. But when we have to use colorful images, then we use images in jpeg format.

WordPress Performance Optimization Best Practices

When you activate and install the caching plugin in your WordPress, and optimize your images. Then your website loads faster than before. 

But if you want your website loading speed to be fast. So you need to keep an eye on your website, along with this you need to do some important things in between.

Always Use The Latest WordPress Version

As we all know that WordPress is an open source project. This is why WordPress keeps updating frequently, you just have to keep your WordPress updated at all times. 

Not every update requires that WordPress give you any extra features or offers. Rather, it also happens to fix all updates, security issues and bugs.

In addition, your WordPress theme and WordPress plugins are also frequently updated. So you have to keep updating your WordPress Theme and WordPress Plugins in between.

Being the owner of your website, it is your duty to update the latest version of your WordPress site, theme and plugins. 

This is not just an update related to your website speed, but it is also linked to your site security threats.

Use Excerpts on Homepage & Archives

By default WordPress shows full content and archives of every article on your homepage. 

This means that categories, tags, and other archive pages will load very slowly on your homepage.

Another disadvantage of showing a full article on homepage is that users do not feel that it is an actual article that they want. 

Or whatever he needs to read, then traffic of your website and blog will start to decrease.

Because of this your pageviews and time spent starts leveling down. This means to say that users spend the least time on your website.

Instead of showing full article content to speed up the loading time of archive pages.

You should show an article summary on your homepage. Instead of showing a full article, you can set your website to show excerpts content.

For this, first you have to go to Dashboard >> Settings >> Reading. After that select “For each article in a feed, show – summary” by ticking this option and click on save change. 

Add summary of your content.

Having done this setting, now refresh your homepage once. Now the full content show of your article is not happening on your homepage. Rather his summary show is happening.

What is CDN and Why use CDN

As you will now know that the loading time of your website is different for different geographical users. 

All this happens due to your web hosting server and it greatly affects your website speed. For example, understand it this way –

Suppose that the company from which you have taken web hosting for your website. The server of that company is present in India, now visitors to your website will come from India. 

For them, your website loading time will be fast, but if another visitor visits your website from the United states. So for that your website loading time will be slow. All this happens due to change of geographical location.

To solve this problem, you should use CDN i.e. Content Delivery Network. Using CDN makes your website loading time speed up for every visitor. 

CDN is a network made up of servers from all over the world. In this, each server stores the static file to create your website. 

Unlike your WordPress pages, these static files store unchanging files such as images, CSS, and JavaScript. All this file is Dynamic as we have already told you.

When you use CDN, every time a user visits your website. So it is shown the static files of your website, this work is done from the nearest server of that visitor.

With this, your own server also becomes very fast, because CDN is working most at that time.

If you want to use CDN, then you can use StackPath CDN or MaxCDN. It works well with a WordPress website.

In addition, it works well with your WordPress caching plugins and their loading time becomes fast.

Optimize Background Processes

Background processes are scheduled work on WordPress which runs in the background of your website. We are giving you some examples of background tasks which run on your WordPress website.

  • First WordPress Backup Plugins task.
  • Scheduling another WordPress cron work to publish posts.
  • Third WordPress cron work to check updates for you.
  • Fourth search engine and fetch content work by other crawlers.

All the above mentioned task work such as scheduled posts and updates have minimal impact on your website performance. 

The same background processes such as backup plugin and excessive crawling are done by the search engine. These background processes can slow down your website.

For the Backup plugin you need to make sure that your WordPress backup plugin should only run. 

When you have the lowest traffic on your website, you should also adjust the backup data and backup frequency. 

For example, if you are publishing only two content in a week. So you need to adjust your daily data backup so that your website does not slow down.

If you want frequent backups, such as real time backups, then we recommend that you can save your server from taxing by using SaaS Solution. 

For crawling, you should keep an eye on your Google Search Console report. If some errors are coming on crawl repeatedly, then it can slow down your website. 

So you should always keep checking your Google Search Console report periodically. Whatever errors are coming, they should continue to resolve so that your website does not slow down.

Split Comments into Pages

Friends, if a lot of comments are coming on your website or blog, then it is a very good thing. 

Because it shows that the visitors who are coming to your website are getting more and more engaged with your website. 

But another aspect of this is that after loading all the comments of your blog, your website starts slowing down.

So it becomes important that we make sure to have a comments number show on our blog. 

Break your comments.

For this, you have to click on Settings >> Discussion in your WordPress Dashboard. After that you have to tick the option of “Break comments into pages” and click on save change.

Use a Optimized Theme For Speed

When you select a theme for your website, at that time you need to pay more attention to the optimization speed of that theme. 

Some beautiful and impressive looking themes are actually very bad coding. Because of which your website slows down, so while selecting the theme, select optimize theme.

Friends, you should choose a theme that is simple for your website. A website whose layout is complex, beautiful animation, and other unnecessary features, you should avoid such a theme. 

You select a simple theme for your website and then whatever features you need. Use high quality WordPress plugins on your website.

You will find such themes easily on the premium theme shop for WordPress like StudioPress, Themify CSSIgniter. 

Which is adapted to the speed and optimization of your website. If your budget is low or you are a new blogger then you can use the free themes of WordPress. 

The Astra theme on WordPress is the simplest and perfect for speed and effective theme for optimization.

Always Use Faster Plugins

WordPress plugins with poor coding load a lot of bloat, whether your website needs it or not. Due to this, your pages load time increases and your website starts slowing down.

We are telling you the name of some such plugins which do not slow down the speed of your website.

As such, WPForms plugins are very useful and user friendly. A new blogger can also use it very easily. With its help, you can also create contact form and Subscribe form on WordPress. 

Soliloquy – If you need sliders on your WordPress website then you can use the soliloquy plugin. Soliloquy is one of the best WordPress sliders plugins.

Further Upload Audio or Video Files Directly to WordPress

See, you can upload audio and video files directly to your WordPress site. Which WordPress will automatically show you in HTML5 player. 

But we suggest you never do this work. If you use audio and video files in hosting, then the bandwidth cost increases. By doing this, your web hosting company can charge for this separately.

Or they can shut down your website completely. Then even if you have taken unlimited bandwidth web hosting. 

Due to the hosting files being large, your backup file also becomes large size. Due to which it is difficult to upload and restore that large backup file again in WordPress.

Instead, you can add video and audio to your WordPress website using YouTube, DailyMotion, SoundCloud. Their bandwidth is very large and it can also afford it. 

WordPress has an embed feature using which you can upload any video in your wordpress. You can add it to your website, you can run it. 

All you have to do is copy paste the URL of your video into your post and it will automatically get the video audio embed with your post.

Reduce External HTTP Requests

Many WordPress plugins and themes load many types of files from other websites. These files include scripts, stylesheets and images. 

Which is joined by other sources such as Google, Facebook, Analytics Services etc. It is fine to use some of these files, because these files are quickly optimized and load quickly.

Because all this can be loaded at a higher speed than your website hosting load speed. But if the plugin loads more files then it can also slow down your website. 

So it is important that you disable or merge all those scripts and styles. Can reduce all external HTTP.

Reduce Database Calls

Before you reduce database calls, let us tell you that along with having very technical knowledge to do this work. 

It is important to have knowledge of coding because you are going to do this work with the PHP file of WordPress theme. If anything goes wrong, your website can become useless.

Unfortunately WordPress has many website themes whose coding is very poor. It ignores the standard word of wordpress, and eliminates direct database calls. 

This slows down your server by sending a very unnecessary database request. Even many good and good quality themes can also contain such codes which can slow down your website by calling your database.

For example, you can see in your theme editor that every time <? Php. The code starts from which calls your database.

You cannot blame the theme developer for this. Because you don’t have any other way other than that in which language your website is.

But if you are customizing your website using the child theme. So to reduce all those database calls, you can change these database calls with your specific information.

For this you should review your parent theme. Which you can easily change with statistics information.

Optimize WordPress Database

After using WordPress for a while, there will be many such information in your database, which you do not need anymore. 

To improve performance, you have to optimize your database. Optimizing the database gets rid of all unnecessary information.

You can easily manage this work through the WP-Sweep plugin. This allows you to clean trash posts, revisions, unused tags etc. from your database. In addition, it optimizes your database structure.

Fine-Tuning WordPress for Speed ​​Advanced

You can see differences in speed performance of your WordPress website by using the above mentioned WordPress optimization tips. 

You can see that there has been a lot of improvement in the loading time of your website by using them.

But despite all these, if you want even the fastest speed. So you will have to make some more changes in it. 

The tips ahead of this are a bit technical as well as you should understand some php files. Before going ahead with this and before modifying your website, do a backup of your website.

Split Long Posts into Pages

Most new bloggers shorten his article to write more posts. But doing so is not right for your blog or website. 

Because most readers like long blog posts. Along with being a long article post, your blog post should be more in-depth. 

Long post is on the high rank in the search engine. Therefore you should try that whatever post you write should be longer than possible.

But the problem with doing this is that if you write a longer post. If you use more and more images in it, then it can hurt the loading times of your website. Therefore, divide your longer post into one page and divide it into several pages.

This functionality already exists in WordPress. All you have to do is add to your article <! – next page–> from where you want your article to be split and move to the next page. 

After that write your article, then if you have to split your article from somewhere to the next page. Then simply add the code again at the same place.

Limit Post Revisions

Post revisions take up separate space in your WordPress database. Some users believe that the database is affected when run with post revisions plugins. 

If plugins do not specifically exclude revisions by searching for them. So in such a situation it can slow down your website.

You can easily set the limit of numbers for each article. For your wordpress revisions, for this you just have to add the below line of code to your wp-config.php file. 

You can do this by going to the WordPress Dashboard and clicking Appearance >> Theme Editor >> wp-config.php.

define (‘WP_POST_REVISIONS’, 4);

As soon as you add this code to wp-config.php file, it will put a limit in your wordpress. 

WordPress will now save only the last 4 revisions in each post and page. With this, he will discard old revisions automatically.

But we want you to do a backup of your website before adding this code. So that in case of any kind of disturbance, you can get your website again as before.

Disable Hotlinking and Leaching of Your Content

Friends if you are creating quality content in your wordpress website. So it is very likely that it will be stolen later or copied by someone. 

One reason for doing this is also that other website owners serve your images directly with your website URLs. 

They do not do this work on their server, in fact they steal your web hosting bandwidth and influence it. And you do not get even a small part of the traffic that you are showing.

To prevent this, you simply have to add this code to your .htaccess file. Which will block hotlinking images in your WordPress.

#disable hotlinking of images with forbidden or custom image option

RewriteEngine on

RewriteCond% {HTTP_REFERER}! ^ $

RewriteCond% {HTTP_REFERER}! ^ Http (s) ?: // (www \.)? [NC]

RewriteCond% {HTTP_REFERER}! ^ Http (s) ?: // (www \.)? [NC]

RewriteRule \. (Jpg | jpeg | png | gif) $ – [NC, F, L]

The thing to note is that you have to remove our domain from the above code. In place of our domain, you have to add your domain name.

Use DNS Level Website Firewall

Friends wordpress firewall plugin blocks your brute force attacks, hacking attempts and malware. But one thing to note is that not all firewall plugins are the same. As such some of these are firewall plugins that run on your website.

This means that the attackers were already present on your server when it was blocked. By the way, it is still effective for website security. But it is not effective in terms of performance.

So we recommend to all our users that they use a DNS level firewall. Such as Sucuri or Cloudflare, because these firewalls block all malicious requests before reaching your website.

Always Use Latest PHP Version

WordPress is written primarily in php language. This is a server side language, this means that it runs on your hosting server. 

All big and good web hosting companies use the most stable php version on their servers. But there is also a possibility that your hosting company is using an old php version on its hosting server.

Recently there has been a new php version launch which is 2 times faster than its old version. You must take advantage of this for your website. 

Because this increases the speed of your website. If you want to know which php version your website is using, then you can see this by installing and activating the version info plugin.

As soon as you install and activate this plugin then this plugin shows your PHP version in the footer area of ​​your dashboard. 

If your website is using the old PHP version, then you should get your hosting provider company updated by calling it. If they refuse to update it or avoid it, then change your WordPress hosting company.

Use Lazy Loading if Needed

If you embed images, videos or photo galleries in your website as much as possible. So your website can benefit from lazy loading. 

lazy loading instead of loading all the images in your post or article at once. This makes only those images visible on the users’ screens.

Apart from this, it replaces the rest of the images and embeds the videos with a placeholder image. 

As the users scroll through their screen, all those images also become visible. Which comes inside the viewing area of ​​the users’ screen. You also seem to load images, videos in addition to WordPress comments and Gravatars.

Fix HTTPS / SSL Errors without Plugin

When you switch your website to HTTPS / SSl then it is very likely that your website will be running on mixed content errors. 

The easiest way to fix these errors is to install and activate simple ssl plugins. But the problem of these plugins is that it catches all your URLs. After that it changes them to https before sending them to users’ browser.

Conclusion :

We hope that this article of friends will prove to be very helpful for you. With the help of this article you will be able to know well how you can improve your website seo performance. 

If you have any kind of question, you can ask us by making comments below. We are very happy to help you.

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