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6 Tips for Instagram Hashtags Strategy

Instagram hashtags strategy are important, right? very important. And there are still some people out there, we don’t know, not using Instagram hashtags, please, the number one thing you need to stay away from this blog if you are not interested in using Instagram hashtags strategy.

So unless you’re Beyonce or Rihanna, Barack Obama, or any of these prominent figures, you need to use Instagram hashtags strategy.

Hashtags are very important for ranking in algorithms, they help Instagram to know who you are and what your posts are so that they can serve you to the right people.

It brings more attention to your content, it helps you land on the Explore page and land in front of just the people you want whether it be in Instagram stories, reels, or feeds.

Moreover, they help you get more followers because if you are doing everything right and you are using the right hashtags, you bring your exact demographic to your profile.

And then if your profile is set up in a way that it should be, which we’ve talked about many times, lots of resources, including your bio in the description box at the bottom, make sure your bio is on point, Make sure your feed is on point.

But if all your stuff is to the point when that person comes because they found you through their amazing hashtag strategy, they will become a follower and join your ecosystem and your world to become a subscriber or a customer, be able to do or do what you want them to do.

So let’s get into the best practices for using hashtags we’re gonna be switching back and forth a little bit. 

Instagram Hashtags Strategy Trends to Generate More Followers

#1 Nail Down the Buyer Persona

When you’re creating your content, when you’re doing all these different things, it’s basically all kind of irrelevant unless you know who you’re talking to and what you’re doing. 

So with hashtags, it is equally important because you need to know that these hashtags are going to attract the right person for that brand and for that account.

A quick example, if you own a craft brewery in Toronto, Ontario, what you want to do is really attract drinkers to Toronto, but also greater Ontario as opposed to just driving. Can legally deliver beer through the mail.

So what are they going to do, they’re going to use hashtags like Torontobeer or Toronto Craft Beer, Ontario Beer, Ontario Craft Beer, etc.

Because they know that drinkers in that world are looking at those specific hashtags, and they’re more inclined to buy from that brewery because if they’re on those hashtags, they’re looking to drink beer.

And if the brewery is posting and using those hashtags it’s going to give a sales opportunity there.

So the next thing to think about is whether you should be using all 30 hashtags.

#2 Use 30 Hashtag

Yes, you use all 30 hashtags. This is so important. Instagram gives you that opportunity, use it.

There’s nothing they’ll ever do, why would they give you 30 and then be like, oh no, but if you use more than 23, you’ll be like… it’s redundant, people freak it out for years.

So don’t pay attention to the noise, just make sure you use all 30, take advantage. You know if it’s a branded hashtag in the caption and then the first comment, you’re about to pop the rest of your hashtag.

Either way, make sure you use it. The biggest impact I’ve seen on their social media reach and engagement that I’ve seen doing this with, perhaps even exceeding or at least equal to daily engagement, would be the use of hashtags.

People come to us with their minds after using hashtags and can’t believe their reach and what has changed for their accounts.

So, please make sure to use all 30 hashtags.

The next thing you want to look at as part of your 2021 Instagram hashtag strategy is to build a hashtag bank.

#3 Create hashtag banks for each content category

Now we have broken down content categories and why they are key to any social media strategy in several articles, but in short, content categories are the topics and topics you are going to talk about on your social media platform, and In this example all over Instagram.

So you want to have a hashtag bank that is specific to each content category, map them out and a pro tip is to do them in your Notes app so you can do it there and copy and paste.

There are also some other tricks you can do with iOS like a short title, I don’t know if you’ve seen people do this. What is mainly interesting will be the use of the autocompletion feature.

It’s a shortcut feature, so it’s something interesting you can do too.

But what is so, so also important in terms of time hacking and time-saving, is a distinctive hashtag bank.

Do not use the same hashtag in every contact category. Everything should be separated and organized by the category of that material, by topic, by text, by what’s out there.

Don’t put the same hashtag on everything.

#4 Use mixed volume hashtags.

Now that we have talked about it, it is a big mistake that we see that people are using the most popular hashtags of all time.

So, they’re thinking it’s not wrong to think where you are, well, I want as many people to see this, so I’m going to use the biggest hashtags so that it gets out in front of everyone.

Technically the idea behind it makes sense, but unfortunately, that’s not exactly how Instagram works.

Because depending on the size of your account and the engagement you get, that will determine how you rank on certain hashtags.

So, for example, if your account is small, and you’ve got say 1000 followers, and you always get about 100 likes on a post, it’s very unlikely that you’re going to rank on the type of hashtag that is. There’s a massive maybe 8 million users and they probably have 2,000, 3,000 likes where you see the top posts.

It’s extremely unlikely that you’re going to rank somewhere with 100 likes for a post on a typical day, something where people might see 3,000, 4,000, or even massive hashtags. Which is like 25,000 likes which one gets for using it, be it Mega Influencer or Mega Brand.

So something you definitely want to think about is what type of hashtags you are mixing so that you can rank them in every field.

#5 Leveraging “Related hashtags”

So in the meantime, all we could really do is, there are two main ways to find new hashtags, so you can go into the search box in Instagram, type craft beer, hit tags in a way, and then whatever they put in. See him over there.

Now, those reins are super diverse, I just took a look. Some of them range from 3 million likes to 300, not exaggerating.

So it’s very sparse, they weren’t really accurate and they were either super niche or super large, and they still only need that keyword, they don’t give you anything other than what you put in the word. Therefore it is not a real solution.

The way we were doing it was going to other brands that are similar in the same niche or influence or whatever, seeing what they put out.

But imagine if you’re a new account that doesn’t know a lot about the industry, what a hashtag, ’cause sometimes the hashtags used in specific industries are super random, you’ll never pick it, It’s just become a thing online, on Instagram specific.

So with that in mind, we actually have a solution after all this time, rather than telling people.

And the best way for us to do that is to only suggest things that we would actually use ourselves or that we would recommend our customers to use.

Hashtag Expert App

So with that in mind, we have seen other similar tools that bring in related hashtags or hashtag suggestions, but the one we really liked was called Hashtag Expert.

Today will see how this app works and it’s super, super cool, we’re just really enjoying the way it is used, and the simplicity because it not only fixes the hashtag problem related but as I Said earlier, this goes back to the last point of a tiff with the volume of small, medium and large hashtags.

Hashtag expert

That’s why we’re going to bring a hashtag expert here. So this is a nice pink-colored app. You will notice that it is going to look different on your phone screen.

Hashtag expert on mobile phone

Now there are few sections in this app but it is very easy. Right here on this screen, this is the main screen we’ll be using.

So at the top here, you can see a bunch of different platforms it generates hashtags for, obviously, Instagram is what we’re here for, but you can generate hashtags for any other. You have found a trending page here.

Trending on Instagram hashtag

So you can actually search by category and also see what other people are using.

There are other banks for different things like self-love and fitness and travel and like they all were, this is what is popular.

So you can really search from there but this is the preferred way to do it. So if you are going to look at this part where you are entering hashtags.

Search hashtag

We’re going to start, what do you want to find? What should we do? Well, since we’re talking about craft beer. We should do craft beer, well, absolutely.

That’s why we’re looking for a hashtag here. And before we move on, it’s the little pink lines for the Settings section.

Configuration setting

If you’re looking through this year in configuration, we’re going to use all 30 hashtags per generation as we said emphatically already.

OK, so that’s a good one, you can actually choose the algorithm and the way the hashtags are actually presented to you.

Repeated hashtag

It defaults Repeated, so it actually takes hashtags that get repeated in a lot of groups, so probably because of popularity.


The next one here is optimized so you can actually use it, it just shows you hashtags that have 100,000 to 5 million users, which is a big favor to the way we do it.


So you can also make banks that have top posts and get the same amount of likes. If you’re getting 100 likes per post, you can generate a batch of hashtags where you are Very likely part of them to rank at the top.


Exact, so basically you can choose hashtags that have base hashtags, why search for craft beer.

This will give you 30 hashtags that all have craft beer and some sort of suffix at the end.


Popular, they are the biggest overall.

Medium and Rare

Medium, now this is where it gets really, really good. So you have medium and rare.

Basically, you’ve got the rarest between 1000 and 100,000 which is really kind of our niche and our medium. And then on the slightly bigger side, 100,000 to 1,000,000.

Honestly, these are the only two sections you need to get used to in this app, it’s fantastic.

Instagram hashtag strategy algorithm

Now, if you select it, it will override the algorithm side. So you have two different options in how to do it.

If you have the default hashtags you want in each group, you can put them there, maybe your branded hashtags or something you’ve always wanted in groups, you can pop them in there.

Post Count Filter

So I’m going to the top, repeated for now so that I don’t affect the other elements. It’s the next best thing, a post count filter.

Post counter filter

So if you turn it on, you can actually put any number in the middle that you want for the post count.

You can go between 100 and 1,000 users. If you want a niche you can drill down right here, that’s great.

Blocked hashtags

If you have something that is shadow restricted or something you know you don’t want to be in your group, you can select that.

Copying format
Copying format

That’s great, here are these five dots. This is something we always use in our first comment in every single post we do, we always use those five dots so that you don’t see a huge line of hashtags right away.

I love that you can do this.

Copying style
Copying style

Copy style, so you can choose anything if you just want regular, capitalized, uppercase.

You can have different types of lines, this is great so it allows you to be funky with it and present it well.

Next part, I won’t spend much time on this, but spacer, you can put little emoji, love hearts, all kinds of cool stuff in the middle of your hashtag if you want to present it, I guess most businesses don’t But the option is there.

Spacer Instagram hashtags strategy

Now, there are two main ways to find hashtags. You have to generate hashtags and handpicks.

generate hashtags and handpicks

This is the plug bank. We’re going to show you the first Pi, it’s not a plug. I love it, it’s cool, but it’s a little lazy and that’s fine, nothing wrong with that.

Generate hashtags

So if we hit generate hashtags, it will actually bring up some pre-generated batches of hashtags as you can see here.

Your generated Instagram Hashtags Strategy

To see how it’s got the AI ​​out there, they actually give ratings. This is an excellent group of hashtags that are well-balanced.

Copy files Instagram hashtags strategy

Now, from looking at these, I’m very familiar with craft beer hashtags, and they all sound great.

I think some of these fairly big IPA Cerveza things like that’s probably going to be too much on the big side of things, but you’ll probably go pretty well even if you’re used to, now, sometimes their Near… maybe not enough people are actually making this hashtag bank on the app right now, so sometimes they like you on average to someone else who’s used them.

Handpick hashtags
Handpick Instagram hashtags strategy

So there are two different views here. So this is the first scene and you might like a little scroll and whatever, whatever.

But the view is right here, I love it. So you can basically choose your 30 hashtags by scrolling here. So everything tells you right away how many users they have, so it could be like a Craftbeer notice that got 451 beauty.

And as you get down, look, all these words are related to beer, wine, even though they start a little bit, but these are the hashtags that have been used on beer posts. So they’re all super accurate, you can just keep going.

More Instagram hashtag strategy expert

you can see, there are a lot of different options here for generating hashtags and once you’re there, you can add them to the bank, and you can just copy the volume you want. while it will retain all those stylistic elements that you’ve chosen such as spacing and dot dots and all that sort of thing.

So it now solves for both related hashtags and volume with small, medium, and large hashtags in one solution which is honestly, it’s a blessing, that’s what we’ve been looking for for the past year, so much more than that. 

How can you get the app? You can hit the Hashtag Expert link which will take you directly to the Apple App Store, so you can download Hashtag Expert. It’s completely free.

There is a Pro version. Now the version we showed you here is mostly pro features but you can still do a lot for free. Pro is great. The app will tell you about the different prices.

But It’s currently only for iOS, so iPhone, I guess if you don’t have an iPhone it will probably work fine on an iPad or any other iOS device.

So for those on Android or any other system, right now they’re working with something like this, but you can have it if you’re on an iPhone.

#6 Always be Testing and Check Your Insight

So don’t just take it, we have given you this amazing app, it is a really cool thing that you can use.

Just don’t be like, well, well I’ve been doing this for years, you know I researched my hashtags and I’m good I’m not doing anything else.

You are always supposed to check your insights to see what is the best performer, are there some categories that are performing better than others? When I use certain hashtags, do they perform better than others? How is it related to this picture?

How am I engaging with certain people when I use this hashtag, you always want to see how people are finding you and what kind of engagement you are seeing using those hashtags.

So of course I always test and repeat. We usually refresh hashtags every two to three months.

We always want to see what’s up, what’s the new trend, what might be hot now that we want to jump in, and also always have our own branded hashtags, we really recommend having branded hashtags that always You must have an Instagram bio.

Frequently Ask Questions

  1. What is Instagram Hashtags Strategy

    An Instagram hashtag strategy is a method of using hashtags on Instagram that is deliberate and calculated. Creating a strategy will help you prepare your material ahead of time, rather than aimlessly publishing a handful of hashtags on the fly. As a result, your Instagram content marketing strategy will be more strategic.

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    3. Toolzu

Conclusion :

So thanks a lot to you guys. Let us know if the Instagram Hashtags strategy app works for you, please let us know in the comments below, and please share your feedback.

So it’s a great platform when something new happens you can jump into and start customizing the app for yourself as well.

They are going to be receptive to a lot of feedback, so definitely do that.


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