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What is International SEO: Beginners Guide

What is International SEO? You have probably heard of SEO or Search Engine Optimization. This basically means optimizing your content so that search engines, such as Google, will make it rank higher on the search results page. 

International SEO is the same thing but there are some additional considerations as well. There are millions of people about SEO best practices. So I will leave it to your own search and focus on additional steps here for international SEO. 

This includes keyword localization, local content creation, and search engine priority. 

What is International SEO

In international SEO you can target many countries with the languages they speak. By using geo-targeting and Hreflang tags you can easily target those countries and generate more visitors to your website.

Why is International SEO Important

If you want to expand your business outside of countries then you need to work on international SEO. You can grab your business using many countries.

For this you need to add a Hreflang tag to your website then you can target those countries using those languages.

You know that there are different languages ​​in this country, so if you want to expand your business in that country, for this you will have to change your article language to the languages ​​of that place.

You can get a plugin Transposh to translate this language or You can appoint anyone from Upwork to translate your language and then using the Hreflang tag you can tell Google your goal of this language.

International SEO Strategy

Let’s start with keywords. If you want effective key ordination, then simple translation may not be your best option. Here are five steps to consider. 

  1. Transcreate culturally specific words not only for the meaning, but also the emotional meaning of the words. 
  1. Research and analysis of international keywords may be necessary. 
  1. Sometimes this research can also lead you to consider using translation behind the words found in your original content. 
  1. You need the trademark brand to preserve the proper names in the languages. 
  1. And the target is a good idea in addition to language synonyms. 

If a completely different material is required for a new market, then you need to think about the next thing. Some topics that have been appreciated in some countries are not interesting. 

For example, if you base a whole bunch of ingredients on the skin whitening benefits of your lotion, which can often be seen in Asia, it would not be an effective piece of ingrown material that would give darker skin Gives importance. 

In this case, you may want to start scratching with research and a local copywriter to create the most attractive angle for the market. Finally, you cannot ignore the fact that the search engine is not the only player in the game. 

For example, Baidu covers 70 percent of the market in China. Yandex Korea comprises 60 percent of Rousan Naver’s 80 percent. While the basics may be the same. 

Each has its own unique ranking algorithm and it is a good idea to make sure that you are optimizing for one. 

How to Add Hreflang Tag in Your Website 

To add the Hreflang tag to your website, first, open your Google search console tool, and then in the left side menu bar you can see Legacy Tools and Reports there and then click on International Targeting.

In search console click on International targeting

After clicking on international targeting, it will redirect you to a new window. Now you can see two options: language and country. They are saying that your site has no Hreflang tag because we have not added it. I will show you how to add.

Add country and click on learn more.

Now click on learn more to add the Hreflang tag >> then click on Hreflang here >> from here you can read all the content by google or you can watch this video on how to add Hreflang.

International targeting report

You can see in this picture that they are showing that there are three ways for Google to indicate multiple language / local versions of a page.

Methods for include international seo code

You can add using these three ways:

  1. HTML Tag
  2. HTTP Headers
  3. Sitemap

If you click on this HTML tag, they will show you an example of how this language code looks like.

International seo country code

Today I will show you another easy way to add this code using another tool and the name of that tool is Aleyda Solis.

Aleyda Solis

Add your website or page URL that you want to target for another country. Now choose the language of your URL and then select your target country.

Add website URLs in Aleyda Solis.

After all this click on the generated Hreflang tag URL. Now copy this URL and paste it into the header section of your website.

International SEO Tips

Use Hreflang Tag :

Show the search engine which language you set up to target the country that the Hreflang language uses. This code describes in which language your website or content is available. This allows Google to show the right version of your website to users.

The following example targets the US country.

language targeting in country.

Identify Market :

Before targeting any country you need to think about how to identify the local market, what they want, how to target them, how you can divert your sales from them.

Choose proper domain structure :

To target a particular country you have to specify the proper URL structure of the website. They include using a country code top-level domain (ccTLD), a subdomain, a subdirectory or subfolder, a gTLD with language parameters, or even a completely different domain name.

For example: 

domain structure

Don’t just Translate Content :

You need to know about the local difference of the place they want, behavior, currency. Think globally, but act like localism.

Make Sure that you’re doing SEO properly :

If you do not know about international SEO, you can lose your traffic. If you do a proper SEO then you can see your result.

International SEO: How to Translate Your Content into Solid SEO Results

Today more than 6,000 languages ​​are spoken in the world. There are more than 350 in the United States alone. Here are the things you should consider when planning and international.

Strategy 1: Do not rely on automated translators like Google Translate without doing extra work and helping you shine and edit the translated content to impress upon Google’s inability to penalize and rank your website. And users will probably see how your content is which will affect their trust in your service. Consider a professional translator. 

Strategy 2: If you translate your content professionally then don’t do it word-by-word. Localize your content to local audiences, identify local needs and needs. Remember – even though Harry Potter’s books were in English, they were still translated for American audiences. Your website should not be different. 

Strategy 3: Try to ensure that your users do not receive the wrong language version of your website. This creates an opportunity for potential customers to abandon you in organic search results and is right for your competitor’s website or ads. And it’s definitely going to cost money in the long run. 

f anything as simple as missing language can negatively impact your business, imagine what it would take to mismanage the incompleteness of international SEO. This is why you need to hire experienced SEOs.

Conclusion :

If you want to increase business in external countries, start working on international SEO. You can target countries that are using the Hreflang tag language code.

If you get my points then you can start working on international SEO and if you have any problem using international SEO then you can ask me in the comments box.

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