How to make money from share market

Friends, if you do not choose any way, from which you earn money even while you are sleeping. Then you have to work till death. Learn how to make money from share market.

learn make money from share market

And this is to say of Warren Buffett, an American investor and businessman who is counted in the list of world’s richest people.

And I think this Warren Buffett should be followed by everyone.

Because no matter how much money you earn, if you do not invest that money in the right place, then your whole life will not be able to fulfill your shortcomings.

Read this: How to invest in the share market.

Types of investment:

Friends, there are many ways to invest money. Such as making a fixed deposit, buying any bonds or investing in the stock market.

But before investing all this, you must keep in mind that for how many days, for which purpose, how much risk do you want to invest.

As if you make a fixed deposit in the bank, then you also get interest only at a fixed rate. And this investment is best for those who want to invest for some time without taking any risk.

But if you talk about the stock market, then you can earn a lot of money by investing here.

But the thing to note is that there can be loss even if you put money without any knowledge.

That is why today’s article is to understand the basics of the stock market. After all, what is the stock market and how do you invest in it?

What is Share Market:

Stock market, stock market is a world where shares of many companies are bought and sold. 

That is, to buy the shares of any company means to become a shareholder of that company.

That is, all the money you invest in that company’s stock, according to that you become a shareholder of the company.

Now what happens is that by investing the money of a lot of people like you, the company tries to increase its business.

And if the company comes in profit then according to your invested money you also get profit.

If there is a loss of the company, then you also have to bear that loss.

And in this way you would have come to know how the stock market basically works.

Should you Invest in Stock Market:

Now the question comes, should you invest in the stock market?

So the simple answer to this is that you should invest those money in the stock market which can take the risk of that money.

Because the advantage here may be much more depending on the place. But it should also be kept in mind that investing in the stock market without any knowledge can also cause you loss.

So the idea is that if you are thinking of investing in the stock market, then invest here with a little information.

How to Invest in Share Market:

But you know the money is with us, and we also want to invest in the stock market. But how to invest money in the stock market.

So friends, to invest our money in the stock market, firstly we need a demat account, which is directly linked to our bank account.

That is, first you add money from the bank to your demat account, then from here you can invest in a company’s stock.

And when you get the money to sell the shares, then the money goes to the demat account first, and from here you can buy other shares, or transfer the money to your bank account.

There are many popular companies in India, such as Upstock, to open a demat account in the Share market. Girdha is a Discount Broking Company. Which is very good for the new investor.

And I would like to tell you here, where it is about money, you should always open a demat account in a trusted company and Upstock is India’s number one broking house.

There are also many on-popular companies inside India who work to open a demat account in the stock market, so you do not have to get stuck in such a company.

How to Research Stocks For Beginners:

So if you have understood the things till now, and are thinking of investing in the stock market, then you must take care of some more things.

As you should do your research yourself. That is to say, you will find many such experts on TV channels, newspapers and the internet who will keep giving you suggestions.

But do not talk about them and do research on the basis of your own knowledge and invest in the stock market.

And never think in the beginning that immediately you have to earn money and leave here. Because in this round, most of the new investor is lost.

Rules of investment in stock market for beginner:

So if you are coming to the stock market then you should keep a long-term target by investing money in a good company.

Because in the long-term, there is more chance of profit in the stock market.

First and foremost, you should invest the same money in the stock market, even if you do not suffer any loss.

And always remember do not invest all the money in a single company’s stock. Rather, invest the money you want to invest in different companies.

Where risk also becomes your divide. But if there is a loss somewhere then you can earn profit anywhere. So this was some basic information about the stock market.


This is one of the best to make money from share market, if you have a money so invest today in market.

Because, rather than other investment share market gives you more return value of investment.

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