It is very easy to write a blog post on the blog, if you have not read our previous post on how to create a free blog post, then click on the link and read it and make a blog!

In today’s article, we will tell you how you can publish a new post on your BlogSpot blog.

Why should we write a blog?

Friends, if you are an expert in whom you want to reach other people, then the blog is one of the best options for you, you can not only share your skills with the people but if people like your article post then You will soon start earning money from your blog yourself!

Now it depends on the art of writing your blog and on your skill, who is reading your article!

But I want to tell you one thing that if you want to write a blog just to earn, then do not write any other work instead!

Because in blog or any online earning, you need to be very patient! People who start just to earn money, in fact, those people stop writing after some time! 

This has happened with many people and will continue to happen, you should write a blog only if you do not feel compelled to force yourself with it!

How do I create a blog post on Blogger?

Create a blog post on BlogSpot.

Make your blog related to the subject you are interested in! It is of such interest if you are told that you have to do the same work throughout the day and still you are not tired and not bored! 

First of all, try to know in which field you are interested in, what is it that you can work for hours without stopping, but even if you have to do the same work for a lifetime, you will not be tired!

I have a way of knowing that, start writing on the subject area you want to write!

If you are able to write on that subject for an hour without stopping, it means that you can write posts related to that topic!

What not to write on the blog?

It is more important for all bloggers than what he writes, it is more important for him than what he should not write!

You should always give correct information on your blog, do not write any post or article that causes confusion in people!

Do not put any kind of lie or wrong post, do not put such posts which hurts the sentiments of people! 

Of course, you are sharing your thoughts with the people, that’s why it is also important that while presenting your ideas, make sure that you do not hurt anyone’s feelings too much!

Do not write any kind of pornographic content on the blog nor post any pictures related to it! 

If you write an article related to news or history, then it is very important that you know history well and present the history like history without discrimination and if you write a post related to the news then it is important that You should not discriminate, write what is true but also keep your distance vision!

How to write a post in a blog?

If you have understood all the issues mentioned above, then the post is ready to write!

For this, first login to Gmail and then go to the blog, on the left side you will see the option of a new post, click on it!

Now first of all, put the title of your post as the name of the film is, in the same way your post should also have a name, it tells the people on which subject your post is based on!

Then write your post, remember that whatever topic you are writing on, it should not be less than 500 words, but your article should not be less than 500 words!

After writing the post, you will be shown the option of the label on the right side!

Label means what your post is related to and what kind of category it belongs to, like history, news, Hindi story, etc.

You can label as much as you want, but don’t forget to put a comma after every label After done click on done!

The second option is schedule, here you have to keep it automatic, this option is to be used when you have written a post before but want to post it on a certain date and time, then you click on set date and time and select the date Then click done!

The third option is showing you Permalink. This is a link to your blog post that shows up in your search box. 

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If you want it to be automatic, then leave it as it is, or click on the custom permalink and title of your post. Copy and paste!

I am currently allowing it to be automatic, then after that the location comes!

If you want to tell your readers from which place that your post is written, then you can search and put your location in it too!

Then comes more options if you do not tease it, it is good!

How to add images in blog posts?

Click on the icon shown in the picture below, after that you will have many option shows!

If you want to add an image on your computer! So for this, you click on the option of simple “Upload from Computer”!

How to write a blog post on blogger.

Or if you want to add an image from your Google photo account, then click on the option of “photos”! 

If you want to add an image that is already added to an article on your blog, then you have to click on the option of “Blogger”!

Apart from this, you can add the URL of the direct image if you want!

Choose file to add image.

After clicking on the option of “Upload from Computer”, a window will open on your screen, click on choose file! 

Now add any image that you want to put in your computer, remember that you have to apply the same image in your post, which is free from copyright!

Do not go to Google and download any image and install it!

We will tell you in the next post on how to avoid copyright images and where to download free copyright images!

After applying the image, check your post once again to see if you missed anything!

After writing the blog post, you will be getting many option shows in the post settings on the right side!

Like – Labels, Publish on, Permalinks, Location, and Option, these are all settings of your blog post!

How to write a blog post and add links.

Click on Label’s option, now you have to add the label here under which your blog post comes!

These labels tell users that your blog belongs to this category of posts, as if you are writing about technology, then write “Tech” and give it a coma!

Add labels to choose path.

If your blog post targets more than one category, then you also use more than one label!

Like suppose you are writing a blog on computer technology, then you can use both these labels in Tech, Computer in labels.

Publish on

Then comes the option of publish on then in this you can do the settings of publish time and date of your blog post! 

If you want that your blog is not published today and published at 10:30 minute on tomorrow’s date, then you can do its settings from here!

But if you want to publish your blog post immediately, then click on the “Automatic” check box!

With this, your blog post will be published on your blog as soon as you click on the “Publish” button and your post will be shown to the users!

What is Permalinks

In Permalinks you will have two option shows “Automatic Permalinks” and “Custom Permalinks” Actually permalinks is the URL address of our blog post! 

We advise you to add permalinks to your post yourself, for this you just have to click on the option of custom permalinks!

After that, as the title of your blog post is, you can add the same permalinks or you can create permalinks according to your own!

But at the time of adding permalinks you have to take care of the search engines and SEO of your blog post!

Like the title of our article is “How to write a blog post on blogger?”

So we are using permalinks for this “learn-how-to-write-a-new-post-on-a-blog” as you can see that our post title and permalinks are slightly different!


If you want to target users of a particular country, then you can add the location of your blog to it!

As I am from India, I will add India to my location! If you want, you can add the location of any other country!


Then the last is “Options”, in this you can set whether users can make comments on your published blog post or not!

We suggest that you always leave it set to “Allow” only!

If everything is fine, then publish your post by clicking on the publish button in the right side above, it will be showing!

Now you can see your post by clicking on View Blog!

Hope you guys have liked this post and it will prove to be very helpful too! If you want to ask us some questions, then comment, we will answer your questions as soon as possible!

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