Friends, Let’s talk today. If you want to invest in the stock market, then 7 best books for investing in the stock market for you.

Friends, do you know one thing that there are many rich people in the world, one thing is common among them and that is one of their habits, do you want to know which is their habit which is common among all?

 So it is a habit of book reading.

Yes, friends, this is the common thing that they like to read all the books, they do not necessarily read all the books related to investment, but everyone likes to read the book related to their interest and it is a habit that thinking can change a lot.

Let us first tell you how important it is to read a book in life and we will advise everyone to read the book.

Best Books for Investing Why it so Important to Read the Books

Although there are many benefits of reading a book, but we will tell here some important benefits that are very important for you to know:

  • A normal man makes many mistakes and many good things in his whole life, whenever we read a good book, the writer there describes all the mistakes he has made in his whole life.
  • So we can learn by reading those mistakes so that we do not repeat those mistakes in our life.
  • When we do not make the same mistakes again that someone has made earlier, we can do anything better.
  • Apart from this, when we study, we get to know about many things, and our knowledge increases which helps us to become a successful person.

I hope you have realized that if a person does not get booked, then how many things he will miss in his life and he will learn all the mistakes by himself and by this he spent a lot of time by mistake and then learning by mistake. 

That is why, friends, we recommend everyone to read the book.

Now let us know which are the best books related to the stock market – 7 best books for investing related to stock market which we must read if you read these books then I hope you can become a successful investor,

If you do not like reading the book much, then you can also read the blog given on our website, in which we try to explain more and more things to you in detail and easy language.

Best Stock Market Books for Beginners in 2021

8 best books for investing related to the stock market.

First of all, we will advise you on such a book that will make you understand the importance of investing, due to which you will like to read more books related to the stock market.

What is the best book for beginner investors?

1. Rich Dad Poor Dad
Rich dad best investing book

Rich Dad Poor Dad is a 1997 book written by Robert Kiyosaki, Rich Dad Poor Dad has sold more than 32 million copies in more than 51 languages ​​in more than 109 countries, listing the New York Times bestseller for over six years.

This is the best book for stock market in the world to describe the story of a child and his two fathers, a rich and a poor, before he started investing and to understand the importance of investing.

With the help of this story you will learn that not only a person who is very good and smart in reading can become rich but on the contrary, a person who understands the importance of investment and its importance can become a truly rich person. 

If I make my point, this book has reversed many of my thoughts. I hope that when you get this book, you will understand every small and important thing related to investment and apply it in your life. 

2. The Intelligent Investor
Intelligent investor best seller book

When you understand the importance of investment, then before starting the investment for you, we will recommend The Intelligent Investor Book.

This book has been written by Benjamin Graham, the guru of Warren Buffett sir, the world’s largest investor and till date Warren Buffett sir does not look like a good book to start investing.

You can understand from this that this book is one of the best types of investment book, from this book you can learn what is value investing and what are its importance.

Warren Buffett sir, the world’s biggest and greatest investor, had to know about value investing from this book, he followed it and today he is one of the richest people in the world.

If you do not want to read this entire book, then we advise you to do chapter 8, which is the most important chapter of this book.

3. Learn to Earn
Beginners guide for investing books

This book written by Peter Lynch, a great expert on Mutual Fund and Stock Market, gives you a lot to know about the basic principles of the stock market and how the company works, how much impact the company has on the economy and fundamentals. It is a good book.

This book can prove to be an important book for the early investors of the stock market. We recommend every stock market beginner investor to read this book.

The book has four chapters such as Brief History of Capitalism, Basics of Investment, Introduction to Company Life and Invisible Hands as well as the companies around us.

 I have also read this book and that is why I am writing a review of this book. I only write reviews of books that I have personally read and found useful for investing in stocks.

In my opinion, this book is the best book on stock market for investing. Who wants to understand how the stock market works? Why do I need to invest? 

How to get connected and know the answers to many other types of questions related to it.

Investing is a subject that is not taught in school or college but you must learn to invest to achieve financial independence and become financially prosperous. Investing is the science of multiplying your money.

4.Technical Analysis of the financial market
best book for technical analysis chart

In general, whether it is an initial investor or an experienced investor, most investors always have doubts about when to buy a company’s stock and when to sell it.

If you also have doubts about this and if you want to know how to do chart reading? What are trend lines? To know all the things that are technical indicators, we recommend this book Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets.

The book is written by John J. Murphy, a North American country monetary analyst, and is taken into account the daddy of inter-market technical analysis.

This book tells you how important technical analysis is, along with fundamental analysis, and how you can read the price chart and make a good trading with the help of technical indicators.

This book is as important for the traders as well as the investors, for the traders, it gives you an idea of ​​when to buy or sell the shares of a company.

5. Japanese Candlestick
Japanese candle chart pattern best book

Although we had enough chart patterns before to understand the price movement, if we talk about modern times, then the most famous chart pattern in these charts is Japanese Candlestick chart pattern.

We can say that if you want to read and learn about Japanese Candlestick Chart Pattern then this book can prove to be an important book for you.

The book Japanese Candlestick has been written by Steve Nison, who was one of the first to receive the title Chartered Market Technician (CMT).

A style of technical analysis, the japanese holder chart could be a versatile tool which will be combined with the other technical tool, and can facilitate improve the marketing research of any technician

Currently, to read the price movement, most technical analysts follow Japanese candlestick chart patterns, so accordingly this book becomes very important. 

By learning this chart pattern, you can make a lot of profit by mixing it with technical analysis.

wall street best investing boook

What Peter Lynch says:

“Invest in what you know”

We recommended the book Learn to Earn which was written by Peter Lynch. One Up On Wall Street is also a great book written by Peter Lynch.

This book is one of the best books published on stock market investing and the all-time best seller. The book was originally published in 1989 by Peter Lynch.

In the book One UP ON WALL STREET, Peter Lynch gives advice on how an ordinary person can get great returns from their investment in the stock market. 

Lynch believes that with a little research and steady discipline, every common person can surpass so-called investment gurus.

Peter Lynch has given this message to investors through this book to always invest in companies that you know, like if you are a doctor, then you will know more about the company related to your sector then you will be in that sector.

And if you are an engineer, then you should invest in engineering companies.

7. Dhandho Investor
best book by Indian author

Best stock market books by Indian author

Dhandho Investor This book is written by Mohnish Pabrai, an Indian-American investor, businessman.

Dhandho is a Gujarati word, which means. The Endeavor That Creates Wealth. In simple words, a Dhandho Investor is a ‘wealth creator’.

If you look at the example of the Indian stock market, this book along with the Indian stock markets teaches how you should listen to an investment in which risk is low and profit is very high.

This is a wonderful book to deepen the basics of value investment principles. The book is fairly simple to read and complicated investment principles are simplified in an easy-to-understand manner.

The above mentioned Dhandho Investor framework helps in investing in high risk low risk businesses.

All the above books are written by people who are all outside authors, so they have mentioned about their stock market here. 

If you want to learn something with the example of Indian stock market then Dhandho Investor is a great book for you.

8. How to Make Money in Stocks
make money from stock market

The book is based on a 100-year study on stock market winners, which helps more than two million investors make money.

You will get the best techniques to identify winning stocks, as well as information about the best stocks, mutual funds and ETFs. 

You will also learn how to avoid 21 common investor mistakes. Overall, this book provides a great strategy for investing wisely in stocks.

Conclusion :

Friends, today we learned 8 best books for investing related to the stock market. You have learned which books can be useful for you and we have learned a lot more.

Friends, not only this article, we have written all the articles in our blog in such a way that anyone can easily understand.

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Best wishes for your new experience and always keep moving forward.

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