Google Launch Out Short Title For Product Ads

Google Merchant Center introduced a new attribute called the short title for product ads. The short title is similar to the title attribute, but it provides a shorter and more focused version of the page title. 

The short title appears under the title in the HTML snippet you paste into the merchant center, and it’s used when setting up your shipping and tax options. When you’re creating your product pages, you can use either the title attribute or the short title.

What is the New short Title for Product Ads Attribute?

If you’re using Google Merchant Center (GMC) to manage your product information, you’ll soon notice a new attribute on product feed uploads. Called short title, it’s designed to be used in addition to your title attribute.

Short titles have proven quite popular with advertisers using Google Shopping because they can influence what shows up in Google Search ads and even on YouTube. Here are a few details about how they work.

How does it differ from standard titles?

It is much shorter – 20 characters as opposed to 80. This makes it easier for users to quickly read and understand what your product is. Furthermore, Google will show these titles in ad extensions like call-outs and site-links, which makes it even more important that they are concise and descriptive.

Where Will The Short Title Attribute Be Shown?

The short title attribute is optional, unlike the “title” attribute, which is mandatory.

The following are the primary differences between the title and short title attributes:

Title attribute: Matches the product landing page and a customer’s search more appropriately.

Short Title Attribute: A brief and clear description of your goods is the short title attribute.

Google introduce short title for Product ads

Because the short title element is an optional feature, not all networks will display it.

The brief title attribute is currently displayed in places where users are likely to conduct a lot of browsing, such as Discovery campaigns and Shopping Ads in Gmail.

What Are The Minimum Requirements For Short Titles?

In order to opt-in for product ads and promote products in Google Shopping, merchants must provide a unique title, description, URL and image for each item. The new short title attribute is an alternative to giving each product a unique title (which could be very difficult) but serves most of those purposes. Google recommends keeping the character count between 5-65 characters

Google warns that if you do not meet the basic requirements, your product will be rejected. The following are some of the most important requirements:

  • Use language that is professional and grammatically correct.
  • If you’re not sure if a word is in a foreign language, don’t use it.
  • Specifically, do not utilize foreign characters for the sake of being appealing.
  • In your brief title, do not include any promotions.
  • Excessive capitalization should be avoided.

Another criteria for employing short titles is that your landing page must define the product. It doesn’t have to match the title on the landing page exactly, but it should at the very least allude to the same product.

When it comes to short titles, capitalization is still suitable for abbreviations, phone numbers, nations, and currency.

Best Practices For Short Title Attribute Usage

This attribute is used to help organize and categorize products on your catalog page so customers can find exactly what they’re looking for. This video and lesson will teach you about how to use short titles and give you best practices when using them.

The following are the primary suggestions for optimizing short titles:

  • Limiting yourself to 65 characters
  • First, make a list of the most important details.
  • If the brand name is a differentiator, include it.

In more browsy circumstances, the character restriction is particularly essential. Because consumers are more likely to scroll in certain situations (such as Discovery and Gmail advertisements), it’s best to keep your headline short. Your title may be reduced after 65 characters, making the user experience less engaging.

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