Physical vs Psychological Addiction: Understanding the Difference


It’s important to understand the differences between these types of addiction in order to better understand addiction and how to treat it. Understanding the distinction between psychological and physical addiction is crucial in comprehending the complexities of addiction. In this section, we will focus on physical addiction, its definition, andContinue Reading

Goal-Setting: A Crucial Element in Substance Abuse Recovery


Further, studies have shown that learning how to set effective goals can help people reduce drinking and drug use. Identify challenges and barriers that may arise during your recovery journey. Determine triggers, negative influences, or personal struggles to gain a better understanding of how to overcome them. Include activitiesContinue Reading

Inpatient Rehab Addiction Treatment


Choosing the right rehab center for your recovery starts with finding the program that is right for you. Many treatment facilities offer a variety of specialized programs that can be tailored to each individual. Yes, some rehab facilities may offer a range of specialized treatment programs how long is drugContinue Reading

Substance use, abuse, and addiction


It controls how you interpret and respond to life experiences and the ways you behave as a result of undergoing those experiences. The federal government does not classify gabapentin as a controlled substance, but several states have changed its status to help curb abuse. The consequences of drug use areContinue Reading