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16 Ways to Boost Your Success in Blogging

The internet is changing the face of society, and with it comes the question of how to become a success in blogging. With so many blogs out there, who has time to read them all? Yet every blogger wants to be successful, even famous if they can manage it.

Blogging is a great way to express your creativity, share your opinions, and connect with people all around the world. However, it can be difficult to become a successful blogger.

There may be many other questions like- Is blogging profitable? How much percentage of bloggers are successful?

It is nothing but a regular and continuous process. Here in this article, I will guide you about all the possible ways through which you guys can become successful in blogging.

To be successful you should read about what blogging mistakes are and how to avoid them?

Otherwise, if you don’t know about the mistakes you are making then how can you rectify them and become successful? 

Now, let’s discuss all the points.

16 Tips to Follow to be Success in Blogging

1. Select Topics Your Audience Cares About

If you want to know all the things that can boost you to become a success in blogging then you need to understand or choose very wisely.

Otherwise, it will be difficult to get success.

If you are writing a blog on finance topics- then you should create blog posts that can add value to your readers.

If readers are not getting the value they want or the information they want then they will not engage with you for long.

For example, if you are making a blog post on mutual funds, what mutual fund, how to invest, how to choose the right mutual fund, then people can get the information they want.

But you should give accurate and quality information.

There are many other sites that are present in Google and Google also trusts them.

So, how can you rank? Your content should be a little different, and a little more informative than just getting the benefit.

If you are getting comments below your post then you can also solve those questions. It may be more effective or helpful to your readers.

2. Engage with your Users or other Bloggers

This is also a very effective way to become a successful blogger. You should have an engagement with your users or with the other bloggers.

This will increase your conversion rate and will also increase your ranking.

So, try to get engaged with your users. To engage you can use some platforms and can collect their email ids or any contact information.

And after that, you can mail them ( Not Regularly ) with some interesting offers, information, or something else that can help your readers.

If they comment on your post, reply to them using a comment. This will help you in getting better engagement with them.

Always remember that if you learn how to add value to your readers or anybody else then it will give you the best result.

So, try to add value to people’s lives in every possible way.

3. Share your professional expertise

If you are running a blog or website then surely you are sharing something with the people that you are an expert in.

This is also a very good quality to be a success in blogging.

If you can share your professional experience with a proper practical example then it will be better for the readers to understand the fact or thing that you want to make them understand.

So, always try to share your professional experience. But that should be relatable to your audience.

4. Explain with Graphics

Today is the day of video or visualization. People are very much attracted to video types of content or the content that is moving very much.

That is why you can understand that YouTube has experienced huge growth in the last few years.

So, if you can make something relatable with your blog post through or by using graphics then it will boost your audience’s retention.

And also decrease your bounce rate, which is indirectly related to the ranking factor.

5. Be Helpful

This is also a very important thing if you want to get success in blogging. Because just think that why people will read your blog?

There must have been some reason for users to leave your blog, which means that they did not find useful information in your blog, so they left.

So, you should have the helping mentality. Here helping has two-three meanings in blogging.

Choose new keywords related to your topic Don’t think about search volume just use those keyword solutions in your article.

We write an article about Advance Keyword Research that you can like.

Try to connect with them by commenting or using social media. It will be useful for the visitors and also for you.

6. Keep Growing

It is one of the main factors to get success in blogging. Because if you stop growing then you will be stuck somewhere.

You will not be able to move forward. Also, you will fail to learn many things that you should know to be a success in blogging.

So, you have to learn every day to make yourself better and need to keep growing.

7. Don’t worry about Negativity

It will be around you till the last day of your life. But you have to get over it.

Otherwise, it will grow you up and you will be finished. In this field of blogging, many types of negativity will try to grab you.

Like- you are not getting traffic, you are investing a good amount, your earning is less, etc.

But you have to stay focused and always need to favor the positives.

8. Keep eyes on Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most powerful free tools for every blogger to get accurate information about your site.

If you keep an eye on Google Analytics then you will get to see many things and if you start working on the bad reports of your site then you will see a good result soon.

Like- you will get to know the bounce rate that is indirectly related to ranking, the landing pages, the page views, etc.

Read our article on how Google Analytics will help you in growth.

So, overall you can easily analyze your website in every way possible or needed.

So, use this free tool to get a better result.

9. Allow Easy Following

The easy following allows you to increase your traffic as well as your earning also. If you are running a website then surely you want to earn money from it.

But for that you need traffic. But as I said in previous blog posts also that if you only focus on SEO then that is not good.

You need to create some easy following or subscription ( free ) options.

Because it will help you to retain your traffic. To do this you can use some free platforms like- Onesignal, Push notification, etc.

10. Collect Visitors Emails

This part is something that will help you to grow your business as well as it will retain the traffic on your website.

To collect visitors’ emails you can use many free platforms that are available in the market. Like- Mailmunch.

After collecting email you can send the visitors reminder when you are publishing your posts.

But that should be done regularly. Otherwise, they will be irritated.

And also if you are doing affiliate marketing then also it can help you to increase your sales.

11. Avoid more Ads

This is one of the most common and repeated mistakes made by a blogger.

Many bloggers want to earn maximum money just once or in a month. They do not go for long-duration procedures.

If you are using more ads in your article it will reduce your user’s attention and they will click back and go to other blogs.

It is good that someone wants to earn more money. But you also need to focus on the long term.

Don’t use too many ads that annoy your users. You can see that I’m also using fewer ads.

12. Pick The Right Keywords (Short Tail and Long Tail)

Your blog will rank or not that is quite dependent on the keywords that you are selecting. If you are a new blogger then always go with long-tail keywords.

Because it will help you to rank faster than the short-tail keywords.

Another thing is- suppose you are writing a blog post on a keyword. But that keyword does not have any search volume.

You can get the search volume of a keyword by using any free or paid keyword research tool like- Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs, etc.

To get long-tail keywords you can use the Google search engine bar. That can be one of the best options for you to know what kind of questions people are asking in Google.

To be success in blogging use Google search for long-tail keywords.
13. Always Add a CTA

CTA means Call To Action. It means you are forcing the people to be with you or they could buy something that you are selling.

We all noticed something that when we are searching for any Spa center or Salon then there is a button called Book Now.

This is called a CTA. If you are doing affiliate marketing or running any kind of blog you should have a CTA.

In a normal blog, CTA can be a push notification or email subscriber.

Or in an affiliate blog, it can be anything related to sales.

14. Focus on Marketing, Promote Your Business, But Avoid Pushy Sales Talk

As I said before, if you only focus on SEO or organic traffic then you will be in trouble.

You have to promote your business or website differently.

Like you can use social media, can use paid traffic, etc. That will help Google to understand that you are present everywhere.

So, marketing is an important part. But here you need to avoid push sales. Otherwise, your readers or customers will be irritated.

And that will impact negatively on your business.

15. Consistently Publish New Content

If you are a blogger then you know that this is also the most repeated mistake that is done by a blogger.

If you want to be successful in blogging then you have to be consistent. Otherwise, you will never be successful.

If you want to be a successful blogger then you have to maintain this thing. You should publish one or two articles daily.

Yes, you can publish more but you should maintain a minimum number. It can be 7 in a week also. But whatever you are doing, you have to maintain that for the long term.

16. Research and Cite Other Sources

If you do not know about your competitor then how would you beat them? So, you have to research your competitor.

That will help you to make your content more informative and updated from them. And that will help you to boost your ranking and as well as traffic.

I have written a detailed guide on How to research competitors’ keywords.

So, when you are writing any post, first research about the others. That is how they have written the article? And try to write better than them.

Frequently Ask questions

  1. What are the main key points of being a successful blogger?

    To be a successful blogger you should maintain some important points. Some key points are-
    1. Maintain regularity.
    2. Promote your content.
    3. Write good quality and fresh content ( If possible ).
    4. Do not repeat your mistakes.

  2. Tips for Blogging Success

    Post Daily Articles
    Connect with other Bloggers
    Connect with users on Social Media
    Solve your user's problem
    Come Live your subscribers with Social channels

Conclusion :

In a conclusion, I would say that if you follow all the points I have discussed here then the chances to get success in your blogging career will become very very high.

But you should maintain consistency and have patience. These are the most important things to be a success in blogging.


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