Google title tag generation policy

Google New Title Tag Generation Policy

Google Title Tag Generation policy has already announced that from now on, your website will use any other text as the title, instead of the title tag. For example, if the title of your page is “How to start a blog“, Google may instead show “some random content about someone” on the search page.

Why did this change happen? What does Google mean and what should you say about it and how can you see this change in the search results page, which sites have changed the title tag, what is the original tag, all this today Learn in this article.

Why Google made this Change in Title Tag Generation policy

Google announced in August that it can now use website titles and other types of content instead of the title tag on that page to make any title appear on a search results page.

This change has already gone live which means that Google is not using the title tag you provided for your website by this act.

There is no special way you can prevent Google from doing this.

Now there is a trend, whatever you must have seen, you must not have done stuffing keywords. In SEO before people used the same keyword in 3% and 5% such density and it worked but then google made the density useless.

Keyword stuffing and content spin in SEO before google update.

Websites using spin-off content have been de-indexed. Then backlinks started getting spam, people used to make spammy links, and then Google started punishing these links.

Slowly Google started changing so many things, first, there were only links, then came the no-follow links relationship that Google believed in. But now the title of her relationship is also indicated by the directive.

What all these changes mean, the purpose of all these changes is that you can manipulate the rank whatever you use to influence the SEO search results page, Google will either use it as a ranking factor or its effect will kill.

This does not mean that Google is against SEO, only that people do not understand the work score for SEO well.

Website content planning and deciding what type of content will be there and fixing the website structure is also a part of SEO and all these things are for the benefit of the general search user and your website visitor.

But such things which are done to move up and down the result ranking, Google is taking them under its control so that the search result page can show only useful things to the user.

From where Google now Pick Title Tags

So in this sequence, Google has now paid attention to the title of WebPages. Now according to this new system, Google will not only use the title tag but will use these elements to make a website title in the search result.

  • Content of H1Tags
  • Content of Other Headings Tags(H1 to H6)
  • Any decorated text on the page
  • Anchor text of links on the page
  • Alt attribute of the images on the page

Google will use any of these 5 texts to generate the title tag for your website. But that doesn’t mean that the title tag of the page won’t be of any use at all. 

Google itself has stated that it is using the title tag for 80% of the pages and these 5 sources are using it for only 20% of the pages.

In fact, even 20% in itself is a huge number which according to Google is 20%. But if you go to the search results page and look, Google is changing the title tags in a big way. 

Regardless of the query, you will get more than 20% of the website’s pages. Whose title tags have been re-generated by Google itself. But after all, what are the pages on which Google makes its title tag generation policy. 

There are 4 types of pages like this.

Google Might Rewrite Your Title Tags

  • Title is too long
  • If Keyword has been stuffed
  • If the default text is present (Like home, about us, contact us, etc.)
  • Your text doesn’t represent the page

From Google’s point of view, the purpose of the title tag is not a ranking tool, but to give a face to the page. Whose title are name and description is his introduction.

So the title needs to render the page correctly. So whenever a page is visible to Google which is good enough that it can be shown on the search result page but its title is not good enough that it can be used.

Google will automatically compose the title from the page’s text to appear on the search results page.

The purpose of Google is to show the search user such a title, which increases the chances of the user clicking.

So it’s not too surprising that Google aims to do good for you. A large number of webmasters and SEOs do not create title tags correctly, either trying to put keywords in them or they do not make it effective to the user that any user clicks on them.

So for such pages, the Google title tag is created automatically, although it is not new for Google to create a title tag automatically.

Google was changing the title and description of the website based on the search query for a long time and there was no noise.

But now if this happens, then there has been a ruckus on that too.

How to see Change Title in SERP

Now if you want to see how Google is changing the title tag of your and your competitor’s site or how many original titles are appearing on a search results page and how many are changing.

FEDE GOMEZ has created a free tool for viewing this (image). This is a bookmark, actually, you have to install it.

All you have to do is go to this page You have to copy this code completely. This code is too long so select it and copies it.

FEDE GOMEZ has created a free tool for  checking title tag generated by google.

Now right-click on the bookmarks bar in Chrome and then click on Add Name to the page. Title it whatever you want and then paste the code you copied into the URL field.

Right-click on the bookmarks bar in Chrome and then click on Add Name to the page

 And in this folder also you have to select and keep this bookmark bar. And now click on save. Now your bookmark will appear on this.

paste the code you copied into the URL field

Now search anything on Google and your normal search result will now appear. Staying on this search result, you have to click on your bookmark, now you will see their original title tag.

In this image Red title tags generated by google or Green title created by you for title tag generation policy.

Pages that Google is changing will appear in red, and those that haven’t changed will appear in green.

This blue color is what Google is showing you after changing it and the original title of the pages will appear in red or green.

So thanks to FEDE GOMEZ for making this tool. The automatic title change is common, now you can judge what Google is changing by looking at your page in the search results page and you can adjust the title accordingly.


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