In this series, Kim Taehyung plays the adorable brother (technically half brother) of Dan Sae (Kim Hyun Joon). His innocent and carefree personality would make him the perfect sibling to have in real life

Kim Taehyung from “Hwarang”

He is the kind of brother that will put on an act that he doesn't care, but who will always stand by you. Although he has a grudge against someone, he will stick up for you no matter what.

Seo Kang Joon from “Cheese in the Trap”

Ri On's unwavering love for his sister is one of his most appealing qualities. Because of how open their relationship was, the two were able to express their problems and draw support from one another. When times are bad, you need a brother like Ri On.

Park Seo Joon from “Kill Me, Heal Me”

Sun Woo, who has a devoted younger sister, will do anything to make her happy. After the series concluded, Kim Seol paid a visit to Go Kyung Pyo on a variety programme because they had such a genuine sibling bond. Life would be quite complete if everyone had an elder brother like Sun Woo who is always there for them.

Go Kyung Pyo in “Reply 1988”

After more than 20 years since their previous encounter, Ko Nam Tae can be trusted to remember his older sister. Ko Nam Tae has a unique bond with his sister that is profound and significant. They support one another in times of stress and rely on one another to get through life's challenges.

Yoon Na Moo in “Melting Me Softly”

Han Seo Jun is more flawless than perfect, as evidenced by the fact that he is the elder brother of Han Go Woon (Yeo Joo Ha). It was so heartwarming to watch Seo Jun's protective demeanour for his younger sister and their adorable close bond. He was constantly worried about her and wanted to be sure she wasn't struggling in school.

Hwang In Yeop in “True Beauty”

As siblings, Joo Seok Hoon (Kim Young Dae) and twin sister Joo Seok Kyung (Han Ji Hyun) experienced a lot. They had a challenging upbringing because of their psychotic father's control and rage. Joo Seok Hoon was the ideal brother since he was always there for his sister when she needed it. He would even offer to take his sister's punishment from their father instead.

Kim Young Dae in “The Penthouse”

Although Kang Ma Ru is imperfect, he will go above and above as an elder brother for his younger sister Cho Ko (Lee Yu Bi). Ma Ru makes sure that Cho Ko is always taken care of despite the fact that he has nothing to his name and that she is ill.

Song Joong Ki in “The Innocent Man”