Welcome all of you, in today’s post in this new post, we will talk about what is a keyword. If you are a blogger and want information about SEO, then you will get to hear these words often. So you also have a desire to know about it.

What is the meaning of keywords and why it is important for Search Engine Optimization, we will know all these things here in detail. 

Apart from this, you will also know the definition of keywords.

Just then, who used to write on the topic found, did not even see how many people search the keyword in the Internet. 

This was the reason that my written post used to rank on Google but traffic was zero on it.

When the traffic did not start, then I decided that now I will live knowing what is its role in bringing traffic. After this, I learned a lot of research work and then came to know that…

Then I started taking every information related to the keyword and tried to know how to use it within a post and I am still a Sikh every day.

Every day new updates from Google keep coming. People who choose the wrong path also have to change their ways of doing things.

That is why I believe that you are writing by becoming a writer but even as a reader, think of what you expect when you read an article.

You will get your answer. Now it must have set in your mind that never write with your will only that you are satisfied. 

Rather, it should be written that the reader becomes happy and becomes a fan of your blog and comes again and again.

So let’s know what is a keyword and what is its definition.

What is a Keyword in seo

When we search in any search engine to find our information by writing the word or phrase associated with that information, it is called a keyword. It can be short and can also be long.

what is a keyword and how to search in google

You are reading this post, it means you have used keywords. Look that image in yellow box keyword.

I tell you how reading this post means that you want to know about the keyword. And that’s why you have searched in Google. “What is a keyword”.

Yes, you got it right, the search engine that you search in Google Bing or Yandex to get sentence or phrase information is called a keyword. 

In the language of blogging and sleeping, those words or phrases that we search in Google to get information from the Internet are keywords.

Keyword definition 

A keyword is a specific word or sentence that is the main and focused word of an entire web page that describes the content written in an entire webpage.

The keyword is a short form of the entire content. It is the source of the necessary information in relation to the web page and on the basis of this, the search engine finds the answer and matches the query found by the user.

Let us understand this with another example. Suppose you don’t know anything about SEO and you want to get information about it. So now you open Google and type in it?

“What is SEO”

“How SEO Work

“Why SEO Important”

Yes, you will search in Google for a similar phrase. Now in the result page which comes, the phrase has been used as “keyword” in all the results that are ranked in the 1st page.

These phrases have been targeted to write SEO friendly to all the posts ranking in the search engine result page. This targeted sentence or phrase is called the target keyword.

Now you must have understood a little about what this is. Searching in Google comes in the form of automatic and even sentence queries which are searched regularly. 

All these suggested sentences on the same topic are also keywords. To search for any type of information in search engine Use for. 

But the question that comes to your mind would be, why is this important for post or content? To understand this question, let’s go ahead and discuss it in detail.

For writing any article, using keywords in it is important for search engine optimization. This is an important factor to increase traffic and rank posts in a blog or website.

Why are keywords important in SEO?

Whenever a blogger publishes by writing posts or content, he wants his post to be at least in the top 5 in SERP.

Now tell me how will Google know what your post is about?

The answer is “Keyword”.

So how does Google or any search engine know what a keyword of a post or content is? To tell the search engine the target keyword, you have to use it very well in your post.

Phrase tells the search engine what the post or article you have written is about. For this, the search engine analyzes your post completely.

He checks which topic your post is on. And because of this the search engines know what is the topic of the post. 

By being perfectly SEO, Google fixes the ranking of the search engine of a post.

In order to do SEO perfectly in your post, a sentence or phrase is targeted, the same target keyword.

Using this is a part of search engine optimization. Well, search engine optimization is a very big field, but without this SEO is the same as “Body” without “heart”. 

I have given you an example here so that you can easily understand why it is important for SEO.

Importance of keywords in seo

Here you just assume that in the human body, “Heart” is a “Keyword” and “Body” means the whole body is “SEO”.

Heart circulates blood everywhere in our body, that is, the work of the heart is to make blood flow throughout the body. Focus words are also used everywhere.

If the heart is not there then the body will stop functioning. In the same way, if the keywords are not used, then the post content is also meaningless.

Which number comes in the position of the post’s SERP (Search Engine result page) depends on how well it is optimally seo optimized using the keywords correctly.

Now you must have understood the importance of this very well. So let’s now know what are the types of keywords used for search engine optimization.

What are the types of keywords 

To completely seo an article or post, it is very important to use the keywords in it correctly. But before that it is also important to know which phrase or words to use when and how.

For this, we will also have to explain how these types are. So let’s know the types of keywords.

Generic Keyword:

Generally when we use a single term or 1-2 words as a keyword, it is called a generic keyword. Generic Type Meaning is not filled. It does not know exactly who has information regarding.

So, let us understand this better by an example.

Generic words example:




“Digital Marketing”


Such words are generic. They basically represent the entire group, while there are many categories within them. If user needs information.

If he searches only “shoes” of “men’s sports shoes” in Google, then he will not get the results as per his wish. 

By the way, the search volume of generic phrases and terms is very high and the competition is also low.

But still it is very hard to rank with such keywords.

Informative keyword:

Such a word is basically a question in itself, which we call an informative keyword. 

Users use this to get a direct answer to their question. Let us understand the informative type by example.

“Shoes meaning”

What is blogging

“Digital marketing means”

Google has launched “Snippet” only to see the search results of such Phrase. 

Whenever a user searches Google by entering the word or sentence as an informative phrase, “Snippet” shows the direct answer in the search result itself.

Sometimes it also works in a different type of informative phrase. In this, the title answer from content and the URL of the webpage are also shown.

What is a Short tail keyword:

When it is made a little longer by adding some more words to the generic word, then it is called a short tail keyword. 

The short tail is slightly less productive than the generic. This gives a little information about what the user wants to know about.

To understand this, let us see some examples.

Short tailshoes for men
GenericDigital marketing
Short tailDigital marketing training

I have given examples of both Generic and short tail above, which will make it easier for you to understand what is the difference between these two. And you must have understood why it is so difficult to rank with Generic.

What is a Long tail Keyword:

When a long sentence is made with 3-4 words or more words, it is called “Long tail keyword”. 

If the competition is more, the targeted audience can be reached by categorizing. Long tail is most effective in all other ways. 

The longer it is, the better the result will be. Examples of long tail:

  • “Green color sports men shoes”
  • “How to make money from blogging”
  • “Digital marketing training center in India.”

These are all Long Tail Phrases.They can be even longer.

Now you have understood what kind of keywords are. This is the traditional type but nowadays Google likes the long tail words very much. 

Apart from this, there is a type of phrase or word which search engines like very much. It is an LSI phrase or word.

 What is the LSI keyword? Let me tell you this well too.

What is an LSI keyword?

LSI has a full form (Latent Semantic Indexing). Search engines like Google crawl through search engine bots before ranking the content of your written page. 

And they find out whether the keywords and content match. Apart from this, the relationship is checked by matching the content with more fragments or sentences.

LSI Keyword is the phrase or sentence related to the keyword which the users normally use in the search engine. 

LSI also searches for phrases written in the title of the content within the content.

Also shows the complete number of times a word has been repeated.

If you use only one Phrase very often, that too unnaturally then it is against the search engine in a way. 

The same search engine checks the LSI by matching it. If you pay a little attention and also use LSI Phrase content in Title and Heading, then this is the best method. LSI Phrase is completely meaningful and also related to content.

How does LSI work?

So now I will tell you how LSI works. For this you first know from where we can get LSI. 

When the user enters a search engine by entering a word or sentence, at the bottom of the search result page, we see some sentence related to the same word or sentence. 

These are LSI. You can understand the example of LSI by looking here.

Keyword research in seo

So friends, you must have understood LSI very well. Search engines consider your content best only when you use such LSI keywords in your content. 

Due to this, the density will be good in all your content and at the same time it will look full and will also be search engine friendly.

From Google search result related words, you must use 1-2 good LSI phrases. Your post will rank easily.

How to do keyword research

Keyword research is most important part in content.

If you want to rank you article in top so for that you need to do keyword research first.

After keyword research pick the low competition keyword that rank fast in google.

How to do keyword research, i will suggest you one tool that is Ubersuggest.

use ubersuggest for keyword search

This is the better tool to research keywords and competitor keywords also and free tool.

How to use keywords in content?

Everyone does not know how to use it properly within the post because it is a kind of art which is not a matter for everyone. 

The posts of those who have this art always rank in the top 5 in Google. You will also be taught on the basis of experience, but follow the methods mentioned for it.

  1. Write inside the title.
  2. Keep the title of Permalink to it.
  3. Do it in the meta description.
  4. Keep good density in your first paragraph.
  5. Use this in the image alt tag as well.
  6. Add Heading and Subheading to H2 and H3.

You should use the keywords well in all the above places. Keep the density as per the limit and SEO.

Excessive use can lead to the problem of “Keyword Stuffing”. If you do not know what the keyword density is, then let us also know it.

If you want to get more information about SEO, then for this we have written an SEO tips post, which you can learn a lot by reading.

What is a Keyword Density?

In the entire article, the keyword Density is said to be the keyword where and where and how many times it was used. 

In every 100 words it is seen how many times the word is used.

If a phrase is used 2 times in 100 words, then it will be called Density 2%. If the article is 1000 words, then Density is 2%. This means that the word has been written 20 times in it.

It is very important to keep the density under full control. Because high density will cause the issue of Keyword Stuffing and in this case, instead of ranking the post, it will not be visible even far in search results.

Search engine boats crawl a post, they check the density. If the density is good, then we will rank the post and even if the density is very low or very high, it will not rank.


Density should be kept between 1.5 – 2.5%. If the focus is to use keywords in the manner described, and if you use Long tail, then the post will definitely rank.

Conclusion :

Hope you enjoy the post. Because you have understood today what is a keyword , if it is good, comment it by commenting and there is some doubt, you can also ask for comment.

This post is very important from the perspective of blogging. Every blogger needs this knowledge in order to advance his blogging career. 

Apart from this, we also know the definition of keywords. At the same time, you have also understood why it is important and what type it is. 

How to use it within the post so that the post easily ranks in the Google search engine.

To proceed this blog, share the post with your friends and be sure to subscribe to receive notifications of new posts from this blog in email. Support this blog in moving forward and keep visiting for new knowledge.

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