What is google AdSense and How much google AdSense pay

what is google adsense

Do you really want to know what is google adsense and how it helps us to earn money online.

How it is a reliable way that we can take our online journey to a point. 

And you can earn millions of rupees. But before that you need to know what is google adsense and how much google adsense pays.

Whenever talking about earning money from Google or the Internet, the name of Adsense definitely comes.

Two famous ways by which you can earn millions of rupees is YouTube and Blogging.

The ad media network that we use the most to earn money online is Google Adsense.

In this case, if you start your own website or blog. So Adsense is the first step from which we start making money on a blog or website. 

However, there will be many more ways on the Internet that you can earn money online. Like you can earn money from Google in 7 ways.

In such a situation it is very important for us to know what is google adsense, so that we can earn maximum money.

What is google adsense?

Google Adsense is a type of ad network created by Google itself that shows advertisements on blogs / websites / youtube, it is the owner of blog / website and youtube channel owner.

The advertiser pays Google to promote its business online. Google Adsense promotes that product / service online as an advertisement. 

Which we see on many blogs and youtube channels. It has also been marketed and business has also grown.

But Google Adsense ads we only get to see on those websites / blogs or YouTube channels which are approved by Google Adsense program.

 Adsense publisher shows ads (advertisements) in the form of automatic text, image, video on Blog / Website Youtube channel.

Advertising companies give different prices for each advertisement. Which gives you a difference in earnings. 

Most bloggers depend on it for their own shortcomings.

After getting an approved Adsense account, you can also place ads according to your blog or website. 

So whenever a visitor comes to your website or blog, looking at those ads or clicking on those ads, your earning will start.

How Google Adsense Works

As we are seeing in today’s time how much the value of digital marketing has increased in such a way, the advertiser promotes his product or service through Google Adsense. 

Which we see as Ads on a blog or website. We can understand this with an example.

Every company wants to promote its product and service to more and more people. 

In this case, the company is another service of Google to promote its service and product as ads, which we know as Google Adwords.

Companies use this service to run their ads through the keyword so that they can reach the customer easily

If we talk about Reliance Jio, then Jio will give money to google to promote its product.

Whereby google will publish the service or product of Jio as video, text or image on website or blog in the form of ads.

Which the visitor coming to the website will know and the visitor will use the product of that company.

For this, they target the website or blog where users visit. As you will be able to see that you are getting to see ads on our blog itself, these ads are run by different companies. It is an internet-based advertising service.

What is PPC and Importance for Online Business

When you visit an e-commerce website, your history and data gets saved in your browser. 

In such a situation, if you then visit any other website or blog where Adsense has ads, then by accessing your browser’s data, it shows ads according to your previous visited page.

Suppose you have visited an e-commerce website to get a laptop, this data gets stored in your browser. Google adsense starts accessing this information and starts showing you ads (ads). 

Adsense believes that you are interested in this service or product. On the blog, we make money by placing ads in two ways.


It pays according to the number of times ads are shown on a website or blog in a day.

If you have more traffic on your blog then you will be able to increase more. 

You can assume it gives $ 1 for every 1000 views.

Click – It depends how many visitors have clicked on those ads.

Google keeps some money for the click on ads, and gives some money to the owner of the blog or website.

This is a very large network, you can guess from this that Google Adsense is currently connected to 11.1 M website and blog, which makes money online with the help of this platform.

Now you will understand what is google adsense and why this ads network is so popular among people, adsense is a very good way to earn money online from Google.

How much money can you make with AdSense

Everybody who wants to earn money from online google adsense definitely has a question in his mind: how much money can he make?

Although there is no limit that you can earn only this much, it depends entirely on you how much you want to earn.

It is completely up to you what type of content you publish on your website or blog and what is the traffic of your website?

Traffic coming to the blog and clicks on ads increase the revenue of your blog. 

But you also have to keep in mind that the ads showing on your website cannot be clicked deliberately with your family members and friends. 

By doing this, your earning will increase, but your google Adsense account will be closed.

So before creating an adsense account you should read the google policy carefully. Not only this, there should be natural clicks on your blog. 

If you click on ads repeatedly from any other person, your account can be closed in this condition too.

How to make money with adsense

If you have started making money from your Adsense too, then the question must surely come in your mind that how google pays adsense. 

When you have $ 10 in your account, from Google, a letter is sent to your physical address for verification, which is given a Pin Code. By which google knows that this is your account.

After the account is verified, when you earn $ 100 online, you can transfer that amount to your bank account. You must have $ 100 in your Adsense account to transfer money to the bank.

How to make google adsense account

It is very easy to create a google adsense account, anyone can create it, for this you do not need to pay any money, this is a free platform. 

You can create it by login or signup with your gmail ID. But to earn money from this, you must have a blog or website.

Conclusion :

In today’s post, we learned what is google adsense and how it works. How can you earn millions of rupees with the help of adsense on your blog or website.

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can ask us by commenting.

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