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What Is Off-Page Seo: Do You Really Need It?

If you want to keep your website in the top position in any search engine, then for this you have to work on search engine optimization. To work on SEO, you can easily bring your website top in search engines. For this, you have to work on your On-page SEO and Off-page SEO.

Today in this article we will learn what is off-page SEO and if you want to know about On-Page SEO. So you can read this article by clicking here on-page SEO.

What is Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO works to focus on increasing the authority of your domain, for this, you need to create backlinks from other higher authority websites.

If you are new to blogging then you need to make a link form of any higher authority website like 80 to 90 authority website. It will help you to increase the authority of your website because they are referring you.

There are some ways to create quality backlinks for your website:

1. Write quality and user-friendly content, add some pictures, add short paragraphs and make it high-quality content so that other web owners can create links on their website for you.

2. You can also use social media to share your content, which you know that social media is also a good source to create backlinks.

3. Write a guest post on the high authority website and link to the article that is pointing to your website. But write a guest post related to your article.

Why Does Off-Page SEO Matter?

Off-page SEO plays a very important role in your website. If some high authority website points to your website then your authority will also increase.

Because they have been in business for many years and Google can easily trust them. If they are pointing you then Google thinks your website is important too. Because the high authority website creates a link between the content there for you.

But sometimes, many articles are rank at the top without backlinks and lower domain authority. Because they work on creating unique and high-quality material.

This will not work for new bloggers because you are new to the market. It takes some time for to google believe in you but if you create a link from a high authority website then Google will rank you faster.

This is the power of backlinks.

How to Work on Link Building Step by Step

Social Media :

You know that social media is a high authoritative website and popular website. If you create a backlink from there, we will get a high rank.

Post your website articles on social media. You can simply copy the link to your website and paste it into the social media posts. It will automatically crawl that link and add it to the website there then just click on the post.

Social Media WebsitesDAPA
Google plus10096


Social Bookmarking Sites :

You can promote your website on its social bookmark sites. When you bookmark a page of your blog or website on a popular social bookmarking website, you also get a backlink with high traffic to this particular page.

For that, you need to create an account on this social bookmarking site. I will share with you some social bookmarking website links here.

Social Bookmarking websitesDAPA
Broken Link :

Broken links are the best way to create backlinks. You can find which website you want to create backlinks for yourself.

Then you can see on the website that if there are any broken links available and then you can make your link there.

For that, you need tools like Broken Link Checker. This is a google chrome extension that you can add this extension to your Chrome and you can also use the Broken Link Checker website.

After installing this tool, you can check the broken link on the website there. If you find a broken link, you can contact the owners of that website and tell them that there is a broken link on your website. After that, you can ask them to link you. 

Forum Submission :

On this forum website, you can ask questions and at the same time, you can answer the question related to your niche.

Create your account on this website and post your answer related to your topic and you can search questions related to your niche.

Not only to post your answer but there are also more followers to post the answer to that question. When someone links your answer, they will Upvote your answer, meaning that your post will come out on top of that question.

Write a long answer so that you can link there pointing to your website. But do not make more than 1 or 2 links only.

Forum submissions SiteDAPA
Blog Directory Submission :

Blog directory submissions are always a great way to create quality backlinks. Choose a good directory and then choose the effective category in it. 

It will take some time to get results, but the results you get from this method will be useful for you and your website in the long run.

Directory SubmissionDAPA
Article Submission :

Submit your articles to high authority article submission directories. In this, you can also give a link to your website. But before posting the article, you need to make sure that your article is unique. 

Do not use copy/paste, it will reject your article. Choose the right category and give your content a great title.

Article SubmissionDAPA
Infographic Submission :

You can visually present your content. You can also share infographics created for related content of your blog or website on infographic sharing sites and get backlinks from those sites.

One of the most important benefits of using infographics is that your user engagement increases.

Also, the chances of getting shares and backlinks of your blog and infographic increase greatly.

Infographic SubmissionDAPA
Guest Posting :

Guest posting means that you will have to write articles on other higher authority websites and you can add a link that points to your website.

I will give you an idea to find a website for guest posting.

Write a line on your browser that is the name of your subject + intitle: “Write for us”. You can write your subject name and search in Google. You can get some websites that are accepting guest posts.

When you find any website read the instructions given there carefully how they accept the content. Then you can send them through the mail.

Web 2.0 Submission :

If you want to create a backlink on this website, then you have to create an account with them and then you can create a backlink on the website there.

If you link to this website you will get a higher rank. Because they have high authority websites.

Web 2.0 SubmissionDAPA
Video Submission :

You can create a rich backlink from video submission websites.

You have to create a quality video related to your niche and posts in your blog and at the same time you have to submit that video to a different video submission site, it gives you great backlinks.

And by using video in your blog, your website increases user engagement and it will reduce your bounce rate.

Video SubmissionDAPA
PDF Sharing :

Create a PDF of your content and for this, you can use the web2pdfconvert website here you can convert your content to PDF.

These documents should have unique content and the format of these documents should be PDF, PPT, etc. You submit this document to documents-sharing websites and get backlinks from there.

PDF SubmissionDAPA
Conclusion :

Creating a backlink from a higher authority is beneficial for you as it also increases your authority. If you are new to blogging then try to create 2 to 3 backlinks from 80 to 95 authority websites.

I hope you guys have understood this article about what is off-page SEO and how off-page SEO works. If you liked this article then you can share it with your friends.

If you have any questions or suggestions for me, feel free to ask.


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