What is ppc and how ppc works

what is ppc

Do you know what is ppc and want to promote your products or services online and want to know how to grow your business online? So you need to know about Paid marketing. 

With this, what is ppc(pay per click), and how many PPC popular methods on the internet can you grow your business more for less money. 

To start an online business, you must know what digital marketing is and how it plays the most important role.

Today, every user is spending more and more time online. If you look around you, everyone is using digital service. 

In a few years, the online market has changed the way people live. Now we do not have to go anywhere; all is available for you with just one click. 

In such a situation you have a good chance that you too can take the business online and generate maximum revenue. So let’s know

Affiliate Marketing

 What is PPC

Just like Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine optimization is a Free Organic Result, PPC i.e. Pay Per Click (means money per click) is an online paid advertising model that the advertiser used to promote their product or business online. 

Suppose you want to show ads for any of your products on google. And when a user sees your ad and clicks on your service or product ad. 

Then you have to pay some money to your Ad Network. So that it promotes your ads more and more online.

For example: – If you have a curse where you sell a laptop, in such a situation, when you promote your product online, then the user will click on the Ad of your product and buy your product or service, which will generate more revenue.

In order to promote your online business, you have to do a good off page and On Page SEO of your website so that you can do your search results in Google so that users come to your website. 

But in today’s time, competition has become so much more. That you cannot grow your business as much as just SEO.

For this, you have to take help of paid marketing PPC. So that you can promote your product in the market at different platforms.

Types of PPC Ads (Types of google ppc Ads)

Paid Advertising does happen in many ways, but today I will tell you about the most popular way.

1- Search Ads

You get to see these ads on one of the keywords, if you search a product or service on Google and you will get 2 results from the top, if you pay attention, then Ad is written in front of the URL as it is. shown in the image.

what is ppc

This means that the company has given money to Google for this Ad.

For this, you have a service of Google Google Ads which you can use to advertise your product and determine how much PPC amount to give to the user.

2- Shopping Ads

You must have encountered shopping ads many times, especially when you visit an online shopping portal.

what is ppc
3- Video Ads

If you watch videos on Youtube and have seen many of your times, if the video is not started either, there is an ads run of some company in the middle. 

With these ads, people come to know that this product has come new and belongs to this company.

4- Display Ads

Ads with display, we get to see more on the website / blog. 

Such ads are seen on someone’s website or blog only when that website has got the approval of google adsense.

Some such businesses are being promoted online.

You get to see such ads on a blog article and website. The price of each advertisement is fixed by the advertiser.

5- Social Ads: –

Social media is the best way to promote your product and service, you will find very few people who do not use social media, more than 75% people are active on social media. 

In such a way, you can socialize to promote business. By using ads, you can promote your product as much as possible. You can join FB’s advertising program

6- Mobile App Ads

Many of your free apps will be installed from the Play Store, but have you ever noticed that more ads are seen in your free apps like some music player or game.

These are all different ways to promote your business on different platforms.

Now you must have got an idea of ​​how online business grows and how these ads work.

Benefits of PPC

Fast Result Provider: – PPC provides you fast results, you can create a new website and rank that website on Google’s first page by using Google PPC without doing SEO.

Cheaper than Traditional Marketing

PPC may be a new method of advertising your product and repair, it’s ninetieth cheaper than native market promotion.

With the help of the internet, you can show your product as ads on a website / blog on a keyword because more on the website. 

There is traffic through which you can sell your product or service.

Reach the Right Audience

You can advertise your product in step with PPC. 

In this, you’ll be able to conjointly target keyword, device, location, website, time and date or a special location for your ads wherever you wish to market your whole.

Budget friendly

Using PPC is very easy to advertise, all you have to do is signup and you can find your keyword and start your business on a low budget.

I sincerely hope that you have got complete information in this post about what is ppc and how ppc works. 

With the help of this, you can run ads of your product on different platforms. If you have any questions or suggestions, you can ask us by commenting.

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