What is seo and why seo is important

What is seo google and why seo is important

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1 What is seo backlink

Seo is important part of every website and youtube videos. You need to improve your seo work as google says. Let’s see how to improve seo google.

You can install Youst Seo plugin to check and adjust seo, like Youst seo says. You just follow what youst seo says and change setting. So, you can improve your seo.

You can use some tools to check seo improvement and how it’s going on your website. Check competitors website what keywords and content ideas they use. Check and improve your seo.

What is seo backlink

Backlink are palyed very important role on your website ranking. You can also rank basic of quality and unique  content.

On page and off page seo very important part of your seo ranking. You can use some tools to check your on page setting and improve it.

In off page you need to create your website backlink for improvement your site ranking. If you create backlink on high authority website, so what google do, google crawler come to that website and if your backlink are there so google crawler come to your website also.

If you create backlink from High authority website so that mean google think your website also some important content. So your website also rank fastly.

What are seo keywords

Keywords plays important role in your website. But you need to place keywords proper in your content to rank your keywords.

Seo keywords mean targeted words that you use in your content So, if anyone search that keywords then your website will rank 1st on that keywords.

Go to google and type free keywords research tool and open them and check keywords ranking and low Seo difficulty, so you can rank easily.

If your website is totally new so you need to choose less than 15 low Seo difficulty. Let,s see how to check seo difficulty.

I you Ubersuggest it’s a free tool but limited.

Open ubersuggest and search keywords that you want write content.

What is seo

You can see if you type keyword it show search volume and Seo difficulty. Ubersuggest showing us to Easy Seo difficulty so you can use this keyword and write content.

What is seo

If you crawl down you can see more keywords idea’s. You can choose this keywords also and add in your content so, you can rank easily.

What is seo in digital marketing

Seo stands for Search engine optimization. Use for improve you quality and search result in your website on google.

Digital marketing is good option to increase your website traffic and reach to the good people. If your website is business , ecommerce , affiliate marketing related so you can you google adwords to promote your product and increase your business.

You know that if you watching youtube and any website. The add coming on between youtube videos so you can create that idea’s also.

You can use social media facebook, instagram, twitter, LinkedIn and many more to promote your website and product. You can reach daily maximum people and generate more income.

On-page Seo

On-page seo is a part of seo. If you’re using wordpress so you can install Youst Seo plugin and monitor on-page seo.

Use more tools to watch your on-page seo setting and improve seo to rank quickly, Start with Seo title.

Follow this step to improve on-page seo.

  1. Use main keyword & modifier from secondary keyword in post title.
  2. Make post URL short and clean and use primary keyword in slug.
  3. Use your primary keyword in 1st and last paragraph.
  4. Keep the keyword density of primary keyword around 0.5%.
  5. Try to use more primary keyword in 1 or more subheading.
  6. Keep keyword density of secondary keyword between 0.2% to 0.5%.
  7. Use primary keyword as alt tag for all the images.
  8. Try to frontload primary keyword and modifiers in Meta title.
  9. Use primary keyword and try to use all keywords in Meta description.
  10. Make shorter paragraph.
  11. H1 in title and main Heading H2 to H6 in all content.
  12. Highlight different colors for key words or use them
  13. Add internal link wherever possible.
  14. Add actionable high DA external link where demanded.
  15. Use CTR magnate Meta title and description.
  16. Use social share button in the post.
  17. Improve page speed.
  18. Improve bounce rate.                 
Off-page seo

Off-page seo plays important role in your website. It is not related to your website ,off-page is totally outside work on your website.

In off-page you need to create quality backlink to improve your ranking and generate more traffic. Create link building to high authority website.

Link building activities as follow-

  • Article Submission
  • Web 2.0 Blog creation /setup
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Local listing
  • Classified submission
  • Quora Q/A
  • Document sharing
  • Profile creation
  • Image Sharing
  • Blog commenting
  • Pinterest
  • Product

To create high qualitu backlink on high authority website so got to google and type (Your topic name +intitle: “write for us”) and press enter.

After this you can see more website they accept backlinks. Click any website that you want and read his step how to write Guest post and landing page on his website. Follow guideline and create backlink.

Seo tools and seo optimization?

Audit your website using different different seo tools, so you can check errors and broken link and improve your website performance.

You can use these free tools to audit website and optimize.

  • Webseocheker
  • Sitecheckpro
  • Seositecheck
  • Semrush
  • Ahrefs
  • Hoth
  • Semscoop
  • Ubersuggest
  • Seobility

This are all seo website checker.

How to check website rank in Google and performance

Go to your Google search console and sign in. If not so create account and add your website there. Click on left side on performance and check your website performance.

Type on google how to check website rank and you get more suggestion. Go and check your website rank there. You can check this website also.

SEO is a search engine optimization that improve your website quality and get your website at higher rank on google.

There is lots of competition in market so, that’s why you need to focus on your seo that is very important. Focus on main title, subtitles, keywords, content, images, links etc.

There are two types of SEO

  1. On-page
  2. Off-page

You need to focus on this types because it’s very important to rank on Google 1st .

Do or don’t

White hat SEO :

White hat seo mean complete your website work manually. Complete your website seo work properly yourself and depend on Google.

Google work on your website itself and rank your website on top if everything work quality and manually.

Black hat SEO :

Black hat seo means has a name suggest Black. Don’t create bad links on low authority website and bad website link porn website, fake website.

Just focus on white hat seo you will rank definitely in a legal way.

How to improve rank in Google search and How seo works

Myth #1: Primary rank matters

Ranking of websites at the top always matters because when visitors search for a particular keyword, they are more inclined to appear in the top 5 results.

Google surveys state that people are looking at the top 10 pages, they will not scroll for the next page.

Work on SEO improvement, SEO content writing, website speed, removing unwanted errors, writing unique content and pasting keywords properly.

Keep your site clean and tidy which will make your website in the top 5.

Myth #2: What is seo and how can you set properly

Work on SEO doesn’t means that pasting keywords and making your article unique with the help of article spinners.

It will not help you to rank, if you want to rank at the top then you need to follow some process about how SEO works.

Use some SEO tools to get results of your competitors too. What are they doing on the website, why are they ranking?

You can analyze your competitors and follow the same thing, but note that content is the king of SEO and all websites make it unique and user friendly.

Myth #3: What is meta tag in seo

The meta tag plays an important role on seo.

Meta tags are also used for ranking on Google, you need to put your main keyword in the meta tag.

When anyone searches your website, they first see your meta tag and get some information about this website.

Therefore, write your meta tags eye-friendly so that visitors can easily read and click through to your website.

Myth #4: Same Keyword name and domain name help you to rank

When you want to create a website for this, you need a Doamin.

If you try to buy a domain, select a domain name as the subject of your website.

Make your domain name and website name are the same, seo is better.

It is easy for visitors and Google to understand or search your website.

Hence. Specify your domain name as your website name and use .com or .in.

Myth #5: Submit website in search engine

After posting the first article, submit your post link or blog link to different search engines so that Google can crawl your website faster.

If your blog is new, you can also use social media to share your posts and blogs.

This is important for new blogs. Therefore, you can send a message to Google. Yes, my website is also in Google.

So, Google can come soon and crawl your website. So submit your website in search engine.

I have attached some website links so that you can share your website links on various search engines to get traffic.

Myth # 6: Submit Sitemaps to google can increase your ranking

Submit your sitemap to the Google search engine so that your website stays on Google.

Install youst seo plugin and go to the features, then you can see that there is an option for xml sitemap, by clicking on them you can get your sitemap link. Copy and paste the link on the Google search engine.

Another way to interface your website to webmaster, html tag, tag manager.

Myth #7: SEO has nothing to do with social media

If your website is completely new at the time, you can share your post on social media so that Google knows that I am here too.

But do not use social media for more traffic, it is not worthwhile that you can use this process but Google only wants organic traffic to rank.

If you want post Google ads on your website and make money. So, focus on organic traffic at that time. Do not use social media for traffic.

Myth #8: Google does not scan CSS files

JavaScript, CSS files also increase if we create more content and images on our website.

But don’t worry Google can’t crawl these errors. You can clear these errors manually or you can use plug-ins to correct these errors.

The Google crawler only determines the ranking of your content based on its quality, user-friendly or mobile-friendly.

Myth #9: Update your home page all the time

Work on your home page post and update it monthly basic or weekly basic all the time.

Update your Meta, title, content so that you can rank high content.

Google expects from you to update your website regularly.

Myth #10: Linking your website to a higher ranking website this will help your ranking.

Website linking helps you get more traffic and makes your website page higher.

From there high authority website check there domain authority and page authority of that website.

Create a backlink from the website that relates to your topic and it will help you generate more traffic.

Do not create backlinks from spam websites. Create 2 or 3 links on a website that seems good and better to rank.

Check website DA, PA and spam here.

Myth #11:Title tag is hidden from the search engine

When visitors come to your website, they see your title tag.

Make your title tag user friendly so that visitors can easily read and get information related to your website if they come.

You can use the Youst Seo plugin. An option Crete is a title tag shown on Google.

Myth #12: Effect of seo usability

Seo’s work is ranking your website in the top 10 rankings on Google search engine.

SEO is your website usability or non usability, then see if your website is worth reading or not.

Users write fierce articles and decorate their paragraphs 2 to 3 lines so that the user can read more easily.

If you follow certain rules then visitors can stay for your website longer, generate more interest for your visitors through content.

Myth #13:Edu and.gov backlinks are most effective

If you want higher authority and higher page rankings then create backlinks from the .edu or .gov website which makes the website more popular and this website have millions of traffic.

From some of this website you are paid if you have a budget that you can pay because you can get more traffic from there.

Myth #14: Paid links can get you prohibited from Google

Do not use paid links Google will show panelize your website or block your website.

You can get paid links from high authorities website that rank on the Google top 10 but some websites are fraud, porn content therefore does not create links to this type of website.

Myth #15: Sensible seo content writing is all you would like

Just back links to create more traffic do not help you get more traffic, from which friendly content can be created.

If you are a content writer, write SEO friendly and unique content or you can hire a content writer.

Click here to learn how to write SEO friendly content.

Myth #16: Google penalizes your sites

Do not pay much attention to backlinks and additional traffic, make your content more specific, it will also protect you from bad links.

If you create any badlink or duplicate content then you have to face it so that Google can harm your website.

Do not remove spam links nor allow visitors to comment directly on your website. Edit some changes.

Just pay attention to the unique content, avoid bad backlinks, spam links it will secure your website.

Myth #17: Google Ad Words

AdWords is a useful program for you, you can advertise your product site, course and business sites more.

When you search for any trade or course, you can see a website link that AD showed there which is a branding of your site.

If you get this AdWords, you can get more patrons for your business, it will give more benefit to your business.

Myth #18: Inserting to many links will punish you

Do not work on more links to include your website. If you create more links then this 100 links will punish you.

Create a do follow link from a high authority website and just 50 links so that it performs well for your site.

Look for more spam links and remove it from your site.

Myth #19: Internal links do not matter for SEO

Internal links do not matter for SEO but are important for your website traffic.

If Google crawler comes to your site then Google will also crawl this link if you create an internal link.

Then all your pages that you link will also be crawled by Google and this is better ranking for you.

Myth #20: Subheadings can improve your ranking

H1 and H2 also help you in better search engine result, as it is also considered for ranking.

Try adding you keywords in this H1 and H2 title so that Google can easily crawl your keywords and help you for ranking.

Myth #21 Page Rank of google doesn’t matter any longer

Google is tracking everyday for high performance and high page rankings and domain rankings.

Page ranking does not always matter, but pay attention to your domain ranking which will matter for your domain authority to grow.

Make a good quality backlink to that page from the high authority page rank website so that it will help you rank your page as well.

Myth #22: Google Analytics tool

Google analytics tool is very helpful to see your website performance, your website behavior.

By using analytics you can see your pages bounce rate to see why is increasing and then you can change that page user friendly content form.

Google analytics also helps you find out which country, mobile or PC the user has visited, you can see them live on what page they are reading and for how long.

Myth #25: With sensible SEO you are doing not want PPC promoting

Some websites are working on seo which will treat your seo better and get more organic results.

They say in the survey that usually people who click on ads on organic links will be useful to everyone if you are paid this.

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