What is structured data

What is Structured Data and How to implement It

What is Structured Data? Do not get confused between structured data it is also called schema Markup. Today structured data is the hottest topic in the SEO world.

Today in this article we will look at 13 types of schema data and how to add step by step on your website. All these types of schemas will show you high results in Google.

Structured data will not affect your ranking, but it helps you show your results in snippets displayed by Google and at the same time you can get better branding of your website.

Today I will show you without a plugin how you can create schema data and finally, I will tell you also with the plugin.

What is Structured Data in SEO

Structured data will help Google understand your website as to what is related. Google first prefers schema.org to type schema data in JSON LD format.

Because Google cannot understand your language, structured data will help Google understand your language using the Json Ld format.

Why Structured Data is Important (Schema Markup)

Google cannot understand the human language when you write an article, picture, video.

Google crawler is a bot then how can it read your language, so Google reads your schema data which is written in JSON-Ld format.

How structured data look like.

When you search any keyword in google, you can first snippet results on google that happened only because of schema data.

Google snippet using structured data

This schema data will help Google understand your website and you will also get better results. Your website will appear at the top and the value of your brand will also increase.

What is Json-Ld 

Jason stands for JavaScript Object Notation. It is used for communication between client and server.

For example, if you send a message to a friend but you are written in text format. So we need JSON-Ld code to communicate between client and server.

If you are using the Yoast SEO plugin, this plugin will automatically write JSON-Ld code for you. You do not have to write again. This will reduce your effort and time.

What are structured Data types

There are 632 types of schema data available in Schema.org but we do not need that much. Today we will look at the 13 most important types of schema data.

  1. Breadcrumbs
  2. Article 
  3. Event
  4. FAQ
  5. How to
  6. Job Posting
  7. Local Business
  8. organization
  9. Person
  10. Product
  11. Recipe
  12. Video
  13. Sitelink search box
Breadcrumbs :

I will use a tool that creates a schema markup generator for you, without adding any plugins.

I am using the technicalseo.com website. They have a tool for schema data. You can also use this tool because you do not need to add another plugin to use it.

Now click on that link and open the schema data tool, now choose breadcrumbs from here. Now in this image, you can see that your first page and URL which is your home page.

Breadcrumbs structured data.

Then add the next page and URL, if you have more pages then you can click on add URL and add your other pages.

You can see here the code for JSON-Ld was generated on the right, now copy this code and add it to your website.

Now, your breadcrumb schema was successfully added.

Article (News Article or Blog Posting) :

In this article type schema, you have two options: news articles or blog articles. You can choose your article type from here.

Now click on the article schema, select your article type in the first box and add the URL of that article >> then add a title to your article >> add image URL >> add a brief description of your article >> author type and Author name >> Add publisher and publisher logos >> Publish date and modified date.

Article schema

Then copy this code shown on the right and add it to your website.

Event :

If you have an event on your website, you can create an event-type schema from here.

Select the event option here to add your event name and event description >> Image URL >> Start date, end date, and timing >> Event status >> Select Attendance node online or offline >> Performer type single person or a group >> Add performer name >> If you have any ticket you can add here.

event schema

Now select this code and add it to your website.

FAQ Page :

If you are using a FAQ on your website, then you can create a FAQ schema from here.

FAQ schema

Here you can add your questions and answers to your niche and create a schema or add it to your website.

How to :

This is a complex type of schema data, but it is not very difficult to understand how you can easily create a schema.

If you are writing an article then as an Example it means how to make money from home. Then write a short description of that article.

How to schema

Write there how much time we need to complete this process and how much money we will have to spend on it.

Job Posting :

If you are creating a job page on your website to hire a candidate then you can add a job posting schema so that Google can understand your page and show it in the top results.

For that go to this tool and click on job posting schema :

  1. Add your job title and identifier name.
  2. Write a short description about job profile
  3. Add your company name, company URL and industry type
  4. Then add your employment type and working hours.
  5. Add posting date and expire date
  6. If your company is working remotely then you can select from here.
  7. Add your street and city name
  8. Select your state , zip code and country
  9. Add your salary providing details 
  10. You can add responsibilities, skills, qualification, education requirement, experience requirement.
Job posting structured data

Now the code is ready to paste on your website.

Local Business :

Your company targets a local customer then you can add a local business schema. If your customer searches for a specific service in an area, your website information will appear at the top there.

Now select local business schema data :

  1. Add your business type like a car garage, salon, digital marketing agency, educational school or college, hotel etc.
  2. Write your name, image URL and id of your URL
  3. Add your business website URL, phone number and price range
  4. Select your street, city, zip code
  5. Select your country and state
  6. If you are using a business address map then add here Latitude and longitude
  7. You can add here office opening time, social profiles and department
Local business structured data
Organization :

If you are a part of any organization like school or college then you can create an organizational schema.

  1. Select your organization type Airline, corporation, educational organization, governmental organization, medical organization, NGO, sport organization etc.
  2. Add your name and alternate name
  3. You organization URL and logo URL
  4. You can also add your contact details and social profiles
Organization structured data
Person :

You can add this type of schema if you want to create schema data for job profile and social profile or if you have a blog and you write about yourself on your About Us page.

To create this schema data select person schema the move to the first step :

  1. Add your name, website URL, picture URL and social profile
  2. Then add a job title and company name
Person structured data

This is simple schema data for a single person.

Product :

If you have an eCommerce or affiliate website then add a product schema to your website. This will show your product in the top search engines.

  1. Write name and URL of that product
  2. Then add your brand and product description
  3. Select your identification properties that are written on your product details.
  4. If you provide any offer on that product you can select from here Aggregate offer and url. Then select price currency and price.
  5. Add your product review this will help you to gain more business. Because most if the visitors read reviews before buying any product.
Product schema
Recipe :

If you have any food blog or videos you can create recipe schema data on your food blog.

  1. Add your recipe name and short description
  2. Include your recipe keywords
  3. Add your recipe image URL
  4. If you have any videos you can add videos also
  5. Add creator name, publish date, preparing and cooking time of that recipe
  6. Select category  Appetizer, Entrée, Dessert then add cuisine and serving
  7. You can add ingredient here you need when cooking a food
  8. Add step by step process how to make recipe
  9. Then in last add review this reviews will help you more
Recipe schema
Video Schema Generator :

How to create schema data for videos step by step process :

  1. Add your video name and short description
  2. Upload date, minutes and seconds
  3. Add your thumbnail URL and content URL
  4. Add Publisher name, his logo and logo size
Video schema
Sitelink search box (Website) :

This schema data is for your home page. When you add this schema data to your website it will look like this.

Website schema

Now how to create schema data for a website follow the steps :

  1. Add your website name and website URL
  2. Add internal site search URL
  3. Lastly, this is an optional for you. You don’t need to write here anything

It is all types of schema data that are important to rank in the Google search engine. You can easily create this schema data without using any plugin.

Now the question is how to add this schema data in your website.

If you are using the WordPress website, then you can easily add this code to your website on a particular page.

I will show you how to add this code.

Go to the dashboard of your WordPress website then select Posts and now select all posts. From here you can open any post in the editor’s view.

Now you can click on these three points in the top right of this post and now select the last option preference. Now you can see this window.

 how to add this schema data in your website

From here choose the panel option and by scrolling down you can see additional settings options. Now select the custom field and turn it on.

Now select the custom field to add structured data code.

If you are using the latest version of WordPress, this option will be automatically selected if not then you can make it on the form here.

After creating these custom fields option now scroll down to the last of this post and you can see that a new custom field option has been created.

Now choose Enter New and you can see that a new custom field option has been created for you.

Add schema data code

You can see that the schema to write the name is the following letter and the schema code in the value column paste that we created before using the schema markup generator tool.

Create custom field

Follow this step in every post and add schema code to your website.

How to add Schema Data using Plugin

If you do not want to create schema code using the previous techniques. You can then use the RankMath SEO plugin to add this code.

I will show you how.

Go to your WordPress dashboard and choose the Plugins option and choose Add New Plugin. Now enter RankMath here and then install and activate these plugins.

Rank math seo plugin

Now connect this plugin with your website using mail id and set rank math and all settings with your website.

After completing all the settings open your post in editor mode. You can try it by clicking on the option given at the top right.

 You can try it by clicking on the option given at the top right.

Now select these schema options from here and then click on the schema generator. Now you can see various schema generator options here.

Add schema generator

If you want to create a schema for an article, click here and feel all the description titles, meta descriptions, keywords, and article types here.

Add schema builder data

And click on save for this post. Now the schema code is added to your post. You can continue as all other posts.

Structured Data Checker Tool

Google already provides you a tool using that tool you can check your structured data.

Rich Result test: This tool is used for testing your page with mobile compatibility and also suggests you improve errors.

Google Structured Data Tool: This is the official tool for testing your site’s structured data. If there are any errors in your structured data, this will guide you about that error.

Conclusion :

Using schema data you can rank top your posts in Google search engine such as snippets and other ways to rank your website.

If you get my points then add these schema data codes to your website, if you have any problem in creating this code then you can ask me directly and I will guide you.

If you liked this article, then share it with your friends and also on your social media.


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