You must have understood that by reading the above title like friends, in today’s post, we are going to tell you about the tag. What is a tag in wordpress and what are tag used for while publishing blog posts in our WordPress website.

Tags also have a pre-define taxonomy in WordPress, just like in Category. When the website owner publishes his post, then he also adds tags with categories to his posts.

While on one side the categories cover wide topics, on the other hand the tags are focused on some specific topics.

Just like we write blog posts on a keyword, tags are also related to the same keywords in the same way.

What are Tag Used for

Tags target any one particular topic, so users use different tags for every blog post.

Friends in WordPress, when the user does not select any category for his post. So that post is automatically set in the default category.

But tags do not automatically add to any posts, so users have to add tags for each of their posts.

By the way, adding tags in wordpress blog posts is optional, if you want, add it or else you can leave it.

But if you want to add tags to your post, then there is no limit to how many tags you will add to a post. You can add multiple tags in a single post or you can add a single tag.

Understand this through an example, suppose you are publishing a post on a Movie Review on your website.

Now for your post, the category has become Movies Review. In this category, you can publish a review post for all types of movies.

But friends, every movie is of different types, like some movies are based on science fiction. Some movies are horror and there are many different types of movies like this.

You can publish the review post of all these movies in the same category i.e. Movies Review.

But you cannot use the same tag for every movie review, rather you have to use different tags for different movies.

Such as – Horror, Science Fiction, Action, Love, Biography, True Events etc.

tag in wordpress

Now whenever a visitor will come to your website and when he will read a post in the Movies Review category.

So it will show tags in it, now if visitors click on any of those tags.

So an archive page will be open in front of him, in which he will have blog posts of all movies reviews related to that tag. 

For example, if the visitor clicks on the Action tag, then all those post shows will be in front of which you have entered the Action tag.

If you want all the tags used in your blog posts to show in the sidebar of your website. So you can do this, for this you just have to add a widget in the sidebar of your website.

Friends taxonomy lists all your content on your website topics-wise. This helps website administrators and content publishers organize all the content.

Apart from this, it helps the visitors visiting your website. To find and access the information or post that he needs.

This saves the time of visitors and gives visitors a great website experience.

How to add tag in wordpress

To add a tag, go to the post tag.

Here you will see some fields such as name, slug, description etc., to be filled in them.

  • Name: The tag name must be unique.
  • Slug : This describes a post in the URL. It usually occurs in lowercase and contains only letters, numbers, and hyphens.
  • Description: This is a brief introduction about the tag. It only appears when the pointer is lying on the tag.
add tags in wordpress

After filling all the information, click on Add new tag. The screen will appear in front of you and you will see your tag.

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