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What is Technical SEO and Why is it Important

Do you know what technical SEO is? If you are a blogger and technical SEO is not well optimized on your website, your ranking may fall in the search engines. Everyone works only on On-page SEO or Off-page SEO but technical SEO is also the most important for ranking. So today we will talk about what is technical SEO and how do I fix technical SEO issues.

Before you start working on-page SEO or off-page SEO, you must first work on technical SEO. If your website optimizes fully with technical SEO, it helps Google crawler to crawl or index your website easily. By doing this you will get the full benefit of SEO optimization and your website will rank easily.

What is Technical SEO

What is technical seo and it's importance.

This is the process of optimizing your website for the crawling and indexing phase. To keep your website in good standing at Google, we need to make technical improvements to it, and we call these ‘technical SEO’.

Technical SEO covers things like your site’s coding, sitemap submission, site architecture, indexing, and crawling. Improving these things on your website is called doing its technical SEO.

Why Technical SEO is Important?

Technical SEO This is the part inside your website that you only need to work on once you do not need to work daily.

Google works on the importance of website loading speed and design accountability. The website opens quickly and works fast on every device (ie mobile, desktop, and tablet), Google likes to show it above the people in its search. Because they give people a good user experience and make their work easier.

If our website’s technical SEO is not good, no matter how well we work on our website on-page and off-page SEO, our chances of ranking at the top in Google will be almost zero. 

Because Google likes to show only those websites at the top that provide a very good user experience to the people and technical SEO plays a big role in improving the user experience of our website.

So work on the technical SEO of your website as you do on its off-page and page SEO. Because it is also as important as your site.

How Can I Improve My Technical SEO?

  • Work on preferred domain
  • Robots.txt file
  • Optimize your URL structure
  • Site Structure
  • Breadcrumbs 
  • Implement structured data markup / Schema
  • Canonical URL
  • Optimize 404 page
  • XML Sitemap 
  • SSL and HTTPS
  • Website speed
  • Mobile friendliness
  • AMP
  • Add Webmaster Tools to Your Website
  • JavaScript and CSS

What is Preferred Domain

Sometimes a website can be accessed with both www and without www URL. Although both these things reach the same website, in the eyes of the search engines, these two websites are different. Therefore, it is very important to tell them which version of our website needs attention.

For example, your domain is and redirects users to your main website. But these are two website URLs for Google.

So you have to specify Google which is your main URL or if you do not mention that this Google will show duplicate content errors.

What is Robots.txt file

When you are working on technical optimization, you need to create a file robots.txt and add it to your website. All the instructions that you write on this file google and all search engines will follow these rules.

You can enable or disable any webpage using this robot file and Google can take advantage of this file to take less time and crawl more web pages from your website which will help for website ranking.

Optimize Your URL Structure

Try to make your website’s URL structure, it should be as short and simple as possible. It is good for SEO that you use keywords in it.

Remember to always use lowercase, create shorter lengths, avoid special symbols, only use the character and use your target keywords.

If your website title is “How to work on technical SEO”, look at an example so that WordPress automatically takes it to “”, it doesn’t look good. To make it smaller.

Such as “” or “”.

Site Structure

The design of your website should be such that it is optimized for both the user and Google.

It is also an important factor for your website. If you know about programming languages ​​like java, CSS, Html, PHP then you can work on website structure.

If you do not know about coding then well you can use any of the best premium themes to optimize the website structure properly.


Breadcrumbs are like a short text path, which you can see at the top of any website. This informs visitors to the website on which page of the website it is at the time.

In this way, you can tell your visitors which part of the website they are without any effort. And which posts or pages are currently being viewed.

It is not limited to visitors only. Google makes breadcrumbs a good ranking factor. Because with the use of breadcrumbs, not only visitors, but also Google, Bing, and all other search engines know what the structure of the website is.

technical seo Breadcrumbs

Website structure is a body in any website or blog. And breadcrumbs help to know in which part of the body what is kept.

If the structure of your website is correct, Google will easily find your webpage and blog post. So that it is easy to index and rank them.

Implement Structured Data Markup / Schema

Structured data is also called schema. This structured data plays a very important role on your website, using it you can display your website in a featured snippet as shown in the image.

If you are using the schema in your website then it will help Google to crawl your website easily. Because using schema Google can easily read your website title, description, author, publication date, and more.

You can add many structured data to your website like FAQ, news website, article schema, etc. Use this website to add schemas without using any plugins

Canonical URL

The canonical URL tag is an HTML link tag provided in the head section of our blog so that the search engine can see it and understand which crawls/scans the main URL of the post/page.

To check your website canonical URL then right-click on your post and click on view page source Now you can check your website canonical URL.

Canonical URL

WordPress automatically takes your post canonical URL, but if you are experiencing a canonical URL error, you can add the canonical tag to your website using the Yoast SEO plugin.

Open your post on WordPress, then go to the section Down Your Yoast Seo, you can see that there is an option Advance, open it and add your post URL here. Then update your post, now your canonical error is set.

Add canonical URL using Yoast SEO.

Optimize 404 page

This 404-page error appears when any user tries to open a specific post and page from your website and it is not there, then Google shows a 404-page error.

How to fix this error

To fix this error you can create a 404 custom page and add your home page link. So if someone tries to open a page and that page is not there, it will be redirected to the home page.

You can add the message “Oops this page is no more” and you can target any URL you want to show your user from there.

And if you don’t want to do this, you can use this plugin 401 to 301. This plugin works as if there is not a specific URL, this plugin will auto redirect to the home page. Then you do not need to create 404 pages.

What is XML Sitemap 

A sitemap is a list of pages that all users can access. XML Sitemaps are a way of informing search engines about all pages of your blog so that they can find them easily.

How to create sitemap and add your website

When you start a new blog or website in WordPress, WordPress automatically generates a sitemap for your website.

add your sitemap using the Yoast SEO plugin

You can add your sitemap using the Yoast SEO plugin. Open your Yoast SEO plugin >> general >> features >> then click on the XML sitemap >> click on the question mark >> now click on your sitemap it will open in a new window, copy that URL and in google search console Add. You can check how to add a sitemap to the search console.

How to check Sitemap

To check your website sitemap type in google your website URL or sitemap_index.xml.

How to check sitemap for Technical seo.

Now, this is your website sitemap, Google, or any search engine, read all your website URLs from here and crawl one by one.


HTTPS is a ranking signal for your website, it shows that your website is completely safe for your users. Https sends a signal to google or any search engine. This website is safe for visitors you can rank this website.

SSL means HTTPS When you add an SSL certificate to your website then your website is transferred from HTTP to HTTPS.

You can read from here how to add a free SSL certificate to your website.

Website speed

Do you know that the fast loading of websites is the biggest reason for not getting traffic on websites and blogs? Once you think that you are like an increasingly open site, why visitors will not.

Visitors also like fast-loading websites more. Because 60-70% of the people have slow internet speed. If a website with fast loading opens too late, the slow site will remain open for a long time.

Reasons Why Website Speed Slow Down

  1. Website page size
  2. No mobile friendly
  3. image size
  4. Google AdSense and other ads
  5. No customization
  6. HTML, JavaScript and CSS code must be Uncompressed
  7. Advanced Features Widget Widget Using Site Loading Speed
  8. By setting background-image
  9. other

You can see from here that we have already written an article on it. How to improve website speed.

Mobile friendliness

Mobile-friendliness is the biggest factor for your website because you know that Google starts its crawling with Google’s smartphone boat so please make your website mobile-friendly.

You can check through Google Search Console if your website is mobile-friendly or not, so you can fix them.

Mobile friendliness with search console

Improve Mobile Speed with AMP

The full form of AMP Is Accelerated Mobile Pages. It is an open-source framework that helps to convert any page into a mobile-friendly page so that it can deliver any content very easily. 

Basically, it works as an application with the help of which all web pages become mobile-friendly. This application is designed accordingly, which makes it easier to open web pages. 

AMP has HTML, JS, and cache libraries to help make any website more user-specific and, despite having rich content like PDF, video, or audio, it accelerates its load time for mobile devices.

Benefits Of Using AMP

1. Speed ​​up website loading time

2. Increases the server performance of a website

3. Helps in increasing mobile rankings

4. Helps mobile users surfing

5. It is a boon for informational websites

Disadvantages of Using AMP

1. With the help of cache, website performance increases.

2. AMP puts bad flow on website analytics

3. Reduces Advertising Revenue

4. It is not good for an e-commerce website

5. The ranking factor does not depend on it

What is Webmaster Tools

When your website is verified on Google Webmaster, you get the Google Webmaster Dashboard. Through its dashboard, you can also submit a sitemap of your website and do indexing which will help in crawling your website posts.

Read more about how a webmaster works and How to add your website to the webmaster tool.

JavaScript / CSS

When you install Theme or Plugins in the backend it loads many Javascript and CSS file some of them is not usable but still, it’s there.

That’s why sometimes your website getting too much to load and this will impact your ranking.

You can use some plugins like WP-rocket or Wp-optimize to minify your JavaScript and CSS files. This will help you to improve site performance.

Conclusion :

So guys today we learn about what is technical SEO and how do I fix my technical SEO.

I hope you liked this article and if you have any suggestions or questions related to SEO, you can ask me here in the comment box. I will try to solve your problems.

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