What are the categories ? Friends category is a default taxonomy in WordPress, you can group and sort all your blog posts into different sections using categories.

For example, if you open any news website, you will show different categories in it. Like – sports news, politics, weather etc.

Because of these categories, users can navigate your website well. Apart from this, category helps users to access the information that they want.

Because of these categories, users do not have to wander around on your website. Because of which he can fast access your website and the information that he needs.

When we install new WordPress, then first there is a default category of “Uncategorized”. When you publish a blog post and do not keep it in any category, then that blog post is automatically established in the default category.

Only a WordPress administrator can change this default category. To change the default category, you have to go to the WordPress admin dashboard and then click on Settings >> Writing option.

change default category

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How to Add Categories in WordPress Menu

Whenever you are going to publish a blog post, then you will get the option of category on the right side. By clicking in it, you have to choose the category in which category you want to keep that blog post.

If you want to put your blog post in a new category, then you can add a new category simply by clicking on the link of “Add New Category”.

For this, you see below the list of categories, you will have a link show to add a new category. 

add categories in WordPress

After clicking on the link, you have to add a new category name. If you want to add a parent category WordPress then do it, if not then click on the button of Add New Category directly.

Apart from this, you can also add a new category from the Direct Post >> Category option by going to the WordPress admin dashboard.

First of all you have to add a new category name, after that you have to add category slug.

add new categories

Remember that whenever you create a slug for a category, it should be url friendly for your post. You can use lowercase letters, numbers and hyphens to create category slug.

If you do not create a slug for a category, then WordPress will automatically create a slug name which will be based on your category name.

Slug creates a link for your category page, in which all your blog post users will be received.

The blog posts that you must have added to that category, this makes it easy for users to access all the posts that you have published.

How to Create Parent Category in WordPress

Friends, since categories are hierarchical, which means that there can be many more sub-categories or child categories added within each category.

Parent category is used when you are publishing by writing such a blog post. Which can fall into more than one category or which is a broad topic, then you use these parent categories as a sub-topic.

For example, the topic of news in a news website can be very broad. Therefore, the news website is often divided into local, national, and international news in the right parent categories under the news category.

If you want to create a parent category wordpress, then for this you have to click on the option of Post >> Categories. After that under category you have to select a parent category using the dropdown menu.

add parent categories

After that you have to enter the name of the parent category, after that you have to add a description. If you want to create a slug for the parent category then you can, by the way it is optional.

After that you have to click on the button “Add New Category” and friends, you have created a child category under the parent category.

How to Edit Categories Page in WordPress

Friends, if you ever want to edit a category, you can do this work very easily. For this, first you have to go to your WordPress admin dashboard and click on Post >> Categories option there.

After that you have to move your mouse to the category that you want to edit. Then under the category you will be getting the “edit” link show, click on it.

You can add and remove parent category and child category by clicking on Edit. You want to change the name, slug or description of a category, then you can easily do this work from here.

If you want to delete a category in wordpress, you can go to the Post >> Categories option. If you are thinking that by deleting the category, your article should not be deleted.

So let us tell you that if you delete a parent or child category, then your articles posted under that parent and child category will not be deleted.

As soon as you delete which parent or child category, WordPress will automatically install the default category for all the posts in those categories.

If you want, you can create a new default category for your WordPress. After that you can delete the default category “uncategorized”.

How to Display Categories in WordPress

Friends it should be easy to find blog post categories for your website visitors. Because if it is difficult for your website visitors to find your blog posts categories, then they will not visit your website soon.

You can do this work very easily, the best and common way is to show your categories in the sidebar of your website. You can display your categories in the sidebar using the categories widget.

For this, first you have to go to your WordPress admin dashboard and then click on Appearance >> Widget option. After that you can drag and drop categories widget to the sidebar.

set sidebar

By doing this, all the categories present in your website will be shown in the sidebar. Only those categories will not show you the sidebar in which you have not published any post yet.

Friends category widget allows you to show all your categories as a dropdown menu or as a list. Apart from this, you can also show how many posts have been published in each category.

Friends, if you select the option of Show hierarchy, then your child category is shown in special style.

But if you do not choose this option, then all your parent categories and child categories will be the same show.

If you want, you can show your categories as your website navigation menu. To do this, you have to go to Appearance >> Menu option and click on “Categories”.

add menus

After that you will show all categories, which categories you want to show in the menu of your website. You have to select that category and then click on the button of “Add to Menu”.

What is the Difference between Category and Tag in WordPress

Friends categories and tags are both included by default WordPress like taxonomies. Where categories cover the broad sections of your website in your WordPress.

The tag on the other hand helps in identifying all those posts that you had created by tagging a specific word.

You can understand it in this way, as if you assume that the category which is on the front page of a book is the table of content.

Which separate the content of your website from general topics. In the same way, tags are like indexes behind a book. Which assigns you words that describe some very specific details of your posts.

One of the biggest differences between categories and tags is that you have to choose a category for each of your posts.

If you do not do this, then that post gets added to the “Uncategorized” category by default.

In the same way you do not have to add “Tags” to any of your blog posts. If you want, you can add tags to your post or not, but our advice to you is that you must add tags to each of your posts.

Friends categories help visitors who visit your website to understand this. What is your website about, so that users visiting your website can navigate all the content on your website fast.

If you use the child category in your website, then it can be shown in hierarchical order. Whereas tags cannot be categorized as there are no parent or child tags in them.

How to Convert Categories to Tags

Friends, sometimes it can happen that you have to change a category to a tag and a tag to a category.

In such a condition you simply have to go to your WordPress admin dashboard.

Then after that click on Tools >> Import option, then after that click on “Categories and Tags Converter”. After that you have to click on the Run importer button.

After which a pop up window will open in front of you which will tell you to install importer, you just have to click on Run importer button.

convert categories to tag

Once the importer is installed in WordPress, after that you have to click on the Activate plugin and run the importer. After that choose whatever conversion option you want.

Then after that you have to select the items that you want to convert. For this, you can click on all, after that you have to click on the Convert button. In this way, friends, you can convert any of your categories into tags and any tags into categories.

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