What is WordPress Seo? WordPress Seo is very important for WordPress websites. Because with the help of WordPress SEO you can get more traffic on your WordPress website

But most of the best WordPress SEO guides on the internet are either in English. Or is it all too technical and it becomes very difficult for a new blogger.

So friends, in this article we will tell you how you can make your WordPress website fully SEO friendly. If you are serious about increasing your WordPress website traffic.

So you have to give your full attention here, so that you can understand WordPress SEO very well and can use it on your website.

In this article we are going to share the top WordPress SEO tips with you. Which will help you in getting more organic traffic on your website by improving your WordPress SEO.

Friends, you will often hear experts saying that WordPress is SEO friendly. This is the reason why most people create their own blog and website on WordPress.

By the way, WordPress follows the best SEO practices for your blog and website. But this is not enough for a website or blog, so we need to maximize our SEO efforts.

We will guide you step by step through this article. With the help of which you will be able to optimize your WordPress SEO properly. 


We know this very well and understand how annoying WordPress SEO can be for a new blogger. That too when you have very little technical knowledge or not.

So we will guide you for WordPress SEO in this article. It will not be a bit complicated, you will start learning basic here first. After that you can start applying them on your website.

What is SEO and Why do I Need it?

what is wordpress seo

SEO for Search Engine Optimization is actually a brief description of your post, article or your website. This strategy is used by website owners, which makes their website ranking high in the search engine. Through this, more organic traffic comes to their website.

Search engine optimization is not a trick for the Google system. It is simply about creating a website, which is created through optimized code and format. With which the search engine can easily find your website, it is created in such a way.

So that whenever a user searches on the web browser, anything keywords from the topic you wrote. 

So if your content search engine is optimized then it will first show users the top of the search results. 

By which more and more people will click on your website links, which will get more organic traffic on your website.

Why is SEO important?

Friends, all those people know very well, who have their own website or blog. The search engines are the biggest source of getting maximum organic traffic. 

Google, Bing and other search engines use advanced algorithms. With the help of which he understands a website and gets his page ranked in search results.

But none of the algorithms can be perfect, so how will the search engines know this. That your website is about which subject or whether your post or article is based on which subjects. 

In such a situation, search engines need your help so that they can understand your content and show it in search results.

In such a situation, if your content is not fully optimized, then search engines will not understand your content. 

Because of which search engines will not show your website, post or article in search results. With this, your website will not be able to rank in search engines.

If a user searches keywords related to your topics in search engines. Which you have written about, but due to your website or post not being optimized, it will not show in search results. 

In such a situation you will lose all the users and traffic that you should have found on that post article or website.

Therefore friends, it is important for all business owners to make their website search engine friendly. With which he can get maximum organic traffic on his website, and can rank his website high.

Some of the Basics of WordPress SEO

It is true that SEO is a little technical, but it is not necessary. If you learn even a little basic SEO tips, then you can optimize your website. With which you can boost your website traffic.

It is not necessary that you are full of technical knowledge. If you use WordPress, then you can do this work very easily. That too in spite of not having much technical knowledge. So let’s start optimizing our website.

First Check Your Website’s Visibility Settings

Friends, you can hide the website made on WordPress in search engines, this option comes with WordPress only. The purpose of this option is that when you are working on your website. 

When your website is not ready to be public, then you can hide your website in search engines by using this option.

But sometimes this option is accidentally checked by you. Due to which your website becomes unavailable in search engines and it is not able to show in search results. 

If your website is not showing in search results. So first of all you should be sure that this option is unchecked.

For this, all you have to do is go to your WordPress admin area and then visit the Settings >> Reading page.

check search engine visibility

After that you have to scroll down and go to the “Search Engine Visibility” section. And then it is to check that the option of “Discourage search engines from indexing this site’s” is unchecked.

If that option is checked, then use unchecked and save it by clicking on the “Save Changes” button.

Always use SEO Friendly URL Structure in WordPress

Friends, you should always use SEO friendly url structures in WordPress. An SEO friendly URL contains words that clearly explain the content in your page. With this, it can be read easily by any person or search engines.

You can understand this with some example given below –

https://wealthywork.in/how-to-optimize-wordpress-website or else https://wealthywork.in/optimize-your-wordpress-seo

From the above urls example any user can easily guess this. What he will get to learn or read on that page, he can do this work only by reading your URLs.

On the other hand, a non-SEO friendly url can be something like this –

https://wealthywork.in/?p=1234 or else https://wealthywork.in/tag234

As you can see these urls, numbers are being used in these urls. No user’s or search engines can guess this by reading this url. What kind of content is present in that page or website.

You can improve your chances of getting better positions in search results by using SEO friendly permalinks structure.

For this, you have to go to your wordpress admin area. Then visit the Settings >> Permalinks page. After that you have to select the post name option and then store the settings made by clicking on the “Save Changes” button.

Check your permalinks for WordPress seo
Important Note:

Friends, if your website has been running for more than 6 months, please do not change your permalinks structure. Even if you are using the numbers option in your url structure. You use it as it was before, like day and name or month and name.

If you change the urls structures of any website running for more than 6 months. So you will lose all your social media share count, so that you may also lose your SEO ranking so far.

Despite this, if you want to change the url structures of your website post or articles. So you should hire a professional for this work. By which it will redirect the social share counts which you have lost.

WWW vs non-WWW

Friends, when you start your website, you have to choose this. Do you want to use www in the URLs of your website or non-www. For example, we are showing you two urls –

https://www.wealthywork.in In this url we have used www.

https://wealtywork.in and in this url we have not used www.

If you want, you can choose one of these, but remember. The search engine understands both urls as different websites. This means that you have to choose only one of them.

If you want to set the preference of your website. So for this by going to your wordpress admin area. Have to visit the Settings >> General page. After that you enter the URLs of your choice in “WordPress Address” and “Site Address” fields.

general setting

Many people may tell you that this does not give any benefit in SEO of your website. But how true is this thing, do they even know this themselves? This is a question I ask them. If you want, you can ask the same question to the same people.

Choose the Best WordPress SEO Plugin

Friends, when it comes to choosing the best WordPress SEO plugin, only two plugins come to my mind. 

The first is Yoast SEO WordPress and the second is All in One SEO Pack. Both these plugins are very effective solutions for your WordPress SEO. Our website we also use the Yoast SEO plugin.

How to Add XML Sitemap in WordPress

An XML sitemap is a special formatted file. In this, there is a list of every single page present in your website. Because of this, search engines get help in finding the content present in your website.

One thing we should make clear to you is that adding XML sitemap does not boost your website search ranking. Rather it helps the search engines in finding your website pages, due to which your site ranking starts.

Friends, if you use Yoast SEO plugin in your WordPress website. So this plugin automatically creates xml sitemap for you. 

If you want to see the sitemap of your website, then you should go to this url. But yes, you must replace the domain name in the url with the domain name of your website.


If you do not use the Yoast SEO plugin and want to manually submit the XML sitemap of your website. So in the next step we are going to tell you how you can submit your website’s xml sitemap Google search console.

Add your website to Google Search Console

Friends, people also know Google Search Console by the name of Webmaster Tools. Google gives this facility to every website owner so that they can see their website content in the search engine.

It provides you with reports and data with the help of which you can understand it.

How your website pages appear in search results. Apart from this, you can see the actual search terms, from which people have found your website.

In this data, you can also see how many times your website pages have been shown by the search engine in every search results. And how many times people clicked on your pages on every search result.

This helps you to understand what is working on your website and what is not. With the help of this, you can create a strategy for your website content, due to which more people come to your website.

Apart from this, Google search console alerts you if anything goes wrong with your website.

For example, Google search Console alerts you when search crawlers are unable to access websites or find any duplicate content or find restricted resources.

If you have submitted your website in Google Search Console. Then after that you should submit the sitemap url of your website. 

For this, all you have to do is click on the sitemap menu on the left side of the dashboard of Google Search Console. After that you have to paste the last part of the sitemap url, as we mentioned below.

sitemap by yoast

After that you have to save the changes by clicking on the submit button. Now Google Search Console will check your sitemap. After that it will start improving your website’s crawling by using your sitemap.

Friends, once you have successfully added your sitemap, it will show you pending status in the status. 

Because Google has spent a little time crawling your website. After a few hours, you can see your website sitemap. This will show you all the links that he has found from your sitemap.

This gives you images ratio and web pages etc. Whoever has been indexed by it will show all of them. 

We advise you to do your Google Search Console check at least monthly one time. Through which you keep on knowing whether your website SEO is progressing or not.

Optimize your Blog Post for SEO

Most people make this mistake in starting, they think that after installing and activating the WordPress SEO plugin, all their work is done. 

But friends are not like this at all because SEO is an ongoing process, so if you want the best maximum results, then you have to keep doing this work.

That’s why all the top SEO plugins allow you – add title, description and focus keywords for every blog post and pages. 

Apart from this, it also shows you all these previews, how your website will show to any users in Google. If you want maximum users on your website, then it is very important. 

That you optimize the title and description of your posts or pages. Because of which you can get maximum clicks and your website traffic improves.

For this, whenever you write your blog title, scroll down and go to the SEO section and look. 

Then adjust your blog title according to SEO and take full advantage of it. For more information, you should read our article – How to Optimize Your Blog Posts for SEO

Research keywords for your website

Most of the people in the logo will be such website and blog owner’s who publish such posts in their website and blog. 

Which we think users would like to read this kind of post. We do all this on the guess of our mind, whether it is blog topics or blog content.

All this happens exactly as if we are aiming at our target in a dark room. So it is important that you find out what kind of blogs and articles your users like to read on your website. 

Remember friends, when you open a restaurant, you feed the same to customers. Those who want the food that your customers like, you do not feed them what you like.

Keywords research is a research technique used by content creators and SEO experts. 

This helps you in finding such keywords which users enter in search engines and find related content from it. Then whether it is a product, a service or an industry or something else, it all depends on the likes and dislikes of the users.

But you have to find such keywords, the subject on which your website is based. Like our website you have to create a WordPress website. 

Or the other knowledge is based on a full subject, that’s why we find keywords for our work and create content on it and publish it.

After doing keyword research, they can generate more traffic by using words and phrases on their website. 

For keywords research you can use Google keywords planner. If you want, you can also use the SEMRush paid keywords research tool. 

With the help of these keyword tools, you will be able to find keywords and also know how much competition there is on those keywords.

Always use Categories and Tags in WordPress

Friends WordPress allows you to sort your blog posts into Categories and Tags. By doing this, it becomes easy for you to manage your content and topics. 

With this, it becomes easy for your users to find the content of their own meaning. In addition, categories and tags help search engines understand your website structure and content.

Most new blogger’s are confused about categories and tags, after all how to use them. Categories are broad grouping of your blog posts in a way.

For example, if your blog is a book, the categories are the content table present in that book. Like when you open a book, in its second or third page, you have the main heading show of the content present in that book.

If you have a personal blog, then you keep some such categories in your blog. Such as Music, Food, Travel, Relation, Morning Thoughts etc. 

The subject on which you write a post or article falls into one of the categories. Like this time you are reading my article WordPress SEO. 

This article of mine is related to WordPress, so I have placed this article in the WordPress category. Now if you publish an article on games, beauty, health tips, food, traveling, then it will all be their category.

On the other hand, tags are more specific keywords, which describe the content of one of your individual posts. Like this article of ours comes in the WordPress category, but in this article you are telling about WordPress SEO.

Friends when you use categories and tags properly in your blog post. So you make it easy for your users to browse your website. Apart from this, it makes it easy for search engines to browse your website.

Make Internal Linking a Habit

Friends internal linking is very important for your website. Because search engines give a score to every page on your website. It is completely secret, no one can see it except you.

This is the reason why it is important to link other blog posts and pages in your content. You should always try to add internal links in every post.

Because of internal links, pageviews increase on your website. With this, users spend more and more time on your website.

Because of this ultimately SEO score improves on your individual blog posts and page. If you run multiple authors blog posts, then you should create a Pre Publish Blog Post Checklist for your blog.

Optimize WordPress Comments

The comments present in your website are a strong indication to keep friends users engaged in your website. 

The more users will be engaged in your website, the more backlinks, more traffic and SEO will improve on your website. 

That’s why it is important that you check in between the comments that are coming on your website. All those comments are real and should not be spam comments.

Because often spammers make comments with bad links on your website. Which affects the search ranking of your website and its ranking starts down. 

This is the reason why we recommend using Akismet to all our users. Akismet is one of the two plugins that comes pre-installed on every WordPress website.

Akismet helps you in dealing with the spam comments present in your website.

Friends, if your blog posts are attracting genuine spam free comments. Then you do not need to worry because this automatic will engage your users on your website. 

But if your website posts have started getting a lot of comments. So because of these comments, your website loading slows down. Because of which it affects your search engine ranking.

So if more comments are coming on your blog posts, then you can split those comments on multiple pages. 

Add NoFollow External Links to WordPress

As we have already told you, links help the search engine to decide which pages are important. 

But when you link with another website, then you pass out some SEO score of your website on that link. Such an SEO score is called “link juice”. 

So for a good search ranking, it is very important that you get more link juice from other websites. The more link juice you are giving your website to another website.

When you add “nofollow” external links to your website. So it instructs search engines not to follow those links. Which is not the link of your website or which you are not the owner of, because of this, you help in saving your link juice.

Friends, a normal external link looks like this in HTML as we are telling you below –

<a href=”http://example.com”> Example Website </a>

In the same way, an external link with a nofollow attribute looks as if we are telling you below-

<a href=”http://example.com” rel=”nofollow”> Example Website </a>

But friends have not yet come by any default nofollow links option in any version of wordpress. But the pleasure is that you can modify these links manually very easily.

For this, you just have to select the block containing the external links. After that you have to click on 3 vertical dots, you will have many option shows. From which you have to select the option “Edit as HTML”.

Now you can see the html code of your link, now you have to add the rel = ”nofollow” attribute to the link element.

If you see the rel = ”noopener noreferrer” attribute in html code, then you just have to add space before noreferrer. After that you have to add nofollow.

Full Posts vs Summaries

Friends as we know and also see that wordpress makes our post home page, category archive, tags archive, date archive, author pages etc. Links to and displays. 

It shows full content of by default article on all pages. Because of this, the SEO of your website is affected, because search engines find your content as duplicate content.

Apart from this, your archive page load slows down when full article content shows are happening. Along with this, due to being a full article show, your page views also have an impact. 

For example if a user subscribes to your RSS feed. So he can read your entire article in his feed reader, that too without visiting your website.

Its simple solution is that instead of showing a full article on your website. Show only summaries or excerpts of articles in your article. 

To do this you first have to go to your WordPress admin panel. After that go to Settings >> Reading option and click on it.

Speed ​​and Security for WordPress SEO

Friends, website speed and website security play a very important role for WordPress SEO of our website. 

Even if you try all the WordPress SEO tips on your website. Apart from this, you should also make your website a full SEO support website.

Even after this, if your website is slowing down then it means that it is being done by hackers. 

So that the ranking of your website decreases in the search engine, due to which there is loss in the traffic you get from the search engine. 

Therefore, it is important that you take care of search engine traffic, website performance slowing down and website security.

Increase Sites Speed ​​and Sites Performance by Optimize Website

Research shows this and along with this, web usability experts also say this. That when a user visits a website, he decides in a few seconds. 

Let’s use it to spend more time on that website, not to do it. That’s why web usability experts recommend that your article should be interesting and useful right from the start.

This means that you have only a few seconds to present your content and engage users in your website. Therefore, you cannot waste this time on your website loading. It is very important that your website loading speed be high.

Most websites rank the same in Google Search Engine. Websites whose loading speed is high and this is the reason that the website of speed loading website has higher rank than the website which is slow loading.

If you want more information about it, then you should read this article – How to Speed ​​Up WordPress Performance

Optimize Images for WordPress SEO

Friends, we all know that images are more attract and engage with users than text.

But one of the disadvantages of this is that images take more time to load than text.

So if you are not careful while using images in your website. Like image size and image quality, it can slow down your website.

It is very important that whenever you use images in your website. So you should keep in mind that the image should be fully optimized. So that image started loading fast on your website.

You should keep the image size as low as possible but also take care of the quality. Along with this, to get your image crawl in the search engine, you have to use the image at the time. 

The title and alt tags of that image must be added, because these tags help in understanding the search engine.

After all, what is your image about, besides it helps your users to understand your article and follow it. Because now your users are getting visualization with text so that they can understand your article better.

WordPress allows you to easily upload the title and alt tags of any images by uploading that image. Along with this, if any of you is a photographer and he wants to add a lot of images to his website.

So it is important for you to use wordpress gallery plugin for your photo upload. For this you can use Envira Gallery, it is fast and SEO friendly.

Security and Safety of your WordPress website

As friends, we have told you this thing in our earlier article too. Google blacklists around 20000 websites every week due to malware. Apart from this, Google blacklists the world wide 50000 website for phishing.

All those websites which are blacklisted by Google, do not show you later in all website search results. This means that the security of your website is must for the ranking of your WordPress sites.

Therefore, if you also create your website fully seo and fully optimize and do not pay attention to website security. 

So your website will be a victim of hackers and your search ranking will fall. So it is very important that you do not compromise on your website security.

Use SSL / HTTPS in your website

Friends SSL is the full form of Secure Sockets Layer, it is an encryption technology that connects users browser and server. Due to which any hackers like any third party users can neither read nor see nor steal any data transfer that is happening between your website server and users browser.

The website that uses SSL when you open those websites in your browser. So in the browser, you have a padlock sign near the link of that website. This means that the website is secured and your data transfer is also secure.

Using SSL makes your website more trustworthy, it is very important to use SSL on those websites. The website which runs small business, because online payment information is sensitive information. If it is used by hackers, then it can harm your customer.

Because of which your customer will never buy you again and apart from this, he will also advise others not to visit your website. This causes your website’s reputation to fall and your rank and traffic in the search engine decreases.

Perhaps this is why all the top WordPress hosting companies offer us free SSL certificates. If you want to know how to activate SSL on your website. 

So you must read this article of ours – How to get a free SSL certificate for your WordPress website.

If your budget is high and you want to use the premium wildcard SSL certificate in your website instead of a free SSL certificate. So you should purchase SSL from any best SSL certificate provider.

Conclusion :

Hope you have liked this article of ours and it must have been helpful for all of you. If you have any questions, please comment below and tell us, we will be happy to help you. With this, share this article with our friends on social media.

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