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11 Tips on How to Make Instagram Bio Attractive

Your Instagram bio is the first impression you make on your potential audience, so it’s important that it’s both compelling and concise. While there’s no right or wrong length for your Instagram bio, we typically recommend keeping it under 50 words to keep it concise and easy to read.

When you have just a few seconds to grab someone’s attention, limiting the length of your Instagram bio to the absolute essentials is a great way to maximize your first impression.

Some of the best Instagram bio only contain the most important information, such as your Instagram username, your location, and a brief bio or tagline.

The reason why it’s important to have your Instagram bio for a Business profile on point is that you can attract new visitors, convert them into followers, and so you can make sure your followers are fulfilling those tasks. whatever you want them to do.

So, without further ado, we’re going to go down what I believe today to break down eleven key points to make sure your profile is fully optimized for success. let’s get started.

11 Ways How to Create Perfect Instagram BIO

1. Create a Business profile if you have not already.

Make sure your Instagram profile is a business account. A lot of people are still waiting to convert this profile, usually because if it’s a business profile, there are some rumors about engagement going down.

Not that we’ve seen with any of our clients so we highly, recommend it. It basically requires that you create a business profile. If you are a personal brand, there is also an option for a creator account.

Make sure you are converting to one of these profiles, be it a manufacturer or a business. So that way, you have access to analytics and additional features that come with a business or manufacturer profile.

2. Name Field

So, most people don’t really know that the name field is searchable, which means you want to customize it with keywords, like a website.

So, understand it that way. It’s like SEO, you want to make sure you’re doing search engine optimization that name field on Instagram to make sure people can find you.

So think about what your customer or your client you are looking for might be looking for on Instagram. So that’s how you can attract them to you. Add that title or add those specific keywords to your name.

So you’ll see, when it comes to the high season profile, which I’ll probably put here, we have social media in the headline.

So that way, if people are looking for social media, we’ll come before other things as opposed to looking for high season.

Makeup artist Instagram bio example, if you’re a makeup artist, it would be a really good idea to write a makeup artist in your bio, for example, a Toronto makeup artist, to really get down to and make sure people see you through it. Able to find through the search function on Instagram.

3. Keep Your Username Clear and Easy to Read

Make sure your username is nice and clear and easy to understand and make sure it’s your business name. This would make the most sense.

If it really isn’t possible to just have your business name because it’s already taken, try to avoid underscores and hyphens and numbers and all that jazz, and try adding something that makes it a little more interesting.

For example, Wealthy Work was taken, so we have WealthyDigital, Marketing Company, it made sense to us at that time and it was available on all platforms.

So in addition to making sure your username is clean, concise, and accurately reflects your business, make sure it’s the same across all profiles.

4. Use a High-Resolution image for your profile

This is the first thing people are going to see. They are going to see your profile. They’re going to see your bio there. You need to make sure you have a nice, clean, crisp picture in there.

For businesses, we generally recommend your logo. If you’re a personal brand, though, like a musician or speaker of some sort, you’ll want to have a picture of yourself.

Perfect Instagram bio

Make sure that about 60% of your face is in the frame so you are most of the picture, it’s not too far-fetched, because as we know, people associate with faces.

It’s statistically proven, so you’ll want to take advantage of it and make sure your face is at the fore if you’re the face of the brand.

Other things you can do if it’s not a logo would be to include your products, which is something, especially around a launch.

But generally, for businesses, we call your logo to aid in brand recognition.

5. Optimize the text in Your Instagram Bio

So, that’s where you can summarize who you are and what your business does in 150 characters or less. And you have to make sure it’s short but descriptive.

And you must tell your bio to your target audience so that as soon as they land on the profile, they know who you are and they know they’re in the right place.

The number one thing is breaking down algorithms, finding fun and creative ways to break through the noise.

So, when you land on our first sentence on our profile, you get that right away. And then we actually go through listing our services. That way, when someone visits our page, they know what we have to offer.

So I think it would be interesting to put it in the bio if possible. Some brands that are a little more serious might not do this, but you can use bullet points. There are so many great ways to be creative in that area.

Here’s another example so you know we’re practicing what we preach. One of our clients, they are a real estate agency, and as you can see, we are immediately saying what they do in their bio so that when someone gets there, they know.

So they’re not just getting another real estate agency, they’re getting a real estate agency that focuses on building wealth by real estate, and we put that right there in the bio. And we also list everything that is right for the brand and matters to the brand.

6. Use Branded Hashtags

That’s why many people don’t know that these hashtags and tags in your bio are actually clickable. This can take your followers somewhere.

So our customer who was featured in that later article was actually featured for using our branded hashtags. And the branded hashtag is what we use to encourage guests to share their stay with other guests.

Basically, to share your stay with us. And we actually mention that in the bio with the call to action.

Branded hashtags, in our opinion, are very essential because they allow you to create a visual gallery that your followers and potential customers, and customers can actually visit and gain social proof and reviews from other people who have contributed to your brand. That’s why we love it for this reason.

And we also like it pulling user-generated content. I don’t know if we talked about user-generated content, but this is super, super important if you have a business where people are creating real images for you.

A branded hashtag is a great way to pull them all together so that you can pull from it and really take advantage of that social proof.

7. Tagging

If you’re a personal brand that’s tied to the business, you’re supposed to tag the actual owner, if that makes sense, in your profile as well, because you’re using their personality or their personal brand to support the business can take advantage of.

But of course, if you have that personal brand tagged in, you have to make sure the profile is on point, like, it can’t post weird stuff. It should be a reflection of the major brand.

Actually, I can put here an example of someone who is an interior designer.

Tagging the jungalow brand

They have a brand called the Jungalow. And you can actually see that the owner’s name is also there and his profile also actually reflects the brand, but they are taking advantage of the fact that he is the owner and he is the creator in their profile.

8. Call to Action

The last thing you really want to do in crafting involves a call to action. That’s why you want to make sure that the people who are following you have somewhere to go, or the visitors of your profile have somewhere to go.

Be sure to put a verb in there, of course. So whether it is share, like, share your stay; get these resources, learn more; All of these things point to the link in your bio. So that way, you can tell the people on your profile where to go next.

People need direction. They don’t know what to do until you tell them what to do.

9. Use Bio URL on social media landing page.

Now go to the URL at the bottom of the bio where you created that CTA, there’s a link, that one, only links that are actually clickable to a website in the profile.

So sure, if you have 10K followers, you have Swipe Up, 10K-plus or you are verified, you have to Swipe Up feature, and have purchasable links for any number of brands like retailers, but common Generally speaking, in general businesses, the only opportunity you have to link someone is through that link in your bio.

So with that being said, you want to make sure that you have the maximum of that one link in the bio opportunity.

Later, we mentioned, they make one called Link in Bio, and we use something called Link-tree. I’ll include a link to both of them in the description below.

But basically, what it allows is that when someone clicks, they have multiple options to go and see as opposed to actually being taken to the same page.

So when you think about when you’re creating a post and you’re adding all these calls to action, which could be, “view this blog post,” or, “book this stay,” or, ” Check out this lyric, “Whatever, different things you have, you need to make sure there isn’t only one option, especially because you can have multiple posts that tell people differently. saying things to do.

We’re hiring, so we’re putting in our hiring. the list goes on. There are a lot of options you can have to direct people to the right place, rather than finding out where people want to visit your website and going next.

10. Fill out your contact information and Add links to Buttons

It’s not a matter of mind. You definitely want to do this as a business. You want to make it so that they can call you, email you.

Another thing we do, for example with our clients, is they host a seminar, so we’ve used the GetTickets button option there.

So, definitely watch and see. There may be plugins that are available to you that you are using.

Booking a table, I know, is one of them. And there are some other options. So see if you can actually direct people from your profile to the landing page you want through that option as well. And going to the last part of there before hitting the feed, Stories Highlights.

11. Create Highlight and Organize them with covers and categories

Select Highlight Cover. There are many options. You can use a platform like Canva. I guess there are some options later. And if you’re a Photoshop person, you get to do that yourself.

But make good, cohesive highlight covers, and make sure you have important information that’s readily available for people to see.

For example, if you’re a restaurant, you’ll want to put your menu items there. For us, we have who we are and why so that people can know who we are if something happens.

Anything important that you want people to see immediately when they visit your profile, take advantage of that opportunity with Story Highlights.

That’s all for today, friends. We went through Instagram profiles from top to bottom, that entire bio section, from your name to the highlights section.

Best Attractive Instagram Bio for Makeup Artist

When it comes to social media, one of the most important things you can have on your profile is a Best Attractive Instagram Bio for Makeup Artist.

This is the first thing potential customers will see when they look at your profile, and it sets the stage for the kind of professional you are and what you offer.

This is the first impression your potential customers will have of you, and it has the potential to make or break a potential sale.

So, make sure that you have the right Best Makeup Artist Instagram Bio for to showcase your professionalism and talent!

Professional Makeup Artist Instagram Bio Examples:

  • I have the ability to give you a faultless radiance.
  • We can create the ideal no-makeup makeup look for you.
  • Do you want an entirely different look? I’m here to help you realize your dream.
  • I’m a make-up artist that enjoys trying out various looks. Read my blog at if you want to learn more about make-up, skincare, or how I work.
  • I work as a makeup artist for fashion models.
  • Breaking into these industries is difficult for us.
  • I can modify your appearance in less than five minutes!
  • Have you overheard the phrase “beautiful make-up”? I’ve come to tell you the truth about what makes you lovely.

Attractive Entrepreneur Instagram Bio

An entrepreneur is someone who works hard, constantly searching for better ways to do things. They’re the first ones in and the last ones out.

They’re the ones with ideas for new products or services at the bus stop, in the middle of the night, and in the shower.

They’re constantly thinking about how to improve what they’re doing, and they’re always looking for ways to grow their business.

The Instagram bio is the sole location where you may post a message or a detail that you wish to be seen by the world.

Attractive Entrepreneur Instagram Bio Example:

  • I am Not here to impress, but to express.
  • Someone will hire you to construct others’ dreams if you don’t build your own.
  • When you can’t sleep because reality is finally better than your dreams, you know you’re in love.
  • Making history is a big deal.
  • I shall win, not right away, but in the end.
  • People who are quiet have the most active minds.
  • Sales fluctuate, but service lasts a lifetime.
  • If you compare yourself to anyone else in this world, you are insulting yourself.
  • Build a door if opportunity doesn’t come knocking.
  • Words can’t explain how much I adore and am passionate about business!
  • Time is valuable; use it wisely.
  • No wealthy parents, no help, no handouts, no favors, just a straight-up hustle all day. Every single day
Conclusion :

This is how you create the perfect Instagram bio. Take it from us, it makes a big difference. You really want to make sure that you are optimizing these profiles and putting your best foot forward so that you can make the right impression when someone comes across your brand.

There are lots of accounts. There’s a lot of competition. You really want to make sure that you stand out in this area, and this is a really easy and simple way to do that.


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