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Instagram Marketing for Beginners: How to Launch a Product

Launching and selling your offers isn’t hard when you get started with Instagram marketing, but you do need a plan, which is why I recommend a three-step guide to warm up to your audience and launching your offers. I’m going to break the process.

I’m going to explain the three main steps to your live launch. And it’s specifically either selling something that’s a campaign.

So there is a start or end date or to launch something new like a new product or even a new business or service.

Instagram Marketing For Beginners

So the three main phases are pre-launch, launch, and post-launch. And for that first step, it’s going to be the longest part of your timeline.

Instagram marketing strategy Live launch phases.


I generally like to recommend giving your audience at least a full month to warm up, which is essentially your goal with your pre-launch phase, to really create excitement about what’s to come.

But also really educating them about what problem they have and what is the solution you are going to eventually offer.

1. Position Yourself as the Expert

So some content ideas that you can use before your launch are to first really educate your audience and establish yourself as an expert with that topic.

Talk about your product

The next part of this is really going to talk about what you’re going to offer.

So the indication that a new product is coming is probably saying what the product name is and when the launch day will be or if they need to be on a waiting list or attend a pre-approved event. Will have to take the next step.

Instagram stories

Instagram Stories are a great way to do this. So it’s great to talk behind the scenes.

So whatever you are going to launch, show the process of making it. And it’s also a great way to start asking questions and give some really great insight into why you’re an expert on why you’re launching a bonus tip for Instagram stories that you’ve been through during this time. Make sure you’re saving them on a highlight.

We don’t want them to disappear after 24 hours. To create a campaign-specific highlight for this launch so that people can refer to it.

If they’re starting to see your stuff and want to know the full picture of what’s going on.

2. Another way to do this is by doing Instagram live.

So whether you’re collaborating with other people to tap into other audiences or you’re doing a little mini-training, Q&A. A wonderful way.

And another piece of content that you will be creating is also things that are going to happen on your feed.

This is where you want to include IGTV reels and your feed posts. And you want to think of these as a chain and add a little call to action at the end of your content.

I always prefer to use ps like good old ps, did you find this stuff really helpful? I have something really exciting coming up or a launch date here.

Here’s a call to action for joining my newsletter. This is a really simple way to make sure you’re really serving your audience well and warming them up.

Update your bio with CTA

So when they take that action they’re really primed and ready to buy when they launch in the meantime, you’ll want to update your Instagram bio.

To add a call-to-action that’s taking them off Instagram and moving them to a place where they can be a part of your launch.

An email list is a perfect place to do this. And that leads us to the next step which is your actual projection. And this is usually a short period of time.


So I find that this really big push period is going to be one to two weeks long because there’s going to be a lot of content and energy that you’re pouring into your Instagram marketing during this time. 

You want to be sure that you’re giving it your best. So while your Instagram Content is typically following an 80,20 rule, 80% of your content is going to be highly valuable. 

And 20% of it’s going to be sales and promotion. It’s actually going to swap around. So 80% of your content is going to be selling and pushing your offer. 

The other 20% is really going to be nurturing them because not everyone’s going to take a part in your launch. 

So you want to be sure that you’re still serving your community well, I want to provide you with a formula that you can use during your launch. 

The first part of this sales formula is going to be adding some intrigue. 

Create Intrigue

So why should they be interested? And what is the problem that you know that they are struggling with? 

Present Your solution

The next stage is going to be kind of giving them a few ideas of what a transformation could look like and what the solution could provide for them. 

Clear Call to Action

And then you’re going to then give a very clear call to action. 

Here’s how to take action. Here’s where to buy. Here are those next steps. 

Create a Sense of Urgency

You also want to be sure in this sales formula that you’re adding some timeliness to it, whether you’re having a coupon or whether there’s a time that the cart closes. You want to give people incentives so they can really take action. 

And they don’t wait till the last minute, I want to go over a few sales content ideas that you can utilize. 

Instagram lives

First of all, Instagram is being used. I love to use life when I announce a launch to actually go live.

This day is a great opportunity to answer all those frequently asked questions that you are about to start getting in and really start engaging people and interacting with them face to face.

Another approach is actually bringing in former clients or clients and asking them what their experience was working with yours.

It’s a great way to build trust and add a different voice to the launch versus just your own.

Feed strategy

Your feed strategy requires you to focus on certain types of content, first of all, how can you share a real review of the change that people can see or see with your product?

Another one is sharing the why behind what you made and the story of actually making it.

And the other one is falling apart.

It’s really that you’re launching people who like to know all the features and benefits that you can get from actually buying whatever you’re selling.

Instagram reels

Instagram reels are a great way to really showcase what a product will look like. And this product is really great for businesses that want to showcase what a product really looks like and how it can transform their space.

Carousel style

Carousel-style feed posts are really great for the algorithm not only because people are spending more time scrolling through content, commenting on it, engaging with it, but it actually adds even more value to just one post.

So you can actually give the features, what are the benefits? What is change? And what do you have a solution for whether it’s a digital product that you’re offering or maybe a service, as I mentioned you really want to make sure that you’re still serving your community and your audience.


You can use an educational series to continue adding value to your audience, but you can still add in those calls to action at the end of your video or in a caption.

IGTV in particular is a really good place to add clickable links. So if you don’t have 10K and have that swipe-up feature you can add your call to action link for your sales page directly in your IGTV video.

During your launch, you may feel like you’re selling too much, but chances are your ideal customers won’t even be viewing your content.

So you can definitely double the amount of content you’re creating on Instagram to make sure you’re really getting in front of your audience.

Post Launch

Now let’s touch on the last stage of your launch, which is post-launch. And I often think it’s the most neglected because you put all this energy into doing a really great launch and pre-launch but you don’t take the time to prepare your content.

So it’s still flowing and nurturing your community even after the launch date is over. Make sure you set aside time to plan and schedule the content.

It will be posted even after the launch phase. Some people might want to be a part of your launch, but they might just want to give that next launch date or restock date the next time you’re around.

They may actually be ready to be a part of your launch. This is also the perfect opportunity to start sharing the user-generated content that you are starting to get from your launch.

Sales Tips for Instagram Marketing

I’m going to focus on exactly why people buy and the four types of buyers you’re going to see on Instagram.

Types of buyers

My best Instagram Marketing sales tip for you is to understand that everyone shops on the platform differently.

So the First Buyer is the Analytical Buyer

Does this analytical buyer really want to know why they should buy? And what are the facts about what you’re offering? So this is where you really want to focus your content.

This is going to answer all the facts they need to know about your launch. So they can actually bring in all your launch materials and make the right decisions.

Amiable Buyer

They really want to feel that they have a personal connection with your brand before they buy.

So chances are, those are the people who are going to be most attracted to your stories. And they will be responding or responding to your stories leading to a direct message conversation.

So you want to make sure to nurture them in direct messages and a really personal connection to them. So they can make a buying decision.

If you’re representing a large brand or business, you can take advantage of this friendly buyer by really touching on the emotion that really comes with the human connection and telling the story of why it’s what you created. is making it.

Expressive Buyer

This is the type of person who can only really see great content at your launch. And they are ready to take action simply because this expressive buyer only needs a call to action.

That doesn’t mean you don’t want to continue creating a ton of valuable content on different parts of Instagram just because they like to feed all your highlights to your stories.

So they can take this decision.

The last type of Buyer is the Driver

It lurker on Instagram that your feed may not engage with the post.

They may not be responding to your Instagram stories, but just showing you constantly on Instagram of all kinds will let them know right away that they want to decide to be a part of your launch.

It is important to understand that with these four types of buyers, your product may attract different types.

So if you have more ticket offers they are probably more of that analytical buyer and they need to know all the facts to make that investment.

But if your offer is a little more affordable they may be more of that expressive buyer that they really need to see to know they want it.

So make sure you’re thinking of that specific type of buyer when you’re in that planning stage for your launch material.

Now, I know I said there were only three phases of your launch, but there is actually a fourth phase and that’s what we’re going to cover in the bonus.

So it is really important to support the pre-launch, launch, and post-launch phase by creating your content ahead of time.

3. Preparation

So it’s going to be really stress-free and you’re not really building when launching. For this preparation phase, you want to make sure that you are giving yourself at least a month to prepare all the material for your launch.

This doesn’t involve creating what you’re launching, but the actual content to back it up, the best way to prepare for your launch is to include a content calendar. But what kind of content are you creating and what is going to be the copy and view of all this content.

Content calendar for Instagram marketing.

And putting in that little work will make your launch that much less stressful.

Conclusion :

This stage of preparation is going to make sure your content is strategic because you’re able to take a holistic look at all of your launch material while doing a week-by-week plan as you launch.

And if you want some more content creation tips for organic growth and how to make really great reels, IGTV videos, stories, you can check out more in this blog.

I hope guys understand the facts about Instagram marketing, if you follow these steps you will also grow your online marketing.


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