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How to do Image Optimization for WordPress

Friends, most new bloggers or website owners do not know that the quality of the image optimization their size affects the speed and performance of our WordPress website. There are many new beginner bloggers who add images to their website…. Continue Reading →

What is a Tag in WordPress and Importance of Tag

You must have understood that by reading the above title like friends, in today’s post, we are going to tell you about the tag. What is a tag in wordpress and what are tag used for while publishing blog posts… Continue Reading →

What are the Categories in WordPress

What are the categories ? Friends category is a default taxonomy in WordPress, you can group and sort all your blog posts into different sections using categories. For example, if you open any news website, you will show different categories… Continue Reading →

What is a WordPress and how to use WordPress

If you want to start blogging and you are confused about how to get started with a better blogging platform, in this article I will give you guidance about what is a WordPress and how to start your blog. WordPress… Continue Reading →

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